WaxWrap pimp up your picnic

We all love a picnic but most of us tend to wrap our food in clingfilm and plastic bags which is not great for the environment in a number of ways. WaxWrap though is a great alternative. With all their wraps you can easily wrap any food easily and securely thanks to WaxWrap beeswax waxed organic cotton flexible wrapping sheets. As these are reusable they are not just helping the environment, but helps cuts down on waste, as well as making your picnic or lunch box look blinging.

Courtesy of The Food Marketing Experts I was kindly gifted a box of WaxWrap three pre-cut wraps to test out on my next picnic. I was highly impressed with the wraps as they did not just look pretty but kept everything in-tact and fresh.


WaxWrap was founded with the goal of providing sustainable solutions for a zero waste lifestyle, without compromising convenience, offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

WaxWrap is made from 100% natural materials, and is plastic-free. They are made from organic cotton cloth and coated in a mixture of natural beeswax, antimicrobial pine resin and antibacterial jojoba oil, giving it pliability and allowing food to breathe keeping fresh. The wraps are extremely flexible, and neatly fold around a variety of foods and even useful for covering bowls.

WaxWraps are

  • Natural (non toxic)
  • Can be reused and washed
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps food fresher
  • Saves money and the environment

Purchase WaxWraps via Kinetic Enterprises Ltd.

Ditch plastic

Be more environmentally savvy and ditch using plastic bags and clingfilm use WaxWraps instead. Why? as WaxWraps are environmentally friendly as it helps save the planet from further waste, reusable, keeps food fresher, and makes any picnic or lunch box look sexy.

Did you know? 1.2 billion metres of cling film, roughly 740,000 miles, is used in UK homes each year; that’s enough to wrap around the earth 30 times over!

Pimping up my picnic

I received a box of three different sized wraps each which are highly colourful and the pattern immediately made me think of picnics. There was three pre-cut squares, a small wrap (20x20cm), medium wrap (30x30cm) and a large wrap (40x40cm). The small one was a little to small so really only useful to wrap half cut fruit within. However I was impressed by the look, feel and the flexibility of the wraps.

They are designed to wrap cheese, fruits, vegetables, herbs, sandwiches, snacks, bread, and leftovers. However they can not be made to wrap raw meat / fish as the wraps can not be cleaned using warm or hot water so cross contamination could occur.

WaxWrap pimp up

The wraps easily wrapped around my food and even made for a great surface to eat from, no need for a plate. As they can be reused I folded them up afterwards, took them home, washed under cold water, air dried and they then looked brand new again.

Also the wraps can be used to store food in the fridge such as cheese, preventing products sweating and keeping them fresher for longer.

Help the planet, don’t use plastic use WaxWraps!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I love these WaxWraps as not only do they look pretty but they help save the planet from waste and plastic. They are colourful, flexible and easily washable.

So ditch buying and using plastic to wrap up your food be it for a picnic or your lunch box buy WaxWraps and save the environment.


Kinetic Enterprises Ltd.
Unit 1
Central Park
Central Way
NW10 7FY

Telephone: 08450 725 825
Email: info@waxwrap.uk

Buy from their shop a range of WaxWrap pre-cut wraps, bags and food rolls.

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Top tip – store your WaxWrap unfolded as this will help prevent cracking and prolong it’s lifespan.

Thank you to The Food Marketing Experts and WaxWrap for the handy environmentally friendly wraps. All views are my own honest opinion.

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