Princess themed seacation cruises onboard Regal Princess and Sky Princess

People who know me call me cruise ship crazy, why? as I just love to cruise when it comes to taking my holidays throughout the year. I tend to do around three a year but I have never cruised with Princess before until now.

During the pandemic of 2020/2021 cruises have been hit badly and not been able to sail loosing lots of money sadly. However this summer 2021 the government let a select few cruise lines sail from Southampton but sailing to nowhere just out to sea, calling it a seacation. Even though there was not going to be any port stops I did not care as like many other cruise lovers we just wanted to be back out on the open sea and enjoy everything onboard as it has been too long. There is two particular well known cruise liners in which me and my husband we normally sail with but this time around we thought we would try out Princess. During this summer they sailed out with a few mini cruises which just sailed the high seas along the UK coast. Looking over the sailing choices we decided to enjoy two of their 3 night special themed seacation cruises.

There was three themed cruises to choose from Mind, Body & Soul, Culinary Stars and Comedy Cruise all of which consisted of well known celebrities from TV.

I and my husband we opted to do the Culinary Stars on board Sky Princess* plus the Comedy themed cruise on board Regal Princess and both were as equally as entertaining.

Princess cruises

Princess started out in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Since then Princess has grown and has become one of the premiere cruise lines in the world. In April 2003 Princess became a part of Carnival Corporation.

The Princess fleet presently consists of Caribbean Princess, Coral Princess, Crown Princess, Diamond Princess, Emerald Princess, Enchanted Princess, Grand Princess, Island Princess, Majestic Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Ruby Princess, Sapphire Princess and Sky Princess.

Princess has spent over 50 years sharing a world of exploration with their guests they look forward to continuing their journey. With new ships currently under construction with a new generation, dual-fuel LNG powered ships on order, Princess is the fastest growing premium cruise line in the industry.

Their fleet carries more than a million passengers each year to more worldwide destinations than any other major line. Apart from 2020/2021 when they were hit hard as they had to halt all services due to the pandemic.

Now up and sailing again with 3/4 mini UK seacations for now Princess are back giving passengers a great and safe experience and in a responsible and covid safe manner.

When they can start to sail abroad again Princess sails to a staggering 380 destinations, 7 continents for you to discover and explore.

Cruising is an easy, convenient way to travel. Just unpack once and experience the best of the regions you are visiting in one cruise vacation. There is nothing easier than simply waking up in the morning in the world’s most exciting and interesting cities. Plus cruising is unbeatable value as your cruise fare includes accommodation, dining, entertainment and an endless array of activities.

Princess are also the only cruise line to make your cruise very more personalized with their MedallionClass experience. It is a quarter-sized device instead of a plastic card which you wear that talks to other readers throughout the ship, helping get you in and out of your cabin, have food & drink delivered to you wherever you are, reserve restaurants, track friends on board and so much more. Simply create your vacation your way.

With refreshing sea air, sea days can be as relaxing or active as you wish. There is nothing like being on the open sea with that ocean breeze.

It is no wonder that Princess in the past has won many awards & accolades. As their ships are of high standards, always looking to provide great cruise experiences, stop off at great destinations, adapting their ships, and thinking about the environment.

Seacations onboard Princess cruises

Having always thought about sailing with Princess this year provided us the opportunity to experience a few of their shorter seacations. It is sad that the pandemic means that Princess can only sail out two of their amazing ships (Regal and Sky) from their fleet out of Southampton for 3/4 night trips only. Least though it gives us cruise fans a chance to get back out to sea. Unfortunately, though only those that are double vaccinated can sail and no children where allowed onboard presently which is quite sad for families.

I chose to do two of their themed cruises. First being their comedy themed cruise onboard Regal in August and secondly their celebrity chef themed cruise onboard Sky in September.

