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Pizza is always a great go to meal be it for lunch or dinner as it’s quick to cook and filling. Choosing a pizza can be tricky as there are a vast range of flavours out there plus sometimes eating a large pizza after a few slices can become a bit boring. Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza though has the perfect solution as they sell bottomless pizza, so you can enjoy a variety of flavours and eat as little or as much as you like for just one payment.

Pizza has been around since the 10th century. It is a popular savoury Italian dish which is made from a dough which is flattened into a round shape usually, and topped with tomatoes, cheese, and a variety of other ingredients, such as anchovies, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, meat, etc., which is then baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven.

I was invited on a PR basis to dine at Gordon Ramsay’s chain Street Pizza at their newest establishment in Southwark back in October 2020. I visited December but literally the next day it was closed due to new lockdown from the government as Covid had risen in London. Now restrictions are lifted (17 May) and Street Pizza has now reopened it’s doors to hungry pizza lovers.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon James Ramsay OBE is a British chef from Scotland. He has many restaurants across the world which he has won 17 Michelin Stars for his cooking but he is also known to many through his TV appearances such as Hell’s KitchenRamsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef Junior and so many more.

A variety of Gordon Ramsay restaurants can be found across the UK and the world from selling burgers to gourmet cuisine.

Street Pizza at Southwark

2018 Gordon Ramsay expanded his empire by bringing to London affordable pizza. There are four in total St Pauls, Camden, Battersea and Southwark. Southwark is the latest to the chain which opened back in October 2020.

At Street Pizza diners can enjoy delicious pizzas, sides, desserts, cocktails, quality beers, wines and soft drinks.

Enjoy an array of classic pizzas such as Margherita and Pepperoni, as well as daily specials offering more adventurous flavour combinations. All the pizzas are all bottomless so you can enjoy a wide variety and not stick to one flavour. Apart from pizza there is also a wide range of sides and desserts, as well as milkshakes, cocktails and plenty of wine to choose from.

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza

If like me you never know what pizza to choose from Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza is the perfect pizzeria as there is such a variety of pizza with even daily specials. What makes this pizza restaurant different from most other pizza places though is that you don’t just order one type of pizza but you pay a one off payment of just £15pp which you then can enjoy a variety of different pizza throughout your visit.

I visited his latest establishment Street Pizza which is based in Great Suffolk Street, Southwark under one of his other known restaurants Bread Street Kitchen. Upon walking down to the basement it provided a nightclub feel. Immediately I noticed the open kitchen, tables dotted around, a large projector playing music videos, a DJ, a pool table, and a table football game. The place has been designed to create an environment which appeals to the whole family as there is something for everyone to do apart from eating pizza.

The pizzas are made fresh with a different number of speciality pizzas per day. All of which are made on site by chefs with the open kitchen using a wood fired oven, which allows the smells of the pizza to waft around the restaurants space.

Everyday the usual classics are made which are

  • Classic Margherita – Mozzarella, tomato, baby basil
  • Pepperoni – Spicy salami with mozzarella, tomato, chili flakes
  • Charred aubergine – Josper charred aubergine, toasted pine nuts, wild garlic pesto, tomato (vegan)
  • Corn & chorizo – Sweetcorn purée, chorizo, pulled chicken, mozzarella, spring onions, coriander

Apart from those daily signature pizzas are also served so you can always be sure of a different bite at Street Pizza.

I loved all the pizza I tasted, however some slices were a little cold but other than that the flavours were fresh, great thin base, crusty and tasted great.

As well as the pizza they sell salad, sides and desserts. I tried the Street Salad which costs £5 and consisted of lettuce, pomegranate and buttermilk garlic sauce which was a great accompaniment to the pizza. Tasted lovely.

However with so much pizza though and salad we did not have room sadly for dessert.

As for drinks there is not a wide selection only four cocktails to choose from of a Hard Lemonade, Street Spritz, Negroni and Pompelmo Collins. Plus a few beers, wines and soft drinks.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Street Pizza is an upbeat pizzeria with sounds from the DJ playing throughout the day, and games for the kids and big kids alike to play whilst munching on pizza.

What I particularly liked about Street Pizza is that the waiters constantly move around the restaurant with trays of the freshly baked pizza so no need to keep on ushering them over to ask for more pizza. Plus if you did not want several pieces of pizza you can always ask them to bring a complete pizza over and you can always ask for one to be boxed up to take home if you wanted. Literally as this is a bottomless pizza you can just eat until you can eat no more.

I have dined at many other restaurants by Gordon such as Heddon Street, Bread Street Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, etc. and have enjoyed all from the food to the atmosphere.

Street Pizza though has unfortunately even though I love the open kitchen, as I do love watching chefs at work and the pizza was delicious it was a little to loud for me due to the echo of the noise of diners as well as the music from the DJ. Plus was a little hectic with children running around.

Overall Street Pizza is a great restaurant to head to if you love pizza, a nightclub type of environment and looking for a restaurant which allows your children freedom, then I highly recommend Street Pizza as there is something for everyone.

Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza book your table now

Street Pizza at Southwark
47-51 Great Suffolk Street

Email: southwark@gordonramsaystreetpizza.com
Telephone: 020 7592 1211

Opening times:
Tuesday: 5PM – 10PM
Wednesday: 5PM – 10PM
Thursday: 5PM – 10PM
Friday: 5PM – 10PM
Saturday: 5PM – 10PM

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Thanks to Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza for the delicious bottomless pizza. All views are my own honest opinion.

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