Georgian House is open grab your broomstick and head on down for a magical Wizards Afternoon Tea

If your looking for a bewitching afternoon tea experience then climb on your broomstick and head on down to Georgian House which will delight all your senses.

Whether you are a die hard wizarding, fanatical about Wizards & Wizards or love magical surprises then their Wizards Afternoon Tea will not disappoint with surprises throughout and the food will tantalise your taste buds.

I experienced the Wizard Afternoon Tea on a PR basis to review.

Georgian House

Tucked away this 1851 Victorian Grade II listed charming boutique hotel offers the perfect place to stay. It offers luxurious accommodation and is conveniently just 5 minutes from London Victoria Coach Station and 10 minutes from Victoria Railway station making it the perfect spot to commute from to explore London.

Georgian House hotel has been family owned for generations. It was built by Serena von der Heyde’s great great grandfather William Chinnery Mitchell and has been a family treasure for over 150 years. William was a leading master builder within London in the second quarter of the 19th century.

William left a mark on all of his builds by adding a few signature details, from panel doors and his string motif, a plaster decorative line on the exterior of many of his houses.

Over several generations the houses, are now known as the Georgian House Hotel, having been handed down through the family. Serena von der Heyde took over the bed and breakfast operation back in 1987, when it was a two star hotel and had 28 guest rooms.

Today, the Georgian House Hotel is a 5 star boutique which has 63 bedrooms and apartments within. Provides a place within London’s bustling hotel scene as a warm and welcoming place for families, couples and those on business to base themselves when visiting the capital. As for generations the family has always maintained the home from home feel that guests recognise and appreciate time and time again.

Apart from the luxurious bedrooms and apartments on offer at Georgian House they also have a few enchanted themed rooms for Wizards and Witches who are seeking that something a little more magical. Smaller cosier rooms such as the Wizard Chambers can be booked which are designed for couples who want to be captivated by magic. Found concealed behind a bookcase door on the lower ground level of the hotel, along a portrait-lined passageway bathed in candle light. Each room features faux castle details such as stained glass windows, stone walls, archways, trunks, wood burning stoves and cauldrons. Complete your magical stay and enjoy a spellbinding experience of an Wizards Afternoon Tea full of surprises or learn the art of Wizard Potion Making.

Food for the soul

If you love magic and Wizards then you’ll love Georgian House Wizard Afternoon Tea, plus they also have potion making experience on offer for grown ups. Also there are a select number of Harry Potter inspired themed bedrooms, in which you can stay for the night or two.

Pulling into London Victoria Railway Station it was easy to locate Georgian House which literally was just a 10 minute walk. The building is very Victorian and the entrance is grand. Stepping through the large blue door walking along a hallway into a welcome lounge, I felt like I had stepped back in time. The welcome lounge is classy and grand with its large fire place, botanical wallpaper and antique furniture. Really did make me think back to how Victorian times must of been like.

Warmly greeted by one of the staff members at the reception desk I was soon taken on down to Pimlico Pantry which is located in the basement in where I enjoyed a very magical Wizards Afternoon Tea.

Pimlico Pantry is a nice size room, colourful and upbeat, with a big skylight. Decorated with a few Wizardry elements, flickering candles, tiered bird cage stands and a feature wall which has a large vintage map of how London. It was interesting in seeing how London has changed from then to now. There was also a few hats dotted around that you are welcome to grab and wear during your experience which I just had to wear.

Georgian House Wizards Afternoon Tea

First things first though a nice cup of tea, they have a selection of tea to choose from such as the traditional English Breakfast through to herbal flavoured teas. Opting for the peppermint tea and my partner had the red berry tea it did not disappoint as each smelt lovely and tasted just how they should.

It was now time for our three course afternoon tea starting with the savoury course first.

First course, Sorcerer’s Apprentice this consisted of Smoking salmon open sandwitch, hciwdnas with cracked black pepper cream cheese & sea salt, slow cooked beefwitched brisket with spiced tomato chutney and watercress, Eggspelliarmos and wild cress Caramelised red onion and Somerset Brieware tart.

I loved how the salmon sandwiches came within a box designed to look like a book. Usually when they open the book to reveal the sandwiches smoke is supposed to come out but the smoke machine was broke that day but still I loved this idea. The inside-out cucumber sandwich (or hciwdnas) was lovely, layered bread filled with cream cheese and wrapped in a thin slice of cucumber. The beefwitched brisket basically beef in a wrap. Eggspelliarmos was simply egg and cress in a wafer, lacked flavour but had a great crunch. My favourite savoury though was the Brieware tart, so sweet, crumble and gooey.

