Mrs Riot every Saturday enjoy a riotous party full of cupcakes, bottomless drinks and Drag Queens

We all love a brunch but have you ever had a brunch which consists of cupcakes, bottomless drinks and entertainment provided by Drag Queens? No, then head on down to Mrs Riot for a riotous party like no other.

What is a drag queen though you might ask? well a drag queen is usually a cisgender male, who uses drag/female clothing and makeup to imitate an exaggerated version of a female gender. The reason I believe we all love to be entertained by drag queens is the mystery which surrounds drag queens. Making us wonder what kind of queen are they, and what sort of person are they like underneath all that glitz and glamour?

At Mrs Riot in London’s Covent Garden held every Saturday a brunch like no other which Queen Margo and her friends hold a riotous bottomless brunch giving a performance of her life whist all diners munch down on cupcakes, sip on endless drinks as well as getting involved from dance offs to lip-synching battles.

Mrs Riot invited me and other members of Love Pop Ups London down for a riotous time.

Mrs Riot

It’s 2021 and Mrs Riot is open. Inspired by the 1700s iconic feminist, Kitty Clive and her most famous character Mrs Riot, is a place for cocktails, cabaret and so much more as you transport yourself to a different era of entertainment.

Mrs Riot was one of the first sirens, rebels and role models to change the course of history back in the 1700s. She was a Georgian celeb, a Regency VIP, vivacious, vulgar and lucrative icon of theatreland. Onstage, she tickled her audiences with her slick satire, while off-stage she more than tickled those lucky enough to be invited into her inner circle.

After almost 300 years, she has returned to the same streets where she was discovered, when singing while cleaning the steps of an actors’ tavern in the heart of Covent Garden. She went on to make these pavements her playground, and now you’re invited to her party…

Mrs Riot in Covent Garden is London’s most unique bar and are the first and only place to experience a Drag Queen Cupcake Bottomless Brunch! For 90 minutes expect the finest drag queens, along with singalongs, lip syncs, runway walks, and all kinds of other interactive craziness. Unlimited drinks mean that the juices keep flowing from pink bellinis, high-class rosehip cocktails and summery Aperol spritzes along with vegan cupcakes.

Riotous time at Mrs Riot

Mrs Riot me and the ladies
Me Joanne (lovepopupslondon), Lucy (locatinglucy), Hannah (londonfoodstagirl), Zoe (zozogram_eats)

Upon meeting this bunch of community members of Love Pop Ups London us ladies ladies immediately knew we was going to be in for a blast.

As soon as we walked through the doors of Mrs Riot we was hit immediately by the sweet smell of cupcakes and our eyes were treated to a wonder of cupcake heaven.

Mrs Riot cupcake table
Cupcake heaven at Mrs Riot

We were led to our table which was near the back of the room where there awaiting us was a table full of cupcakes. Each of our place sittings there were two cupcakes each with each being varied from red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate cupcakes.

My cupcakes consisted of a red velvet cupcake plus a vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream. Each tasted equally as delicious from the soft, spongy texture of the cake through to the flavoursome creamy buttercream which topped the cute cupcakes.

Mrs Riot drink St Germain
Endless supply of cocktails

Throughout the 90 minute brunch experience we got topped up with drinks which were free-flowing of UNLIMITED COCKTAILS, yes that’s right. We enjoyed pink Bellini’s, high-class rosehip cocktails and St Germain Spritz. All the drinks smelt and tasted great however it was a little week on the alcohol side. Lucky that they are endless as I think you need quite a lot to getting a little tipsy on them.

Throughout the morning/afternoon (depending what slot you attend) there was entertainment provided by Mrs Riot top drag queen host Margo Marshall and her friends.

Margo Marshall is very well known across the world . Back in 2017 Margog performed for Lipsync 1000, where she owed the judges, audience and Jonny Woo with her incredible dance skills. Since then she has smashed it across London, Europe and New York. Margo has been part of Melanie C 2019 Pride Tour, BAFTAs, MTV Music Video Awards, Latitude Festival, Sink the Pink Street Party with Nadine Coyle, Mighty Hoopla, Brooklyn’s BUSHWIG Festival and headlined The Unroyal Variety at Hackney Empire.​ In addition to performing credits, Margo has worked in many tv and music shows including Melanie C’s High Heels and Colour & Light Live, Robyn’s Honey Music Video, Route 94’s Sad Songs, the Graham Norton Show and Good Morning Britain.

Now you can see Margo perform right in front of your eyes whilst you get loaded up with cupcakes and drink at Mrs Riot every Saturday.

  • Mrs Riot Margo
  • Mrs Riot Margo

Check out Margo, she just knows how sexy she is.

Mrs Riot drag queens
Margo, Cazelon and Jezabelle

Margo and her friends Cazelon and Jezabelle throughout our experience kept us entertained with their moves as well as games, flintiness, explosive moves, singing, lipsyncs battles, and dance.

Mrs Riot Margo me and the others
Me, Margo, Cazelon and Jezabelle

I just had to pose with them.

Mrs Riot truly did give us all a riotous great time. Highly recommend.

So get on down to Mrs Riot any Saturday and enjoy a Drag Queen Bottomless Brunch. Where you will experience a riotous 90 minutes with Margo Marshall and her two special friends whilst you tuck into cupcakes and drink an endless supply of cocktails.

Bottomless Drag Brunch every Saturday costs £49.50
(includes 2 cupcakes, bottomless drinks and entertainment by Mrs Riot Drag Queens)

90 minutes of eating, drinking and partying!

Watch a sneak peek of our night at Mrs Riot.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Mrs Riot Margo
The sexy Margo Marshall

Mrs Riot truly is the best way to start of the weekend with riotous entertainment provided by Margo Marshall and her special friends along with endless supply of cocktails and yummy cupcakes, what’s not to love.

The whole 90 minute experience was like having an early party within the middle of the day with drinks flowing, delicious cupcakes to munch on and riotous entertainment by the drag queens keeping us all entertained.

The only slight niggle I have about the brunch at Mrs Riot is that I feel only being served two cupcakes each is a little harsh plus the drinks seemed to be a little weak in the contents of the alcohol. However cupcakes are absolutely delicious, hence why I want more plus the drinks even though not strong the flavours were good, as I could not strop drinking them.

All in all if you are looking for a riotous brunch full of entertainment, great food and drink then I highly recommend getting yourself down to Mrs Riot.

Mrs Riot and my ladies
Zoe, Me, Lucy and Hannah

We loved it.

However if you are not one for cupcakes then check out Mrs Riot other events which are held during the week from lunch, dinner, cocktails and even a spritz hour. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious platters such as charcuterie to chickpea hummus dips perfect for dipping. Plus enjoy a variety of entertainment by theatrical West End star performers through to Jazz nights.

Mrs Riot book now

Mrs Riot
10 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3004 4139

Book from either:
Live Music and Events
Musical Mondays
Bottomless Drag Brunch ever Saturday

Click here to check out the menu options at Mrs Riot.

Plus if you are looking for a venue for your next big party celebration or corporate fun event you can book out Mrs Riot for private hire.

Read more about Mrs Riot by those community members of Love Pop Ups London who joined me on the day. Click on the link below.

Thank you to Mrs Riot for the invite. We all had such a riotous good time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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