For the comedy themed cruise with Regal the guest comedians included:

  • Jenny Eclair which is a comedian and novelist, best known for her roles in Grumpy Old Women and Loose Women.
  • Tom Binns which is the star and creator of BBC1 comedy series Hospital People and regular guest on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.
  • Jeff Stevenson who is known for his appearance in Bugsy Malone and Only Fools and Horses and has provided stand-up comedy performances to audiences across the world for over three decades.

For the culinary chefs cruise with Sky the guest chefs included:

  • John Torode from Australia, Melbourne and started his cooking career at the age of 16, before moving to the UK and joining the Conran Group before going on to run his own successful restaurants Smiths of Smithfield & The Luxe. He is best known as the co-host and judge of MasterChef as well as his many tv appearances on programmes such as ITV’s This Morning, UKTV and more.
  • Michel Roux Jr. is from France and is a very respected chef. He is a master of classical French cooking with a modern twist. He is Chef Patron at one of the most famous restaurants in the UK Le Gavroche which has been awarded two Michelin-stars. He became a household name after becoming a judge on BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals and presenting on Saturday Kitchen.
  • Lottie Bedlow is a British baker who became famous and known after taking part in The Great British Bake Off on series 11.

Regal Princess – Comedy themed cruise

Arriving in Southampton cruise terminal after having not been down for over 2 years it was quite emotional and scary at the same time as I was happy being back for my cruise seacation but a little apprehensive and scared as of the new covid test we had to have done before boarding. Even though me and my husband are both double vaccinated with AstraZenca still in our minds it was that what if factor, what if we tested for covid then we would not be able to board. Anyway after waiting in our car in a queue we eventually drove into a tent where we had a cotton wool type stick poked up our nose before we could park up and sit and wait in the departure lounge. After around 15 minutes we finally had a text on our phone where we was told our tests were negative and so we could start to check in, get our cruise medallion and board the ship. It was a very intense 15 minutes that was for sure.

After checking in and getting our medallion it was time to board the ship and what a beauty she is, with her curves and pointy nose and glitzy lights within. She really is a classy ship fit for Royalty.

Upon boarding we were greeted by the staff who made us feel welcome and headed towards the Piazza area to get to the lifts to our room. The Piazza area is huge, so glitzy, brown, golden and has many tables and chairs to sit at with a piano within the centre and many shops and eateries around the circular area. Throughout the day this area became a place for those who love listening to the sounds of a piano being played and vocal entertainment also a place to grab a coffee or even an ice-cream.

  • Regal Princess M233 Mini Suite
  • Regal Princess M233 Mini Suite
  • Regal Princess M233 Mini Suite bathroom
  • Regal Princess M233 Mini Suite bathroom
  • Regal Princess M233 Mini Suite bath

For our cabin we had a Mini Suite which is one of the best cabins I have ever stayed in as it was spacious, marble worktops, had two televisions (yes two), a large couch, and even a bath not just a shower. The only slight criticism is that the room even though beautiful and large it was quite outdated looking as the décor is brown.

Plus in our cabin was a welcome gift of bubbly and canapes. Discover all about Princess cabins click here.

After depacking our suitcases it was then onto having some fun on board. There is plenty to do onboard the ship from dining in one of their many restaurants, swim, play sports, be pampered in the spa area, be a contestant in a gameshow, take a quiz, watch a show in the theatre and so much more.  

On the first day though we always like to take advantage of the pool, so we always plan ahead and pack a swim wear in our carry on case. So we were the only ones when we go onboard for quite a few hours that made the most of the pool and hot tubs.

There are four pools on board:

  • Wake Pool which can be found at the back of the ship which has a lovely overlook of the wake from the ship. However note that this area is the designated area for smokers.
  • Retreat Pool which is for adults only can be found on deck 16 along with the private Sanctuary area. Note the Sanctuary area costs extra to enter.
  • Two Family Pools. These are located central of the ship on deck 14. Within this area is the cinematic screen, fountain (turned on at certain intervals), several eateries, bars, and even an ice cream parlour where you can grab a free Mr Whippy style ice cream from or popcorn at night.

