Yee Kwan Ice Cream tasting flight box of Asia

We all love ice cream especially in the hotter months as a nice cold ice cream is the perfect way to cool down. Most ice creams are made from dairy with Italian and Cornish ice cream being the most popular but have you ever had Asian ice cream? Yee Kwan produce a range of different ice creams made from milk and cream but combining flavours of Asia resulting in tastes that are punchy and full of flavour.

Courtesy of Yee Kwan I was gifted a flight box of ice creams to try at home and I was highly impressed.

Yee Kwan Ice Cream

2010 Yee Kwan Ice Cream was created by founders Yee Kwan and Anthony who are on mission to introduce authentic East Asian flavours into ice cream, sorbet and desserts to make everyone’s taste buds tingle with delight.

Since 2010 they have gained a strong reputation for being the leading East Asian ice cream brand offering a range of innovative products that are sold in over 500 Pan Asian restaurants in the UK and Europe, as well as premium retailers within the UK, UAE and China.

They source the best quality ingredients, using British milk and cream to make the most unique and delicious ice cream and punchy sorbets. Some of their ice creams have even won Great Taste awards for their flavours.

Ice cream with a difference

Never tasting or even knowing about Asian ice cream I was pleasantly surprised by Yee Kwan ice cream which is soft, smooth, creamy and ever so flavoursome. In fact most of the ice creams I did try have become my new favourite ice cream.

I enjoyed their Tasting Flight Box which comes with 12 delicious unique flavours. The beauty about their box is that it is a great way for newcomers like myself to sample their entire range without purchasing a full tub. Each box also comes with a Flavour Wheel so you can mark down for each ice cream what taste it gave you, texture and flavour.

These are the flavours which are included in the flight box along with my thoughts on each.

  • Lychee Ice Cream – This is a refreshing but yet icy ice cream. Tastes exactly like lychee so perfect as a cleanser in between meals.
  • Toasted Coconut Ice Cream – tastes exactly like coconut this cream ice cream brings to the palate an explosion of coconut with each bite or lick.
  • BLOOM Lemon & Elderflower Gin Sorbet – zesty, floral, punchy and very grown up ice cream an icy delight.
  • Frolyk Creamy Vanilla – a nice smooth and creamy vanilla.
  • Chocolate Miso Ice Cream– this has become one of my new favourite ice creams, absolutely delicious. It’s creamy, smooth and tastes a little like salted caramel but with the added flavour of chocolate. A salty choccy delight.
  • Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream– this is one of their celebrated ice creams which is truly delicious and I don’t usually like sesame seeds. The ice cream is grey, soft, smooth, creamy and tastes very nutty but with that hit of pepperness.
  • Frolyk Salted Caramel – this salted caramel tasted more like fudge to me with a little saltiness to it but was still a very nice flavour, very sweet.
  • Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream – this is their award winning ice cream. Unfortunately I am not a fan of matcha though so I personally did not like it but if you love matcha I think you would love it as it’s a smooth and intensely rich ice cream. Plus the green of this ice cream is gorgeous.
  • Frolyk Chocolate – a very rich, but smooth and creamy chocolate, not chalky or bitter in anyway, just pure chocolate sweetness.
  • Mango & Passion Fruit Ice Cream – this is a nice creamy ice cream as it’s not too sharp, quite mild so you can taste the mango as well as the passionfruit.
  • Pink Guava & Passion Fruit Sorbet – icy, sharp and very refreshing this exotic blend is unique and cleanses the palate.
  • BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gin Sorbet – a very adult ice cream resulting in a floral taste of jasmine and rose with that extra acidity from the gin. Summery.

They are just some of the ice creams and sorbets in which Yee Kwan sell but the above are the ones which come within the flight box kit.

Close up of the ice creams check out my TikTok.

Plus for a more in depth review watch my YouTube video.

Which flavour took your fancy?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

All in all I loved the ice cream and had fun tasting the different pots. As I stated earlier most are smooth and creamy with great flavour. The one which really surprised me the most which has become my new time favourite ice cream was the Chocolate Miso and I don’t like miso but this ice cream was truly epic. A salty, but yet sweet chocolate explosion.

The Flight Box was fun, exploring the flavours of Asia from ice creams to sorbets but it would be great if there was an option to pick twelve flavours you want to try rather than having a fixed range of flavours which will be sent as I don’t like matcha so having that tub in the pack was a waste for me. Also the pack includes gin based sorbets and not everyone drinks so again if anyone orders this flight box and can’t drink then a few tubs will be wasted.

All in all though this was a great flight box and is a great way for anyone to try Asian ice cream out. Plus any that you do really love and fall in love with you can then purchase a larger tub.

So if you are looking to discover Asian ice cream or something that little different and fun then this flight box is a perfect way to spend time with loved ones, friends or family.

Yee Kwan order yours

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Tasting Flight Box £25
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Plus for first time buyers SAVE 10% use code SAVE10YK at checkout.

Thanks to Yee Kwan for the delicious ice cream. All my views are my own honest opinion.

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