Food for a vegan picnic

With the end of Summer looming over us and the temperature rising one final time, what’s better than a picnic in a park but a vegan one?

The best vegan picnic foods are those that are easy to eat and don’t deteriorate quickly when out of the fridge. Now all we can do is pray that the rain keeps away.

Courtesy of Gifta I was gifted a selection of vegan picnic food products to show that even vegans can have a great picnic during National Picnic Month as it’s not all about sausage rolls.


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Gifta latest campaign has been helping those businesses who sell vegan food which is perfect for staying in or going out but even more so for picnics as it is National Picnic Month.

The vegan companies which they are helping push the word out at present is:

  • Gosh
  • Taste and Glory
  • The Baker
  • No1 Living Drinks

Vegan picnic time

The suns out with his hat on so it’s time to grab my picnic hamper and load with vegan food and pop on down to the beach.

I am not a vegan myself but I can imagine sometimes for a vegan it might be quite hard to find food to eat whilst down at a beach as all that seems to be on offer is fish & chips, battered sausages, cockles and prawns so why not make up a picnic full of vegan goodness.

Within my picnic I had a selection of vegan consumables from Gosh, Taste and Glory, La Boulangere and No1 Living Drinks.

Gosh is all about making your life easier, tastier, and healthier with their ready to eat food which can be enjoyed straight out the pack or warmed up.

Their Smokey BBQ Sweet Potato snack bites have a smoky BBQ flavour followed by the sweetness of the sweet potato, sweetcorn and black beans used to make these soft moist balls of delight. High in protein and a great source of fibre.

The Beetroot Falafel are packed with red pepper and chilli. Packed full of fibre and low in saturated fat and contains no added sugars making them very healthy.

The Veggie Cocktail Sausages are made from chickpeas, cauliflower & butterbeans with a Cumberland style seasoning. Very moorish and tasty but what is surprising is they taste a little like chicken sausages. Less saturated fat than a meat sausage.

No1 Living is all about improving your wellbeing by taking care of and listening to our body. They craft great tasting healthy drinks that are full of life. Based on a living diet, their drinks are rich in live cultures and anti-oxidants, and are dairy free and vegan.

Kombucha – Raspberry with Pomegranate is a great drink if you fancy that something little different. It is refreshing with great flavour of raspberry seeping through however I could still taste the vinegary taste of the kombucha used within. Still though I quite enjoyed it and to know that it has live cultures within I know it is great for my body.

Kombucha – Ginger again packed with live cultures but this one tastes of ginger giving that hit of heat.

Their shot of Gut & Brain – Blueberry, Elderberry & Acai is a kick-starter for the brain. Made with kombucha this drink is loaded in high fibre, billions of live cultures, along with B vitamins and Iodine to support your cognitive and psychological health. Taste a little vinegary but with flavours of blueberry, elderberry and acai.

Taste & Glory sell a range of meat free eating products.

Their No Beef Strips are beefy strips made from soya beans are ideal within salads or sandwiches. To me they tasted a little like beef but I did not like the texture that much as it was quite wet and gave my taste buds an odd sensation. However I am sure if I cooked them that I would most likely enjoyed them better as they can be eaten straight from packet cold or heated up.

La Boulangère sell French-style croissants, pains au chocolate, and other breads.

Their Vegan Brioche Rolls are heavenly, so light and fluffy making them ideal for sandwiches or for vegan sausages / hot dogs. Also the beauty about these rolls are they are pre-cut so no messy breadcrumbs.

All in all the above vegan food and drink made for a perfect vegan picnic, everyone who saw my selection was intrigued even the seagulls. Plus the beauty about all the food is that you can eat straight from the packet or heat up.

My favourites out of all the vegan products I had was the Gosh Beetroot Falafel as they were great size balls and full of taste plus the La Boulangere Brioche Rolls as they were fresh, soft and tasty.

Which vegan ready to eat food takes your fancy?


Thanks to Gifta I was able to taste food which is vegan which as a meat eater I might of never even considered trying but I can solidly say I was surprised in how much of it I did like.

I will certainly be looking at purchasing some more Gosh snacks thats for sure as I really did love the falafel balls.

So if you are seeking vegan food which you can eat straight from the packet then I highly recommend all the companies I tried during my picnic.


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Thanks to Gifta and the vegan companies for the wonderful products. All views are my own honest opinion.

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