Plus within the main pool area there is a SeaWalk. It is a glass-floor walkway which is 60 feet long, cantilevered 128 feet above the waves and extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship. Are you brave enough?

For those who love to be pampered there is a spa and gym onboard. Where you can enjoy many services from a massage or a seaweed wrap. Within the gym there are plenty of exercise machines such as the rowing machines, treadmills, cycling, weights, and so much more. Also there are many classes such as Zumba which are held within a large room full of mirrors which can be booked. I never made use of the spa or gym but I must say there was plenty of options to enjoy within the spa, all at a cost of course and the gym area had a great view looking out towards the sea.

As for food options onboard there are plenty of restaurants and fast food outlets which provide a wide range of choices. In fact there are thirteen places to eat on board, or fourteen if you include your cabin/balcony, as you can have food delivered to your room. Even though there are a lot of places to choose to eat from some are not included in the price and classed as speciality restaurants.  

Here I have listed places to eat which don’t cost any extra.

The main dining room is a la carte style and the menu is different everyday. There is a good choice of food to choose from however I did notice compared to other cruise lines I have sailed before it had much lesser options to choose from than those other cruise lines in which I have sailed. The food though was always served by very polite waiters and lovely presentation. However the food sometimes was a little too citrussy in taste, quite Mediterranean style. Also I felt the dining area was a little small and odd in shape with some areas feeling a little like mini rooms and out of the restaurant.

Alfredos Pizza is great they cook and serve up some really great pizzas. It was like being in a pizzeria in Italy with the chefs tossing dough in the air, smells of pizza cooking, and the atmosphere of a pizzeria. The pizza is thin crust, golden and full of flavour, and the best thing about this restaurant is that it is free. The size of the restaurant is very spacious and bright.  

The Horizon Court offers an endless selection that changes throughout the day. There is an indulgent delightful array of worldwide cuisine, freshly baked breads and regional comfort foods, in a casual setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Literally they serve up everything from pastries, fruit, sandwiches, pasta, meat and seafood. Usually like any buffet you could grab and pile up your plate as high as you like but now everything is behind plastic and is served up by staff as for hygiene purposes which I personally think is better. The area is quite big with plenty of tables next to the window and different size tables to sit at.

The International Café is open 24 hours a day and can be found in the Piazza area. They serve small bites, from cakes, sandwiches to gourmet beverages such as coffee which is made from a custom blend of coffee beans, as well as tea and iced tea fusions. You can chill and enjoy your food or drink within the Piazza area.

Trident Café can be found at the poolside and is great for fast food. Grab a hot dog, hamburger, fries, pizza or even a chicken sandwich. In the evening it becomes a smokehouse-style barbecue, cooking up some southern delights such as jumbo chicken wings, Route 66 beef chili, Texas-style barbecue brisket, Kansas city sweet & smoky pork spare ribs, and North Carolina pulled pork.  I never went to the barbecue but I did grab some fast food whilst I was chilling at the pool during the day and I was pleasantly surprised. The pizza tasted exactly like the ones you get in Alfredo and the burger and chips a bit like the burgers you can get from a fast food outlet.

Plus not really classed as an eatery but thought was important to mention if you are a Platinum Plus member of Princess then you can enjoy the many canapes which are served up in the Vista Lounge between the hours of 5pm to 7pm. Also if you haven’t a drinks package during these times members can get a discount off drinks during that time as well within this lounge. Throughout those times as well there is entertainment provided by a piano player.

My favourite complimentary dining area though has to be Alfredos Pizza as the pizza was absolutely delicious. Fresh, thin crust, crisp and tasty.

Here I have listed the speciality restaurants onboard Regal which cost a little extra.

I never went to the Chefs Table Lumiere but I think it was closed and not open due to Covid regulations presently but usually you can enjoy a gourmet meal at the Chef’s Table where the executive chef would normally cook up a culinary journey for a group of paying guests. Plus beforehand you will be able to enjoy a behind-the-scenes galley tour with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Perfect for celebrating an anniversary or just making your cruise vacation even more special.

