The Lucky Club equals Bao time

If you love a relaxed spacious restaurant and Baos then The Lucky Club within Mayfair is the place to visit. They sell the most delicious, softest, fluffiest and flavoursome steamed bao buns as well as other inspired Asian dishes.

What are bao buns though you might be asking? They are steamed buns which are generally made from flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder, milk and oil. They are then steamed creating a warm light white dough, which is sweet, fluffy and delicious. Then generally they are stuffed with meat or fish. Bao buns originate from China are are very popular there and in Asia.

I was invited down courtesy of the chef of The Lucky Club to sample his baos and more.

The Lucky Club

The Lucky Club opened up late 2019, bringing to London’s Mayfair a space of fashion and hospitality. However it was short lived as in 2020 with the pandemic hitting our shores they had to close their doors for a limited time.

Now they are reopen and back in business selling bao buns and other inspired Asian cuisine. However the pop up fashion stall has been removed.

Bao time at The Lucky Club

The Lucky Club is a restaurant which sells Asian inspired cuisine.

Upon entering The Lucky Club immediately I notice the very art decor furnishing and how nicely spaced out the tables and chairs are within the restaurant. I and my partner we was both warmly greeted and taken to our table with a large comfy sofa. We scoured over the menu full of different cocktails, bao options and other dishes. Everything sounded amazing so we decided to try a bit of practically everything.

Starting with the smaller plates we tucked into

  • Hoi Sin Wings – like mini spare ribs these meaty and sticky wings were a delight with a bit of a kick to them.
  • Squid Tempura – crisp and tasty with a spicy dipping sauce.
  • Takoyaki Octopus Balls – crisp, chewy and sweet.
  • Pork Crackers – crunchier than prawn crackers and porky.
  • Seaweed Salad with Noodles – Moist, string loaded with seaweed flavour.
  • Broccoli – Fresh, sticky and crunchy thanks to the sauce and sesame seeds.

I loved all the sides but I particularly loved the Squid Tempura. Perfect bite size pieces with the perfect texture.

For the Baos I enjoyed a variety from

  • Pork Belly Bun with pickled cabbage & crispy shallots – Every bite provided a beautiful mix of the fluffiness of the bao bun from the meatiness and crunch of the fillings. The cabbage and shallots gave it that extra tanginess and acidity.
  • Chicken Karrage with spicy mayo & lettuce – fluffy, crunchy, succulent, creamy and spicy.
  • Tofu & Mushroom Bun with pickled enoki mushrooms – full of earthy flavour thanks to the mushrooms. the sauce within gave that extra kick of spice.
  • Fish Tempura Bun with ponzu mayo & pickled onions – packed with cod this bao provided a clean, soft, refreshing bite. However note the fish can change depending on availability.
  • Jackfruit Curry Bun with lotus root crisp – the jackfruit is creamy, little sharp and the lotus root crisp gives it that extra crispiness and chewiness.

All the baos were full of flavour but I particularly loved out of all of them the pork belly as it was very porky, crisp and the pickled cabbage gave it that extra zing.

Plus to point out for those who just can’t get enough of bao buns they have a Bottomless Bao Brunch every Saturday which you can also enjoy Bloody Marys or Prosecco for just £38.50.

For dessert I enjoyed a

  • Yuzu Meringue – with a zesty delight with a lovely butter tart base.
  • Brownies / Miso Caramel / Matcha / Cocoa Nibs – chocolatey, caramelly, salty, and gooey. Plus served with a chocolate in shape of a pigs head, how cute.

Each dessert was a sweet treat and I loved both as equally.

Cocktails I enjoyed a

  • Forest Gateau – this Espresso Martini was a mix of vanilla vodka, raspberry, blackcurrant and single espresso. Was a dream, punchy and fruity.
  • So Real Royal – this non alcoholic drink was a mix of homemade red sorrel cordial and sparkling elderflower. Provided a sweet, fizzy hit to the taste buds.

I loved each drink but if you love coffee then I highly recommend checking out their arrange of Martinis.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I particularly loved The Lucky Club as the tables were spaced out well, so not sitting on top of others, The staff is super friendly and the food was all outstanding. Plus as the baos come delivered to the table in the steamer basket still the baos stay warm for longer so you can chill and sit back sip on a cocktail or eat your side plates before deluging into a bao, or two or three. Apart from food also The Lucky Club have a great range of cocktails which can be ordered.

So if you are looking for a chilled place to hang with friends and/or family to indulge in some bao buns or cocktails then Lucky Club is the place to go.

The Lucky Club at home Boozy Bao Brunch filled

Also The Lucky Club baos can also be enjoyed at home. Head over to their website and select The Lucky Club At Home tab. Any orders though should be placed before 4pm on a Wednesday for delivery on the following Thursday or Friday. Plus note the baos should be consumed within 4 days. Read about when I had baos at home courtesy of The Lucky Club. Click here.

The Lucky Club enjoy Baos and more

The Lucky Club
56 Davies Street

Opening times: 12 noon – 11pm Wednesday – Sunday


Book your table now click here.

Thanks to The Lucky Club for a great time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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