Second course, Scones which came with vanilla scones and eye of newt scones all served with curdled charcoal clotted cream and crushed strawberries.

The scones looked fab, thick and golden. They came with charcoal infused clotted cream and strawberry jam which had an extra surprise of popping candy. It really did give the scone a whole new take when eating. With a bang, after each bite, followed by the sweetness of the jam and fluffy scone it was a real experience.

Third course, Grand Wizard consisted of lemon cursed tart, dark arts baked chocolate and salted caramel, raspberry trapped in a shot glass, web topped passion fruit jelly and a head popping chocolate lollipop.

My favourite course of the afternoon, as I have a sweet tooth. Looking over all I was excited in tucking into each sweet treat. The lemon cursed tart tangy and buttery tart but as for the meringue on top I would rather a soft one than a hard one. The dark arts salted chocolate and caramel brownie was rich, sweet and very indulgent. Raspberry in the shot glass was delicious style panna cotta with a hit of tanginess from the raspberries. As for the passion fruit jelly it came served within the fruits shell. It was tangy and crunchy, but not sure where the web was. The Wizards hat lollipop was delicious, as it was a lovely creamy chocolate praline lolly with that hit of popping candy. Providing that explosive ending to a very whimsical magical afternoon tea.

Discover the full menu click here and if you are vegan click here.

All in all this has been one of the best afternoon teas I have ever had within London, why? as the staff were friendly, all the food was perfectly portioned and really tasty. Plus all the food from the savoury to the sweet treats are all made on site which is great.

Watch as I tucked into the Wizards Afternoon Tea (spoiler alert)


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I loved this afternoon tea as everything from the savoury and sweet delights were a true sensation for all senses. Also the portion sizes were not too big so I could eat all of it, unlike some afternoon teas I have attended when I end up not being able to eat all of it. I also loved the few surprises throughout the experience.

The only downside to this whole experience for me though was the lack of atmosphere. This was though due to not having many diners within the room and the sunlight pouring in took away the magical effect. Also the tables were a little too spaced out, but I understand that is due to Covid restrictions which are in place presently. So I would suggest eating later in the afternoon not at 1pm like me. Plus for a better ambience I feel Autumn and Winter months for this themed afternoon tea would work better when the afternoons are darker.

So if you love magic or you are a Harry Potter fan then I highly recommend checking out Georgian House be it for a magical Wizards Afternoon Tea or a stay within one of their more unusual Wizard Chambers themed rooms one things for sure is that you will never forget it. Children will particularly love the rooms as of the connections to Harry Potter as all the rooms are decorated in the likeness of a Gryffindor common room, with tapestry as seen in the films, carved wooden furniture with lion motifs (the symbol for the house), and a bed frame bearing the school’s coat of arms. There are also two family Wizard Chamber rooms which can comfortably fit families of five or six. Alternatively stay within one of their more contemporary luxurious rooms which have a French flair with Victorian influences, with toile de jouy wallpaper, antique furnishing, metal bed frames and a decorative fireplace (in some rooms).

Georgian House Hotel book your afternoon tea or stay now

Georgian House Hotel
35-39 St George’s Drive
United Kingdom

Telephone: 02078341438

Wizards Afternoon Tea
(available till 21 October 2021)

Wizard Afternoon Tea Menu £30 per adult, £20 bottomless Prosecco, & for an enchanted cocktail £10 / mocktail £8
Vegan Wizard Afternoon Tea Menu £30 per adult, £20 bottomless Prosecco, & for an enchanted cocktail £10 / mocktail £8

NOTE: From 22 October 2021 the menu will change!

Enchanted Afternoon Tea
(New menu starting 22 October 2021)

Enchanted Afternoon Tea Menu £30 per adult, £20 bottomless Prosecco, & for an enchanted cocktail £10 / mocktail £8
Kids Enchanted Afternoon Tea Menu £20 per child & enchanted mocktail £8
Vegan Enchanted Afternoon Tea Menu £30 per adult, £20 bottomless Prosecco, & for an enchanted cocktail £10 / mocktail £8

ADVANCE BOOKING required for any of the afternoon teas.

Book directly via to reserve your magical experience!

To book a stay at Georgian House be it one of their luxury boutique rooms or a Wizarding themed room click here to learn more.

Thanks to Georgian House for the magical afternoon tea. All views are my own honest opinion.

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