Sabatini’s is an Italian specialty restaurant which has been voted one of the Best Cruise Ship Specialty Restaurants at sea by USA TODAY. Within this restaurant you can enjoy Italian cuisine and wines. The restaurant is lovely, quite large and plenty of windows to sit at. The food was good and the portion sizes were great but just a little too citrussy for my liking.

The Crown Grill has been named among the Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses by USA TODAY. You can enjoy premium aged beef and fresh seafood items, within this specialty restaurant. The restaurant provides for a lovely intimate dining experience, quite a dark restaurant. I loved that there is an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare and cook. There is a great range of beef, chops and seafood to choose from. When we dined there we opted for fillet steak and it did not disappoint as it was was thick, tender and full of flavour.   

Gelato is just set off on the side of the Piazza. It is great for an ice cream but then I say that but I discovered that in fact Gelato is not ice cream. Even though it is creamy, it has less butter fat and fewer calories than normal ice cream. There is a great range of flavours to choose from such as hazelnut, tiramisu, pistachio and much more.

Vines Bar in which we did not go along to has also won an award for being one of the Best Wine Bars at Sea by USA TODAY. It is located on the corner of the Atrium. Within Vines you can enjoy a great collection of wines, fine Champagne and sparkling wines and regional offerings. With any of the wine you will also be able to enjoy complimentary gourmet delicacies, such as antipasti and tapas with any wine purchase.

Ocean Terrace is another place we never ate but it is basically a seafood bar for sushi lovers.  It is an open seafood bar and overlooks the Piazza. For a cost you can enjoy sushi and sashimi along with chilled sake, cocktails, and wine by the glass.

For me personally from all the speciality eateries in which I went along to I did really enjoy the delights of Gelato but I have a sweet tooth.

As for bars there are many to choose from:

  • Vines
  • Good Spirits
  • Bellini’s Bar
  • Wheelhouse Bar
  • Crooners
  • Casino Bar
  • Seaview Bar
  • Mermaids Tail Bar
  • Outrigger Bar
  • Retreat Bar
  • Club 6

I personally loved the Martini in the Crooners bar in where there was a range of different martinis to choose such as Baileys Martini, Chocolate Martini and the Raspberry Martini. It is certainly one of the favourite bar areas as it was packed practically all day.

As for evening entertainment there is plenty to do onboard from sports, quizzes, gameshows participation and the theatre.

As for sports we never played any onboard but the court to play ball sports is a great size, like a regular size court. There was also an area for mini golf, basically a green with some holes in it. There was also table tennis table available. However there is no pool/snooker tables onboard which was a little disappointing. 

As for entertainment during the day the entertainment staff and cruise director Andi hosted a great range of quizzes and gameshows to participate in which was really fun. We participated in many from gameshows such as Yes No gameshow, which I won, and was given a bottle of champagne, Yes! The games all were so fun and especially the entertainment staff. Seriously the cruise director has to be one of the best Cruise Directors ever, so friendly, entertaining and amusing.  

Within the theatre Princess usually show a variety of their West End style shows but as this was a comedy themed cruise we got comedy shows instead by Jenny Éclair, Tom Binns and Jeff Stevenson. All of the comedians were super with their witty jokes. Jenny Éclair bought to the stage her naughty quips designed more for us females. Jeff Stevenson gave us laughs a plenty with his comical jokes, mainly aimed at what we did during lockdown and Tim Binns bought to the stage his two eccentric characters of a Physic Medium and Hospital Radio DJ.

Plus during the day there was also a special talk by guest Judge Rob Rinder in which he talked about his career and it was very interesting.

We even got to meet a few of the celebrities.

As for those who like to stay up that little later and have a cheeky flutter be it at Black Jack, Roulette or playing on the fruit machines there is a great size casino onboard.

