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If you are looking to pimp up your table or home then I highly recommend checking out Peter Bowen, who sells a range of beautiful ceramics and prints. I was kindly gifted a sugar bowl courtesy of Peter Bowen to show me that having a sugar bowl on your table for breakfast or afternoon tea really can lift your spirits and make your dining experience at home feel that extra special.

Did you know that there are 56 different sugars out there? such as brown sugar to cane sugar. Do you know where sugars come from? Sugars are found in most plants. Also honey and fruit where an abundant natural source of unbounded simple sugars are.

Most of us crave sugars for sweetness which brings the phrase ‘sweet tooth’. Sugar is used in many ways be it within a cake, to make cookies but more commonly for our tea or coffee. With most of us always adding a spoonful of sugar to our hot beverage it might surprise you to learn that us average Brits consumes about 24 kilograms of sugar each year.

Make your sugar intake a royal one though and store within one of Peter Bowen beautiful ceramic pots which also comes with a pretty good leafy spoon. Be it for your cereal, pancakes or hot beverage you will feel like royalty.

Peter Bowen Art

Peter Bowen who is based in Somerset has been making ceramics for over 40 years. He produces clocks, butter dishes, cream jugs and sugar bowls in a range of unique glazes and colours which are all made from white earthenware clay. As well as art painting in watercolour.

His unique style of art and ceramics have earned him an international reputation with much of his work in private collections around the world.

All his designs are based on classical art training and creative development process. Each of his pieces are formed, finished and left to dry slowly for about two weeks. The first firing is done is his electric kiln which is called a bisque firing to 998c and takes about 14 hours, this is when the clay becomes a ceramic material. At this stage the first ceramic is pure white and ready to accept glazes. He uses his own glaze recipes which are lead free and food safe. After the multiple coats of hand applied glaze are bone dry he then fires to 1,031c which takes about 8 hours, this is where the glaze material bonds to the ceramic body to form a semi-glossy finish. The glazed pieces are food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sugar at hand

If like me do you tend to spill things easily? then Peter Bowen ceramic bowl is a blessing as now with somewhere to store my sugar I can ditch the bag the sugar comes within and store safely within this beautiful sugar bowl. No more opening the cupboard for sugar and spilling sugar every time I dip into a sugar bag.

My Honey Speckle sugar bowl with lid is finished with a semi-gloss. What strikes me about this bowl is not just the lovely speckled design but the lovely rounded smooth shape, there are no dimples at all, 100% smooth. Plus the stainless steel gold leafy spoon which comes with the pot is elegant and stylish and holds just the right amount of sugar stir into my tea. However you can also use this bowl to not just store sugar but you can easily store sweeteners, honey or even jam within it.

Peter Bowen Art - Sugar Bowl

This Honey Speckle Glaze pot costs £38.00.

Click here to check out all of his other pots which start from £36.00.

All the sugar bowls with lid measure 110mm high and 90mm in diameter. The stainless steel spoon is 125mm long. All are dishwasher and microwave oven safe.

The inspiration for the glaze on his sugar bowl came from visits to the seaside and looking at all of different colours of sand particles as the tide washes on to the beach and leaves a lovely smooth untouched surface.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Peter Bowen sugar bowl comes speckled in many colours from beige to purple. I have the Honey Speckle Glaze with a pretty arty gold leaf spoon and for me I love this colour as it goes well with any brown table and does not look out of place.

So if your looking for that perfect addition for your dining table or even kitchen then I highly recommend checking out Peter Bowen handcrafted ceramic sugar bowls have all the care and attention that you would expect from an artisan.

Pimp up your home or table with Peter Bowen other unique fired objects from a clock (a little Salvador Dali style), butter dish, cannister or even a print of the seaside then check out his site.

Peter Bowen Art order your ceramic

Peter Bowen
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East Horrington


Peter Bowen Art a collection of handmade art and ceramics.

Buy from either:

Butter Dishes
Sugar Bowls
Silver Leafy Spoons

Thank you to Peter Bowen for the pretty sugar pot. All views are my own honest opinion.

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