The Chocolate Cocktail Club will you lick the rim?

If like me you love chocolate and cocktails then you’ll love The Chocolate Cocktail Club which you can enjoy around 20 different Chocolate Cocktails from mint to salted caramel.

Cacao has been consumed since the 11th century. Cacao back in the day though was not used for chocolate but within drinks and even as currency by the Aztecs. In 1666 French started to produce a chocolate liqueur. It was not till later on that cacao beans were used to make chocolate. In New England prior to the 18th century chocolate wine became popular. Its ingredients included sherry, port, chocolate and sugar. It was not till 1847 in which the world saw the first chocolate bar which was produced in the UK by J. S. Fry & Sons of Bristol. Today chocolate is consumed in a number of ways.

Chocolate and cocktails to me is happiness in a glass. Did you know though that chocolate in fact actually can make you happy as endorphins are released when you eat it. Why? as the amino acids which are in chocolate produce serotonin in your brain which is responsible for producing the feeling of happiness.

So if you are craving chocolate and a drink of happiness then head on down to The Chocolate Cocktail Club in where you can taste a range of different chocolate cocktails.

I was invited to experience The Chocolate Cocktail Club new permanent venue within Farringdon. Last time I visited them they were had a pop up situated within the Good & Proper Tea café on select days.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is run by two young ladies who just love all things chocolate, after exploring different chocolate cocktails from around the world, they decided to set up their own bar in the UK but with drinks all focusing on chocolate.

After hosting sold out pop ups across Covent Garden, Brighton and Shoreditch now they have a permanent venue within Farringdon where you can chill, grab a light bite, cakes and sip on chocolate cocktails. Plus for those who don’t like chocolate they also sell other drink such as beer, wine, and prosecco.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club has also featured on televisions ITV2 and Channel 5. 

Book your spot now and enjoy 90 minutes within The Chocolate Cocktail Club amongst other lovers of chocolate and drinks. You can even book out the entire venue for a private event be it for a celebration or corporate event you will be guaranteed a good time.

Chocolate drink happiness

​The Chocolate Club is a perfect place to head to after work for that naughty drink, as after all their cocktails are designed for those who love chocolate and that cheeky tipple. All their chocolate cocktails are rich in flavour, mouth watering and creamy.

It is recommended to book a slot at The Chocolate Club as the venue is small. Each time slot will guarantee you a reserved table for 1 hour & 30 minutes plus a free drink.

Stepping through the doors I was immediately hit by large neon sign. It really is the centre point of the whole place, apart from the drinks of course. The venue is small but quaint with gold and brown decor. Tables lined up the side leading towards the cocktail bar at the very back of the venue.

Upon sitting down at the table next to the window I gazed my eyes across the menu and they lit up with the number of different choices on offer.

Me and my Salted Caramel Espresso

As I love salted caramel I decided to start with the Salted Caramel Espresso which consisted of Kahkua, chocolate vodka liqueur, coffee and salted caramel syrup. It was rich, sweet, creamy and had that great salted caramel hit.

It was then onto trying their Absolutely Fabulous Darling cocktail which consisted of Baileys, chocolate vodka liqueur, Kahlua, chocolate soya milk. It was such an indulgent drink, ever so creamy and very chocolatey.

My husband Jason had the Chocolate Espresso Martini which consisted of chocolate vodka liqueur, Kahlua, chocolate syrup and coffee. Was a chocolate delight according to him.

For his second cheeky tipple he ordered a A Caribbean Kiss which consisted of white rum, white crème de cacao, white chocolate syrup, cream and pineapple juice. He says it was a little similar to a Pina Colada but with that hint of white chocolate taste. Simply creamy and fruity.

Absolutely Fabulous Darkling and a Caribbean Kiss

All the cocktails were rich, indulgent and delicious and certainly left us feeling happy resulting in a smile on our face.

During our time at The Chocolate Club we also enjoyed a few of their sweet treats of the Chocolate Fudge Cake and Chocolate Melts.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

The Chocolate Fudge Cake was fresh, creamy and loaded with sweet flavour of fudge and chocolate. It was so moist and moorish. I will certainly be returning for that cake again.

Chocolate Espresso Martini & Salted Caramel Espresso and Chocolate Melts

The Chocolate Melts were also very delicious and oozed with chocolate. However it was not very big but then again it was rich in flavour so perhaps it is the perfect size after all.

Which cocktail takes your fancy?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Chocolate Club is the ideal place to head to chill and for that ultimate chocolate hit. You will certainly come out happy after enjoying a tipple or two at theirs. Plus their cakes are heavenly so moorish and rich in flavour. Next time I visit I will try some of their light snacks such as pizza.

What though makes this bar even more fab though is the two young ladies who own The Chocolate Club as they are ever so welcoming making the experience that extra special.

So if you are looking for a chilled, relaxed place for that cheeky chocolate tipple or two and maybe even that naughty slice of cake then I highly recommend heading down to Farringdon for The Chocolate Club.

Perfect place for a date night, friends night out, celebration or even a work catch up with work colleagues.

The Chocolate Club book now

The Chocolate Club
72 St John Street


Opening times:
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday: 1:00-18:00
Wednesday: 1:00-21:00
Thursday: 1:00-22:30 
Friday: 1:00-22:30 
Saturday: 1:00-22:30 
Sunday: Closed 

Bookings advised this is due to having a limited capacity venue.

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