Plus throughout the cruise make sure to make the most of photo opportunities from the many pop up photography spots in which you can have professional photos taken of yourself in your finery.

All in all the cruise was really enjoyable despite having to wear masks practically everywhere when inside due to being covid safe. To me though it did not make sense when we have all been vaccinated and tested before boarding but as I was desperate to cruise again I put up with it.

Sky Princess onboard for Culinary Chefs themed cruise

In September we were kindly gifted the opportunity to board Sky Princess for the celebrity chef themed cruise this time on a press basis. As I am a huge fan of celebrity chefs I just had to do it and so once again I boarded Sky Princess for my second sailing with them.

room2 Southampton

Before boarding Sky Princess though this time around we decided to spend a night prior to our cruise in Southampton. We were kindly gifted a press related stay courtesy of room2 to show us that staying in an apartment style hotel as they call hometel’s are far better than staying in a hotel. Their 4 star hometels from the reception to the room is modern, bright and luxurious.  The stay is different to hotels as their rooms are like a studio apartment room. It has a mini kitchen, dining area, lounge space, bed and bathroom. What I loved about their accommodation is that there you can stay in, cook and eat as the kitchen has it all practically from the cutlery, plates to even a dishwasher or if your feeling lazy order in a takeaway. I ordered Mikes Fish & Chips which was amazing, the fish was huge and crisp and a very large portion of chips, plus it was too expensive, well much cheaper than London by half in fact. Click here to read my full blog on Room2 in which has now become one of my favourite places to stay within Southampton. I certainly will be returning when I next am down in Southampton.  

If you are more into hotels though then I highly recommend staying at Pig in the Wall as they are a 4 star boutique hotel which is situated conveniently near Southampton High Street. I have stayed with them a number of times as the staff are very welcoming, rooms luxurious and the beds are extremely comfy.

After a lovely nights sleep within room2 it was time to board from Southampton. Just like last month the procedures of having a test beforehand was still in place but this time the whole process of getting through the tent and having the test was a lot quicker. I think it was because last time there was five different cruise lines in and this time only two.

After checking in and getting our medallion it was time to board the ship and just like her sister shop Sky also was very beautiful with her curves, pointy nose and very glitzy interior.

Sky had only been sailing for a few months when she came out back in her inagrual year 2020 before she was locked down due to covid putting a halt on cruising and pretty much everything else in the world. So she is still practically new.

Upon boarding Sky we were warmly greeted with welcome back banners everywhere. Like Regal there is a Piazza area and pretty much the same apart from the colours and a few different arty elements of hot air balloons. Again there are plenty of places to sit with a piano in the centre and many shops and eateries dotted around the area. Plus throughout the day this area became then main hub for those who wanted to listen to the sounds of a piano or vocals by singers throughout the day and a place to sit back and have a slice of cake or sip on a cocktail or coffee.

  • Sky Princess Mini Suite bed
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess me in Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite wardrobe space
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite balcony
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite balcony
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess in Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess me in Mini Suite
  • Sky Princess Mini Suite Jason

Again we had a Mini Suite (113) which was gorgeous. It was the same size as the one we enjoyed onboard Regal but was much brighter in colour as the browns are replaced by light pastel colours. Plus the balcony was a lot bigger as the it extended out and was like a triangle so plenty of room for not just one table and two chairs but two tables and chairs would easily fit. That is how big it is.

After unpacking our suitcases it was then onto having some fun in the main family pool area. As on the first day we always like to take advantage of the pool whilst quite or in this case empty. We always plan ahead and pack our swimwear in our carry on case. For quite a few hours we made the most of the quite pool and hot tubs whilst everyone waited for their luggage to be delivered.

Sky Princess pool area DJ

Even by the time it came to sail away we were the only ones still in the pool in which we danced in the pool to the sounds of the DJ and copied dance moves by the Cruise Director and entertainment staff. We became their synchronised swimmers and was known for the rest of our stay onboard Sky the synchronised swimmers. Amusing.

