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2 Many Wines brings virtual tasting sessions to your home so you don’t need to leave your house. We may be coming out of lockdown but virtual wine tasting is still a great way to enjoy a night of fun, as it saves you time in travelling and hey you can even stay in your nightwear whilst you sip and learn about many different wines in the comfort of your own home. Plus virtual tastings with 2 Many Wines is particularly great for those who may still be a little too scared to venture back out to proper bars and those who physically can’t get out and about.

Courtesy of 2 Many Wines I was invited to two of their virtual classes one on wine and one on cocktails in which I was sent the drinks along with links to join in with the tasting session online. With both sessions I learnt about each individual drink along with other sippers.

2 Many Wines at home

Founders Cyriaque and Benjy of 2 Many Wines is a start up company based within York who are all about developing the sales across the UK by means of virtual tastings and their online bottle shop. Their wines come from different wholesalers across the UK and they have a good relationship with a lot of producers across the world.

Bringing tasting sessions nationwide 2 Many Wines will be streaming weekly from real wine bars teaching all who sign up about the history and science of their chosen drinks whilst we all sip on the chosen cocktails or wines for that night. Plus all drinks are available for purchase online and those who sign up for any tasting classes will not only be sent sample bottles on all drinks which will be tasted throughout the night but will also be gifted a discount for purchases of full bottles after the session.

Drinking having fun at home

Every Thursday 2 Many Wines brings virtually a night to remember. Dress up or get cosy in your night wear if you like and sit back, sip, have fun and learn about wines and other drinks via a bar tender on the night along with one of the founders.

On two occasions I enjoyed two different virtual tasting sessions with 2 Many Wines. One was on cocktails and one was on wines from a winery in Puglia. Each different sessions with fun and very different.

Discovering cocktails

A few weeks back 2 Many Wines hosted their first cocktail tasting sessions from Roland’s bar within Leeds.

Streaming live from Roland’s Bar I and other drinker tasters learned about one gin and two cocktails via Tom Finnon and Benjy who chatted about the drinks, from the history and science behind them.

Within my bag which I received a few days beforehand contained

  • Wolfe bro. Gin – £22.95 (500ml) and Double Dutch Light Tonic – £1.10
  • Classic Negroni – £35 (500ml)
  • Roland’s world famous Espresso Martini – £18 (500ml) 

Cocktail making set up and ready.

The Wolfe Bro. Gin is batched and made with 8 botanicals in their very own micro distiller in Leeds. Upon combining the gin with Double Dutch Light Tonic it provided a beautiful drink, smooth and full of flavour from citrus notes and a hint of hibiscus.

The Classic Negroni is bitter but a sweet cocktail which is made from vermouth. It tastes a little herby, with a hint of liquorice aftertaste.

Roland’s world famous Espresso Martini is made from cariel vanilla vodka, Wolfe Bros. coffee liquor, cold brew coffee
and stout syrup resulting in a strong but yet smooth and creamy coffee hit.

I really enjoyed the class sipping and learning about each individual cocktail. Did you know? that Espresso Martini came about because a model who walked into a famous London bar wanted a drink that would pick her up and that is how the Espresso Martini came about.

My favourite drink of the night though was the gin, and I don’t usually like gin but this was so clean and refreshing. I highly recommend.

Wines at home

A week after I learnt about wines by Beniamino d’Agostino from Botromagno, in which I got to taste six different wines from the comfort of my own home. Two wines was from Nero di Troia and Gravina and the other four wines from Puglian producers.

  1. Malvasia Bianca del Salento 2019, Varvaglione – £13.00 
  2. Gravina Bianco 2019, Botromagno – £14.00 
  3. Salice Salentino Riserva 2017, Candido – £12.70
  4. Cappello di Prete, Rosso del Salento 2016, Candido – £15.50
  5. Primitivo di Puglia Organic 2018, Varvaglione – £12.00 
  6. Nero di Troia 2018, Botromagno – £14.95

Ready and set up for a wine tasting session.

Malvasia Bianca del Salento 2019, Varvaglione is rich in aromas and flavours. Clean, and refreshing with notes of tropical fruits along with a touch of vanilla. It would work beautifully with ham or smoked salmon.

Gravina Bianco 2019, Botromagno has aromas of fruit such as apricot and pineapple and tastes very fresh and fruity cleaning the palette after each sip. Perfect served with oysters, raw fish or chilli prawns.

Salice Salentino Riserva 2017, Candido is made mainly from the Negroamaro grape, which results in a full bodied red wine. Silky and smooth with flavours of cocoa, and dark fruits. Suggested paired with peppered tuna or pastrami.

Cappello di Prete, Rosso del Salento 2016, Candido. Ruby red with a purple tint this wine is full of character as it is rich, spicy and has a hint of vanilla. Suggested served with aged cheddar or any other strong cheese.

Primitivo di Puglia Organic 2018, Varvaglione. Intense aromas of blackcurrants and blackberries this wine brings fruitiness followed by nutmeg, liquorice and vanilla notes. Suggested with BBQ cocktail sausages.

Nero di Troia 2018, Botromagno has notes of mulberries, blueberries and has a hit of spiciness to it. Suggested with Honeyed pork belly.

Beniamino certainly was passionate about his vineyard and wines and talking about them. However for me I was expecting more of a talk through step by step in how to taste the wine, from swirling, sniffing and sipping however it seemed to be more of a talk about the wines rather than a walk though of each wine. It was interesting though learning about Puglia and how he started his vineyard.

However I was told after the event that usually is a normal wine tasting experience, tasting and following the order of wines on agenda. Plus producer would also normally join in with the tasting.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Both classes were interesting but very different from each other, as one was on cocktail making and the other one on wine but more like a talk. I personally enjoyed the cocktail virtual session the most as we learnt not just the history and science behind each but also how to create the perfect cocktail by shaking or stirring and pouring. The wine class was mostly a talk about wine than an actual tasting class and most of us on the session just ended up drinking the wines in no particular order just for our own pleasure. However been assured that class is not normally like that.

I would though recommend 2 Many Wines if you love learning about the history of the countries in where wine and other drinks come from, science behind drinks and to discover drinks you might not of necessarily ever tried as discovering something new to sip is always fun.

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Thanks to 2 Many Wines for the virtual classes and drinks. All views are my own honest opinion.

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