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It’s summer and like me you’ve decided it’s time to pimp up your wardrobe. You might of gone all out, bought a new bag, couple of t-shirts and new jeans that you just can’t wait to wear on your travels. However the only thing that might be letting you down is your shoes. If you’ve gone for a new look, you can’t let it down with your old boring plain footwear. Bin those shabby boring looking shoes and pimp up your feet with UIN shoes in whom sell an array of arty designer shoes. Like no other shoes on the market their shoes are a testament towards travel and art bringing positive feelings through colour and design. There is a design suitable for everyone, for me it is their Ferry Well shoes as I love sailing the high seas.

On a PR basis I was gifted a pair of shoes to show how stunning, unique and comfy their shoes are.

UIN footwear

UIN footwear was founded in 2015 by artist and designer Fernando Acevedo from Toledo, Spain. His arty designs highlight the enthusiasm of life, chase for freedom and love for traveling.  The shoes underline those positive feelings through colourful and artistic patterns. Every piece of UIN shoes tell a different story from new adventures and colouring stories expressing beauty, passion and freedom. UIN painted canvas shoes are crafted simply for free spirits who embark on all of life’s adventures in style.

UIN ships over 200 countries worldwide from within Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. With Amazon websites supporting the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, and our resellers in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Middle Asia. The shoes are shipped from one of their warehouses located in the USA, China or Germany. UIN continues to thrive due to the company’s values in controlling the excellence of in-house production, aiming to provide the highest value of their shoes and dedication to quality and service.

Comfy shoes with style

Scrolling through the website of UIN there is so many art designer shoes to choose from each with a different meaning behind them. I though love the sea and cruising so when I came across the creative designer shoes entitled Ferry Well for Women I just had to have these very cruisy shoes.

It took a few weeks before receiving the shoes but once I did receive them I was delighted. Upon opening the box and unwrapping the tissue paper around the shoes I was highly delighted by the look and colour of the shoes.

For my first trip with my shoes I decided to slip them on and wear down on the beach at Whitstable where I gazed at moored up sailing boats and ones out at sea wishing that one day I might own my own. Plus thinking about my upcoming cruises in where I will be showing off my UIN shoes.

After a days wear I can certainly say that these canvas painted shoes really did turn peoples heads down towards my feet. These slip on shoes are extremely comfy thanks to the design of the shoe.

  • Upper material ultra light canvas
  • Heel lining short plush
  • Insole ortholite
  • Outsole EVA

Also these shoes can be machine washed so if you do get them a little dirty they can be easily washed.

These Ferry Well shoes cost £85.00


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have owned a number of canvas shoes before in the past but I have never had a pair which are so arty and colourful as my Ferry Well UIN shoes. Not only are they striking and so different to any other shoes on the market but the comfort, material and stitching to make these shoes are of very high quality.

So if you are looking for that something different and great quality I really do highly recommend buying a pair of UIN shoes or two or more.

Show your personality by your shoes. Check out all designs such as their arty pieces like Starry Night or Sunflower or if your into cats what about Cheer Up. With so many options from flowers to animals their is a design suitable for anyone. 

Simply UIN arty designs highlight the enthusiasm of life, chase for freedom and love for traveling. 

UIN buy yours now and SAVE

Siki Eagle Sarl
1, Esplanade Miriam Makeba,
69100 Villeurbanne,

Email: info@uinfootwear.uk

To order your pair head over to their website scroll through the range

Then add the shoes you desire to the shopping basket selecting size and quantity. One happy check out when ready and enter your payment details, unique coupon code and delivery address.

After around 5-21 business days from the date of ordering you will receive your new shoes within the post.


As a reader of mine you can save with UIN. Create a UIN account and save £5 off for one pair, £10 off for two or £15 off for three. Plus as an EXTRA BONUS SAVE an additional £5 bonus with my code discounted JoanneUIN at checkout. Click here.

Thanks to UIN for the shoes. All views are my own honest opinion.

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