Just like Regal there is the Retreat pool at the back and the family pool.

The main difference from the main pool onboard Sky does not have the fountain area for the fountain show. Instead replaced with two circular booth style seating in between each of the two family pools. Also the pools seemed warmer than Regals.

As for the SeaWalk still pretty much similar but it was not separated with a wall so it did not feel like a corridor. Still though it extends out over the sea.

The pool at the back is more like an infinity pool overlooking the wake. Plus this is the bar area for smokers.

The retreat area though was totally different as the hot tubs and cabanas were not on the same level as the adult pool but on the deck above. Plus the pool was very shallow in fact when I stood in it, it came up to my waist so it was very disappointing. Even though I usually like to chill in the retreat area for quietness as of the depth of the pool and the whirlpools being on a different level I was put off in spending my time within this area.

Plus the adult Sanctuary area was different as the one on Sky as it has a whirlpool within the Sanctuary area so that was great to see.

  • Sky Princess Lotus Spa & Enclave deck 5
  • Sky Princess Lotus Spa deck 5
  • Sky Princess spa Enclave
  • Sky Princess spa
  • Sky Princess gym

If you love spending time in the spa or gym more or less it was very similar to Regals layout. However Sky Princess has the biggest inside Enclave.

Sky Princess cruise Bistro Sur La Mer deck 7

With the restaurants there are plenty to choose from and many fast food outlets providing a good choice. However Sky had one extra restaurant more than Regal being the French restaurant Bistro Sur La Mer which replaced the Crooners Bar. Which was very sad as I loved that bar as I love martinis.

However the French restaurant did not disappoint as the restaurant was lovely very bright with plenty of light pouring in from the surrounding windows. There was a great choice to choose from the menu even snails (escargots) for those who are brave enough. Even though I loved the food I was served I was slightly disappointed that my duck did not come as a complete breast but was sliced into thin slices.

As for the other complimentary and signature restaurants onboard there is not that much difference from those on Regal. I suppose the only real difference is that they felt slightly more modern and brighter due to the colour scheme used.

Sky Princess cruise director and me

When it came to entertainment onboard even though the entertainment provided by the Cruise Director Paul and the entertainment crew there did not seem to be as much entertainment to do onboard and most of the games seemed to be read by games which have been purchased from a shop. So none of the games were that unique. The only one which was the same as the one played on Regal was the Yes No gameshow which I won again, I beat the clock this time so another bottle of champagne came home with me. However even though there was not as many quizzes and gameshows I still enjoyed all the games put on by the entertainment staff. Plus they also had Games Under the Stars which provided some fun whilst chilling at the pool all which everyone can play and compete using the medallion app or you can borrow one of the staffs tablets.

Again as for sports such as football we never played any onboard but there is a big enough court to play ball sports, mini golf areas and table tennis. Still no pool/snooker table.

Sky Princess Theatre Rock Opera deck 6

This time around we got to see some of Princesses productions which are played within their theatre. We went along and watched Rock Opera which was outstanding from the stunning costumes and the vocals by the singers. The only thing I would say is they are the oldest entertainers I have ever seen perform onboard a cruise.

Plus one evening we got to see Phillip Browne perform who was originally a bus driver but he was lucky enough one day to go along and audition for Lion King production in London and got the job and since then he has become widely known for his performances within London’s West End where he remains. We also got to see comedian Rikki Jay. Even though I haven’t a clue who he was his jokes were really funny and kept me laughing throughout especially when he started to pick on my husband Jason.

  • Sky Princess Culinary Themed Cruise with Michel Roux on stage theatre deck 6
  • Sky Princess Culinary themed Cruise John Torodes speaking theatre deck 6

As for the chefs they had their moment on stage during the day in which each had their own time and talked about their life in particular in how they became a chef. Each were questioned by comedian Tiff Stevenson. Each chef had their own 45 minute show. I went along to John Torodes and Michel Roux Jr. and discovered a lot about them and new cooking tips.

