Swingers will you score a par, birdie or eagle

This Summer might be a wash out for most golfers and those who love to dine al fresco but I know of a venue within London where you can enjoy golf and eat within a themed beach setting but without getting wet, and that is Swingers in the West End.

Swingers is an all adult miniature 9 hole crazy golf experience, but it’s more than just golf as it’s also a social venue with many bars and street food outlets. Sip on tasty drinks, enjoy a variety of delicious street food and party on down to the tunes of their resident DJ.

Simply Swingers is a place to play, drink, eat and have a good time.

I went down on a press basis along with my husband Jason to check out Swingers within the West End and even though it has been open since 2018 it still looks brand new and still buzzing with atmosphere.

Swingers Crazy Golf

Swingers is founded by CEOs and Co-Founders; Matt Grech-Smith and Jeremy Simmonds.

Back in 2014 Swingers swung into London, Shoreditch within a warehouse bringing a combination of crazy golf, cocktails and street food. After 5 months and being a great success Matt and Jeremy decided to seek a permanent home and eventually in 2016 they managed to pop up within a permanent space within the City of London. In 2018 they decided to open up a second venue within Oxford Circus, with further plans for more venues to pop up within London. Each have different themes. Plus Swingers can also be played within America, Washington DC where you can choose from The Clocktower and The Waterwheel. Also a new one will be popping up within New York soon.

Swinging my way to a win

Today is the day to swing my way to the finish line and win!

Arriving at Swingers warmly greeted, we checked in our bags and coats so as not to get in our way of gaming. Once checked in we then had an explanation of the instructions for the golf and the street food which are dotted around the venue.

First things first though before competing against my husband Jason for the win, time to fuel with a few cocktails and food. There are several bars dotted around the venue, even bars on the golf course so you can drink whilst you play golf. We both decided to order an Espresso Martini each as nothing gives you energy and a buzz like an Espresso Martini. I Also enjoyed a One Armed Bandit which was a sweet explosion of taste, It had a mix of Ketel One Vodka, raspberry puree, pineapple syrup, lemon and rosemary syrup. Check out the drinks menu here.

For food there are four street food outlets to choose from:

  • Slice by Pizza Pilgrims
  • Breddos Tacos
  • Patty & Bun
  • Hackney Gelato

Check out the full menus here.

As we are both fans of Patty & Bun we decided to order some Ari Burgers and chips. The Ari Burger is made with aged beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup and smokey P&B mayo all which is within a brioche bun. Lush, thick and juicy. For the chips we opted for the Rosemary Chips which was flavoursome, crisp and fluffy.

Time to tee off

Fuelled and ready to play. First things first reminder of the rules of the game:

  1. Avoid slow play
  2. No more than 6 shots per person, per hole
  3. Each player must complete the hole before the next person plays
  4. If a ball goes in the sand or off the course, it is replace at the point closest to where it went off. Add one penalty stroke to your score.
  5. An unplayable ball may be moved the length of a club head to make it playable again.
  6. This is a putting game, for safety, please do not swing the club above knee height.

It was now time to tee off and play some golf. We were given golf clubs, a ball colour of our choice each, score pad and pencil.

The course within the Crazy Golf West End is themed around a 1920’s British seaside setting. There are two courses to choose from The Helter Skelter and The Big Wheel. We opted to play The Big Wheel which was full of challenging obstacles. If you play at Swingers within the City that venue is differently themed based on a 1920’s English countryside with two courses, Windmill and Lighthouse.

Choosing The Big Wheel 9 hole course it was time to tee off.

Making our way around each golf course, even though busy with other golf parties, we never felt rushed. The beauty though about playing golf at Swingers was that at each start of the course there is a table where you can rest your drinks at if you decided you want to enjoy a drink or two along your golfing adventure. There are a number of servers that come on by so you don’t have to leave the course, plus a mini bar half way around the course. However note you can’t take food and eat whilst on the golf course.

As this golf course has been open a number of years I thought the green would be a little scuffed and the décor might look a little tired but it did not which was great. I have been to many crazy golf courses in my time and they all have looked out dated and tired so it was great to see that Swingers golf course was still as vibrant and still looks new.

The golf course is well designed and built with sturdy objects, with even surfaces for optimum ball control. All the 9 courses each presented a different challenge, which was fun, but was especially hard to try and score a hole in one but apparently each course it can be done.

I particularly loved the Helter Skelter, which is all about speed, so hard to get it to go round in one motion and loved The Big Wheel which is all about timing.

The whole course takes around half an hour to get around, however this can vary depending on how many people/groups of people are playing on the course. However only a certain amount of people are allowed on the golf course at a time which is scattered nicely as so you are not waiting too long for golfers in front of you to take their shot.

Who won though, yes me of course! I scored 22 and Jason 27.

Be sure to get your winning moment captured on the podium near the reception desk.

If you want to discover more about The Big Wheel course watch my video via TikTok where I will take you on a tour of each of the 9 holes.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Swingers is one of the best crazy golf courses I have ever done as it is inside, a great space to socialise, eat, drink and have fun.

If you fancy challenging your friends, family or colleagues note due to Swingers being popular tickets on the door might not always be available so I highly recommend pre booking to avoid disappointment. Also if your not a golfer but like the sound of the venue then no worries as you can still enter Swingers to enjoy the street food, bars and resident DJ and even better there is no admission fee to do so.

Overall, Swingers is a fun place perfect for a date night, gathering with friends/family or even a great team building outing for work colleagues. I for one will be visiting again.

Swingers, Oxford Circus book now

Swingers West End
15 John Prince’s Street

Telephone: 0203 846 3222
Email: westendinfo@swingers.club

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12:00-00:00
Thursday: 12:00-00:00
Friday: 12:00-01:00
Saturday: 10:30-01:00
Sunday: 2:00-23:00

At Swingers you can enjoy crazy golf, stunning cocktails, London’s best street food vendors, beautiful bars and DJs. There’s no dress code, ban on mobiles or penalties for going out of turn. Unless you’re at the bar.

CRAZY GOLF £13 pp – get competitive and play a round of crazy golf, walk in or pre book
(note: walk ins are limited so best to pre book to avoid disappointment)
GROUP PACKAGES FROM £26 pp – choose from a range of packages which include crazy golf, street food & drinks book now
(note: to reserve a table or area you need to pre book one of their packages. Call to arrange 020 3030 4111 or fill out our enquiry form here)
HIRE AN AREA OR THE VENUE – for large group events Swingers has a range of unique spaces that can be hired for groups from 12-600 people book now
(note: to book a private area, hire out a crazy course or take over the entire venue call events team on 020 3030 4111 or email londonevents@swingers.club)
ENTRY ONLY – golf is not compulsory and you can enjoy the street food, bar areas and resident DJ without paying a entry fee.

(Note: this venue is just for over 18’s all guests must show a valid ID)

Thank you to Swingers for a smashing time. All views are my own honest opinion.


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    At crazy golf that don’t matter how good a golfer you are or not, as just pure fun

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