MayfairSilk improves your sleep quality, hair texture and skin

Sleep is an essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge as when we sleep our body heads into an anabolic state which helps restore our immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems which helps with our mood, memory and cognitive function. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy plus without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly.

Apart from sleep helping with your inner body functions and frame of mind have you ever wondered how you can also help improve your hair and skin whilst sleeping? MayfairSilk can help with that.

MayfairSilk can provide a good nights sleep as their bedding from duvet covers to pillowcases are all made from silk which is believed to be the best material to lay your head on. Why? well it is temperature regulating, antimicrobial and anti-allergic resulting in a great nights sleep and helps improve your skin and hair.

I was kindly given a pillowcase and sleep mask thanks to MayfairSilk to test and review and the results really did surprise me.


MayfairSilk was set up back in 2011 by Marcus and Darshana Ubl creating and producing quality bedding to help enhance the way we live and sleep.

Established in London, MayfairSilk is passionate about silk and uses the highest quality fabric with a modern European design on the market. Their products are all made within London and weaved in such a way it creates a unique soft-touch matt finish which stands above the rest. Their bedding options have great health benefits and gifts comfort.

Darshana says

“Having slept in silk for years and experiencing first-hand the positive difference it has made to my hair, skin and sleep, I decided one night that I wanted to let the world in on my secret. I shared this with Marcus and from that moment on we started our journey into textiles. Sourcing and developing the finest fabrics and finishing processes, colour palette, hand finished silk designs and a timeless bed linen collection with unexpected details that please the senses.”

They use silk as silk is healthier in many ways helping with your skin and hair. Silk has natural thermal properties which makes it ideal for bedding as it keeps you in your optimum sleeping temperature. Cools you down when you’re hot and keeps you warm when its cold.

The silk they use are bio-degradable, sustainable and is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified meaning it’s free from all toxic chemicals and dyes. Their fabric uses the finest grade 6A long fibre Mulberry Silk. It is then moved to the loom where it is weaved using a combination of time honoured tradition and modern technology before a special finishing process. This imbues the fabric with MayfairSilk trademark qualities of an incredibly smooth hand-feel, thickness, durability, rich lustre and a refined matt finish.

Heavenly sleep

I struggle to sleep for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons is that I never can get comfy as my head gets hot at night. Thanks to MayfairSilk pillowcase and face mask my sleep has improved dramatically and here I will explain why.

Thanks to MayfairSilk their silk products from pillows to bed coverings can do just that, as silk has natural thermal properties which helps in a number of ways from:

  • maintains skin hydration
  • glossier and shinier hair 
  • temperature regulating
  • hypoallergenic non-irritating

All of MayfairSilk pillowcases are handmade using the finest momme silk. They have a number of different patterns to choose from, such as animals, birds, floral and even plain pillowcases.

Scrolling through I chose the Jungle Pure Silk Pillowcase and sleep mask which is striking in it’s style and colour. It has a composition of wild animals (elephants, lions, jaguar and parrots) and foliage.


Upon receiving the pillowcase I was highly surprised by the packaging which came beautifully packaged in a lovely cardboard display box. Taking the pillowcase out it felt extremely smooth and soft.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help improve your sleep quality and health, and here is why

  • help maintain your skin hydration
  • improve your hair lustre and reduce tangles, frizz and breakage
  • temperature regulating
  • hypoallergenic

After sleeping a few nights using the MayfairSilk pillowcase I can definitely say that it has improved my quality of silk as it kept my head warm, so less flipping the pillow over and my skin and hair feels and looks better. Plus as an asthma sufferer I felt I could also breathe easier using the silk pillowcase.

Sleep Mask

The sleep mask arrived in a lovely presentation box showing the stunning jungle design clearly.

Upon taking out the MayfairSilk sleep masks I was impressed from the look, thickness, size and feel. Plus the face mask comes with velvet Velcro straps helping adjust the fit for your head easier and helps block out the light, without any cracks.

MayfairSilk sleep masks helps repel moisture and helps prevent any airborne virus that are potentially floating around. Plus the silk material helps keep your face cool. Perfect for an impromptu nap.

This face mask is one of the best I have ever used thanks to the cooling feeling it provided plus the easy adjustable straps.

Caring for your MayfairSilk products

When it comes to washing silk you have to be a little careful. Never use bleach, whiteners or fabric softener. Use a delicate pH neutral liquid detergent and turn inside out and machine wash in tepid water (< 30ºC / 86ºF) on a delicate cycle or even hand wash in tepid water, keep it moving don’t leave to soak.

After do not wring or tumble dry. To dry, reshape and place pillowcase flat between two cotton towels and press gently. Excess water will transfer into the towels. Reshape and hang or line dry in the shade.

To get rid of creases use a using silk attachment or iron on a very low heat inside out whilst still slightly damp to relax creases.

Why ditch your average cotton bedding for silk bedding products?

Did you know that cotton absorbs 27 times its weight in water, so when it comes to bedding it absorbs the moisture out of your skin and hair causing it to lose lustre and hydration. Silk on the other hand, has a similar pH level to your skin and absorbs very little (0.3 times), maintaining your skin and hair health and hydration.

Here I have listed why silk is better than cotton:

  • silk helps maintain skin hydration and glossier hair
  • silk can help reduce signs of aging
  • silk is thermal regulating great for all seasons
  • silk is great for allergy or asthma sufferers as hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • silk resists against mould, mildew and other breathing ailment triggers unlike cotton
  • silk provides a smoother texture against the body

So if you like that extra bit of luxury and comfort then opt for silk. The main big difference between silk and cotton is the level of hypoallergenic capabilities.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having only slept using cotton pillowcases after sleeping using silk I don’t think I can ever sleep on cotton again. As the silk pillowcase really did result in a better nights sleep. I have seen an improvement to my hair and skin. As a sufferer of acne I have really noticed a different to my skin. The thing that I love though about sleeping on silk is the cool effect which keeps my head cool, so I did not need to keep flipping my pillow throughout the night.

The face mask also helped thanks to the size, easy adjustable straps and the cooling affect it provided against my skin. The only thing I would say though is that the nose bridge of the mask is slightly too large for my face/nose. Apart from that a very luxurious and comfy face mask.

Even though silk is a lot more pricier than cotton it really is worth investing in silk bedding as your sleep will be improved vastly.

So if you are looking for a great nights sleep then I highly recommend scrolling through MayfairSilk website at their silk bedding items which truly will help improve your sleep as well as your hair and skin. Plus great if you suffer with asthma or allergies as their products are all hypoallergenic.

MayfairSilk buy yours now

MayfairSilk Ltd
Lansdowne House
57 Berkeley Square

Telephone UK 0203 885 2223
International +44 203 885 2223


Elevate your sleep with MayfairSilk exclusive range of silk bedding and lifestyle accessories all of which are carefully handcrafted using the finest Mulberry Silk in their bespoke weave and finish.

All their products have a 30-day sleep guarantee.

Thanks to MayfairSilk for the luxurious pillowcase and face mask which really did result in a great nights sleep. All views are my own honest opinion.  

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