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For all us chocolate lovers who loves receiving a box of chocolates will love Chocface. Chocface is a chocolate box like no other as memories can be printed upon the Belgian chocolate slabs, literally as “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. You can personalise your box be it for yourself or as a gift with several of your most loved or funny memories be it your wedding day or past holiday memories. No matter what you decide there will be no other chocolate box in the world like it making it a very unique box of memories and sweetness.

I was kindly gifted the opportunity to create my own personalised chocolate box of memories courtesy of Chocface. I chose to make a box to relive my most precious memories from my wedding day.


Chocface unique boxes are made from a small family run bakery within Derbyshire. The artwork and technical spin comes from a team based within the Orkney islands.

Chocoface chocolates come:

  • packaged within a red DVD sized box with a gold Chocface stamp
  • a personalised custom name slip
  • six slabs of chocolate made from milk and white Belgian chocolate each which can be personalised with your photos which are printed on using edible coloured ink

Chocface is like an edible scrapbooking gift. Personalise your chocolate page full of memories. Lick your own face, eat your friends, whatever you decide you can relive those happy memories and have some fun eating them in anyway you desire.

Chocolate and memories

There has been many happy moments in my life from animal encounters, my first cruise experience, birthday celebrations and so much more but there is one day which tops all and that is my wedding day. So scrolling through my photo album I picked out six photos from that day which me and my husband both love.

Creating the personalised box of chocolates was so easy:

  • Simply head over to Chocface custom page
  • Add a personalised message for the custom slip
  • Choose up to six photos (one for a bigger feature photo)
  • Select how many boxes you want printed
  • Then fill out your payment and delivery details

If you can’t decide though from all the memories that you have you can always buy one of Chocface pre done boxes from their Browse Art page.

Eating my wedding day

Upon receiving the Chocface box through my letterbox by Royal Mail I was highly impressed by the look. The chocolates come in a striking hard red cardboard box which has a printed Chocface gold stamp making it feel rather special and a little royal.

Upon opening it up I was greeted with my own personalised words ‘Wedding Memories’. Lifting off the custom slip I then saw my six my most treasured photos from my wedding day which each had been beautifully printed on the chocolates. The photos all looked great, shiny and smooth. Each are individually printed on a thin slab of white Belgian chocolate using edible ink with a resolution of 480p then placed on top of a slab of Belgian milk chocolate.

Having fun looking over the chocolates with our printed memories we both relived our wedding day together before eating each other. The chocolate tasted divine, so creamy and indulgent.

Question is which memories would you like to see on chocolate?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

100% I would highly recommend Chocface chocolate box as not only do the chocolates look amazing and are utterly delicious but it is such a novel gift idea to relive any memory.

As the photos are printed on using edible ink (not rice paper) there is no chalkiness or dustiness to the chocolate at all just smooth clean creaminess of the two combined white and milk chocolate.

So if you are looking for that perfect gift idea be it for your colleague who is leaving, a friends birthday, parents wedding anniversary, hen party, etc. Chocface will be a gift which will live in their memories forever.

Chocface order yours



Make your own £14.95
Range of pre-set Chocface boxes £14.95

The chocolates are delivered first class by Royal Mail from Derbyshire. They will take 1-2 days to process and a few days more for delivery (longer if your based outside the UK).

Chocface chocolates are made using sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, whole milk powder, SOY lecithin, edible colour, natural vanilla flavour (water, glycerol, citric acid, preservative E1520, blue E133, black E151, magenta E122, orange E102, ponceau red E1234, sunset yellow E110 & yellow E104)

Thanks to Chocface for the most luxurious and unique chocolate box ever. All views are my own honest opinion.

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