During John Torodes talk there was many clips of his many disasters his experienced whilst performing live TV such as the helicopter instance from how he controlled his cool and carried on cooking I don’t know.

During Michel Roux Jr. talk I learnt that much about him. Plus I never knew that his daughter has now herself become a chef and got her own restaurant within London and hoping to one day get a Michelin Star like her father.

Even met the chefs.

Plus on the last day on board all three of them got together on stage and a quick fire type round was thrown to each of them which was amusing like I learnt a lot about potatoes that round and how to boil things properly, who knew that you should only put vegetables in boiling water in grown above ground and for vegetables grown underground place in cold water then set to boil. 

As for those who like to stay up that little later and have a bit of a flutter there is a casino onboard. Sky Princess casino is very similar to the one onboard Regal.

Just like Regal throughout the cruise there are many opportunities to have your photo taken by a professional photographer be it for a professional shoot whilst your in your finery, or whilst chilling in the whirlpool or at the pool being naughty and having a cheeky burger like Jason. All photos taken can be purchased at the photographers section onboard be it as a printed photograph, or something that little more amusing like on a mug, mousemat or even a keyring, there are plenty of choices.

Here are some shots the photographer took of us.

All in all this cruise was really fun despite that the mask wearing was still in place and that there did not seem to be as much unique entertainment provided by the entertainment team.

Here is a quick video overview of our time onboard Sky as we are cruise ship crazy.

Princess stands out from other cruises because……

What has made Regal and Sky stand out personally to me from other cruise lines is their Medallion service.

Sky Princess pool area Medallion

Literally via the Medallion app you can practically do everything, no need to go to the guest services with questions as there is a chat for that, no need to stand at bars order from your app and they will bring to you, no need to ring up a restaurant to make a reservation, and it is even like a satnav as you can locate your partner or anyone else for that matter you have friended to see where they are onboard. Plus it does so much more.

How do the two ships compare? 

Both ships are luxurious from the cabins to the great entertainment provided on board.

However the differences in which I noticed with these two Royal Class ships are as follows:

  • Mini suite – Sky wins – why? as the cabin was a lot bigger and brighter. However the reason I think it was bigger was because it was one of the central protruding cabins.
  • The Retreat pool – Regal wins – why? as the pool was deeper not knee high like Sky. Plus the hot tubs was on the same level, where as on Sky they are on a deck above.
  • Crooners or French restaurant Bistro Sur La Mer – Regal wins – why? the Crooners Bar is on Regal and the French Restaurant replaces the bar on Sky. For me personally I prefer the Crooners Bar over having the French restaurant as I love Martinis.
  • Skywalk – Regal wins – why? as it seems more private, not open.
  • Live Lounge – Regal wins – why? even though I love the Sky one as it is bright and spacious with tables and chairs I just preferred Regals Live Lounge as felt more like a mini theatre and an enclosed room. This made it feel like I was actually participating in a real gameshow within a TV studio.  
  • Sanctuary – Sky wins – why? even though I never used this area on board Sky there is a hot tub in the area but Regal does not.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In total I have now cruised on 21 cruise lines and with only sailing on Princess two times during these special seacation sailings their fleets did not disappoint at all. 

I LOVED both the ships very much but for me personally though I think out of the two my favourite ship is their older ship the Regal Princess. Why? as for me personally I preferred the pool and retreat area onboard Regal as this is where I love to spend most of my time, plus the Live Lounge which on is an enclosed room and looks more like a theatre, making me feel more like a star when I participated in any of the gameshows.

All in all though both Princess Cruises provided so much fun and I will certainly looking at booking another Princess cruise in the near future.

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Thank you to Princess for all the fun I had onboard both ships. All views are of my own honest opinion.

*AD – I was given a press discount for Sky Princess in exchange that I write a blog and post out on social media.   

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