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Paint Your Life is a great way to hold onto those cherished memories of yours be it the birth of your child, special birthday, wedding day, anniversary or something else you can have your special moment in time painted so you can relive that moment everyday. Simply provide a photograph of that special moment and within a few weeks you will have a professional portrait painted by one of Paint Your Life professional artists. Alternatively a great alternative unique personalised gift to give to someone special in your life.

In order to celebrate my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary I decided to have a portrait of their granddaughter and grandson painted by artist Michael of Paint Your Life and they were extremely happy with it, in fact my mum cried when she opened it up and saw the painting.

Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life was established in 2006 to give people the opportunity to have your most precious memories painted to relive and keep forever.

They have an incredible global group of artists which all deliver high quality portraits transforming your special moments of joy into a masterpiece.

Paint Your Life is a team of makers, portrait artists, designers, developers, dreamers, and doers committed to bringing the best customer experience to the people they serve.

Memories forever

Now more than ever, celebrating special moments in life regardless of how small or big is a fantastic way to spread joy to your loved ones. Paint Your Life artists create high quality and hand painted portraits which you can cherish forever. As a painting is the best personalised unique gift to preserve those special memories and gift.

I chose to have a special photo of my niece and nephew painted in oils by Michael of Paint Your Life to gift to my parents as a belated Golden Wedding Anniversary. Why? As for the past year it has been very difficult for us all with covid restrictions preventing us all from meeting up and they in particular have missed the cuddles from their grandchildren. So by getting a painting of their grandchildren least when they are feeling a little down they can gaze up and look at their grandchildren which is a virtual hug in itself, as they bring them so much joy.

The process of ordering was very simple plus the artists are happy to alter by adding or removing things when it comes to painting from the photo provided. Also if there is anything you are not quite happy with once painted the artists are always more than happy to retouch up or alter.


  • Head to Paint Your Life website and click on Get Started.
  • Click on the theme you want painted be it of people, pets, house or landscape.
  • Choose your medium be it oil, charcoal, acrylic, water colour, colour pencil, pastel and black pencil.
  • Then choose from an array of options such as
    • if you would like a video of your painting being created (extra fee)
    • painting to be signed
    • background of your photo your provide if you would like the background original or solid
    • choose which artist you would like 
  • Upload your photo and add any special requirements you would like to put forward to the artist.
  • Then choose the size of which you would like the painting to be.
  • Finally on the final page you will get a run down of what you want, an option to state a date if you need ASAP, and area for you to fill out your delivery address and payment details as a 20% advance payment is required. Remaining balance to be paid after painting approval.
  • Once the painting is complete you’ll get an email invite to view it online which you can approve or ask to have alerted.
  • Once approved you will get the option to choose the framing to have it framed.
  • Once framed it will be shipped to your delivery address.

The whole process was so simple from start to finish.

Once I received the painting I took it around my parents house in which my mum opened and she plus my dad was highly surprised as they were not expecting the painting from me and highly thrilled by the likeness from the photo and painting. My mum initially could not believe it was a painting she thought it was a photo printed in large size.

Just watch her reaction and listen to what she had to say

“It’s actually captured them both amazing
Lottie with her hair and Beau”

says Valerie (my mum)

Just look at the amazing job Michael done from photo to oil painting.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bring joy to someone special in your life be it a photo of their children, their dog or their house in a form of a painting, guaranteed they will most likely end up crying as Paint Your Life artists are very artistic and professional. My parents certainly loved theirs and bought them to tears seeing their two special grandchildren been bought to life in a unique way.

Just listen to why my mum recommends getting your photo turned into a painting.

Paint Your Life is a great unique personalised way to gift someone special in your life that wow moment and one that they will never forget.

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Thanks to Paint Your Life and artist Michael for the painting my parents where thrilled with it. All views are my and my parents honest opinion.

*affiliate – from any sales using my link I will get a small commission courtesy of Paint yours Life (no extra to yourself)

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