Waagyu Burger and Haar at Home sell luxurious Lobster Brioche helping to pimp up your lunch

If you are a fan of MasterChef the Professionals then you will be pleased to know that Chef Dean Banks who made it to the finals, not only did he open up his own restaurant Haar back in 2019, but in 2020 he joint forces with Waagyu Burger which he helped create Waagyu burger home kits which can be enjoyed all across the UK. Now for 2021 Chef Dean Banks has created a luxury Lobster Brioche home kit giving hungry diners a very pimped up lunch of succulent lobster within soft tasty brioche buns all at an affordable price. The Lobster Brioche can be purchased either at Waagyu Burger or even Haar at Home.

Courtesy of Waagyu Burger I was given a Lobster Brioche home kit to try myself at home to show how easy it is to make a lobster roll and how delicious a lobster roll can be.

Chef Dean Banks

Chef Dean Banks has worked in many top class restaurants and since appearing on MasterChef Professionals he even opened up his own restaurant Haar Restaurant  in 2019 bringing diners a sensory experience like no other. Haar stimulates all your senses as you dine. After launching Haar, Dean quickly became one of Scotland’s leading Chefs. 2020 Dean launched Haar at Home delivering a seafood focused fine dining home experience. All of which the seafood comes from Scotland. Followed shortly on he launched Waagyu Burger delivering DIY burger kits across the UK which are burgers that are made from delicious high quality Waagyu beef but at affordable prices.

Waagyu Burger

Waagyu Burger provides affordable priced burger and lobster roll DIY food kits to enjoy at home using premium & quality produce. All their home kits have been specially designed by Chef Dean Banks and team and all can be easily recreated simply at home.

Haar at Home

Chef Dean Banks has two restaurants one within Edinburgh and the other in St Andrews in which he delivers a fine dining experience showcasing the best of Scottish produce from land and sea. The menu constantly evolves, reflecting the seasons.

In 2020 he opened up his side line business Haar at home creating a variety of food boxes to prep and enjoy easily at home thanks to his team and easy instructions which comes with each kit.

Lobster Brioche at home

The Lobster Brioche kit is designed by Chef Dean Banks to bring to our tables an ultimate lunchtime experience of lobster in a roll.

Upon receiving my box I was highly impressed in how well it was packaged using 100% recyclable material and all nicely chilled.

Waagyu Burger and Haar at Home Lobster Brioche

The lobster kit I received is designed for 2-4 people as comes with

  • 4 x brioche buns
  • Whole native Scottish lobster
  • Mirin butter (for dipping)
  • Smoked dressing
  • Spring onion salad
  • Chipotle chilli
  • Coriander

Lobster for lunch

Putting together the lobster rolls was very fun and even though the instructions were easy to understand I did find it a little tricky getting the meat out of the lobster.


Lobster Brioche Kit created by @chefdeanbanks available via @waagyuburger & HaarHome. SAVE £10 POPUP10. #lobster #foodlondon #diy #save #foryou #fyp

♬ Lobster – onthedal

Upon grabbing my lobster to start making my lunch I must admit I loved seeing a whole lobster (still in shell) within my kit. However I was a little concerned how would I get the meat out but thanks to the instructions provided after a bash and twist here I soon got the lobster meat out. However I must add you do need force to crack open the lobster as the shell is very hard, I even had to get a rolling pin out to bash it. Once the meat was out of the shell though it did not disappoint as the meat was fresh, chunky and white. The only thing I did not like about ripping apart the lobster was the green stuff that came out of the head and the red eggs within my lobster. The green stuff I have learnt is called the Tomalley which is part of the lobster digestive system which is made up of liver and the pancreas. It also is considered delicious Tomalley is considered the most flavoursome part. Anyway the Tomalley did not appeal to me nor did the eggs so before chopping up my lobster meat I decided to wash away the Tomalley and eggs. Once all the lobster meat was chopped I then mixed with the sauces and vegetable provided.

The only cooking that is required is melting the butter which is provided in the box and toasting the brioche buns. Simply I melted the butter on a low heat in a pan and for the buns after slitting in half but not fully I toasted in a frying pan for around a minute.

Then it was onto building the rolls. Opening up the rolls I loaded each with the lobster mix and topped with extra spring onions. Some of the rolls I sprinkled with coriander and chipotle chilli and served alongside a bowl of the melted butter to dip the rolls within.

Simply these rolls were meaty, creamy and spicy explosion hitting all the senses.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Even though I love lobster you may be surprised to hear that I have never ever had a lobster roll before until now and I was not disappointed. The lobster roll is one of the tastiest rolls I have ever had in my life, I felt like royalty munching down on these rolls.

They were full of flavour thanks to the large chunks lobster meat, the creamy yet smoky sauce, hits of sweetness from the spring onion, the heat from the Chipotle chilli and the fresh flavoursome brioche buns.

Plus apart from the Lobster Brioche kit I have also enjoyed Waagyu Burger kits which were also very easy to put together and were delicious. Click on link below to ready my in depth review on them.

So if you are looking for a quick easy meal, which is luxurious and tasty then I highly recommend this lobster brioche kit by Chef Dean Banks which can be purchased for home delivery via Waagyu Burger or Haar at Home.

Make your lunchtime special ditch the traditional sandwich and create yourself a deluxe lobster roll.

Lobster Brioche order yours now and SAVE

Waagyu Burger
Contact via email whatsyourbeef@waagyu.com

Lobster Brioche kit via Waagyu Burger

Haar at Home
Contact via email info@haarathome.co.uk

Lobster Brioche kit via Haar at Home

Limited time SAVE £10 OFF use my code POPUP10 at checkout

Delivery is nationwide and you can also add beer, cocktails and desserts to your order.

Thanks to Waagyu Burger and Chef Dean Banks for the divine lobster rolls. All views are my own honest opinion.

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