Mulan Rouge at The Vaults get your drag on

The Vaults are back up and running after being shutdown for a while during the pandemic starting off season their with a great new production show Mulan Rouge.

Mulan Rouge is basically a mash-up of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge and Disney’s Mulan. The story is about war, love and LGBT but mostly the show is full of cabaret, dancing and singing to hits from the 80’s & 90’s.

Simply Mulan Rouge is a gender-deconstructive show packed full of puns, all whilst you tuck into a feast fit for any Queen (or King).

The Vaults never disappoints. Other immersive dining shows in which I have attended within The Vaults in the past include Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders, An Evening of Meat, Cinders, Dantes Peak Dinner is Coming, Divine Properties and Red Palace all of which were packed with thrills, laughs and a delicious feast.

I was kindly invited down on a press basis to review their latest show Mulan Rouge where I dined and enjoyed a show full of glitz and glamour.

The Vaults

The Vaults are set in a maze of disused railway arches under Waterloo bringing immersive theatre and alternative arts. Their mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others.

They strive to continue to support and co-produce innovative immersive theatre, fusing together art and championing unsung voices, especially those of the LGBTQ+ community. They want to make immersive experiences fun for everyone and focuses on big and current ideas told in outlandish, accessible and in the most unique way.

Their latest production show presently is Mulan Rouge which is on till 23 January 2022. This production show by ShayShay is a take on Disney’s Mulan and the movie Moulin Rouge but with a focus on gender, as gender after all is just a social construct. The show is packed full of drag, glitter and naughtiness.

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Mulan Rouge get your drag on

Across the lands, a terrifying whisper is taking hold: The Huns are preparing to attack! Mulan disguises themself as a man to join the war effort, but when their regiment commandeers the glittering Mulan Rouge, they find themself surrounded by glitz, glamour and go-go girls. Come what may, Mulan’s identity must be kept secret to defeat The Huns and defend the honour of the Mulan Rouge. However when Mulan meets Ginger a young lady worth fighting for, will the whole plan go up in smoke?

Gender is a social construct

The Vaults are set within Leake Street which is a tunnel engulfed with graffiti which is founded by Banksy where you can view ever-changing work by graffiti artists.

Heading through the doors of The Vaults and under an arch stating ‘Get Your Drag On’ I knew I was in for 3 hour long treat of glitz, glamour, drag and fun.

Waiting in the bar area sipping a cocktail or two. There was a range of drinks to choose from such as wine, beer and cocktails. All the cocktails were delicious and there was something for everyone be it if you love gin based cocktails, rum, vodka etc.

Eventually on the mini stage set within the bar area we were greeted by Mulan who tells us a little about themself before heading off to war.

It was then time for us all to head into the dining and theatrical area. We were all called in within our party groups. Heading on through the door there was long tables, tables for couples and three stage areas. Luckily I and my husband we were sat at one of the couple tables next to the central stage area. The long tables sat a vast amount of couples and groups. Even though I usually enjoy sharing and speaking with other diners I myself am just not that comfortable as yet to be sitting right next to a stranger. You can’t choose your table as it is the luck of the draw but I think it would be a great idea if you can pre-select your seating spots like you can when you book for a theatre show and as for the tables designed for couples I think they could charge a little extra as to me these are set in the prime spot for the whole show and also quite special, I felt like a VIP. Plus there was another large bar area set at the back of the room to order further drinks.

Upon the table to start with there was baked Camembert, bread and vegetable sticks along with a plum eau de vivre ginger chilli sauce for dipping into. The Camembert was a little stiff as it had been sitting there a while but never less always fun, dipping and eating.

Also I was served up a lettuce wrap which was garlic tofu, vegetables and coated with a sticky soy sauce. Even though crunchy and fresh I just felt it was a little bland.

It was then onto the next part of the show in where we see Mulan really getting involved with the regiment and meets Ginger within the Paris nightclub. This is where Mulan leads to an adventure of love. After much glitz, glamour, dance and stunning vocals by Ginger and others it was time for the main course.

The slow braised lamb shoulder in which we were served was absolutely delicious. It has been cooked within red wine with hints of star anise and spiced orange. Along with some petite poi’s a la Francaise, pickled red
cabbage, new potatoes and black garlic butter. The potatoes literally melted in the mouth and had a great tangy coating to them.

It was then time for the next half of the show in which we saw Mulan grow even fonder of Ginger plus the General of the regiment and this is where Mulan starts to realise and discover his/her own gender sexuality of being trans.

For the finale of the night we was served up a charred pineapple on crispy kadaidi pastry with coconut and miso salted caramel plus Chantilly cream. I love desserts but I must admit I was not keen on this dessert as I believe the pineapple was from a tin and the crispy kadaidi pastry to me did not work with the pineapple. I would have preferred a panna cotta or jelly instead.

The night ended with more top tunes, dancing and singing leaving us all on a high.

Sneak peek


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mulan Rouge the story is a ridiculously over the top cabaret show with it’s cast leaving us the audience in awe, stitches of laughter and joy in our hearts.

Apart from the show I also really enjoyed the menu provided by Flavourolgy the team behind Gingerline. As the lamb was superb so rich and tasty. The only thing I would say though is if you go along to Mulan Rouge and you are not going to be dining just be aware that during the interval times in where us diners get to eat there is not much else happening. It is a pity that there is not a mini side show provided in the first bar area set up for those that are not eating as I think that would be a great idea. Plus maybe even a mini snack menu which they can order a few nibbles from.

ShayShay the writer and producer of Mulan Rouge really has outdone themselves this time, as this has to be one of the most fun shows I have ever attended at The Vaults with a very hard hitting message. When it comes to gender and sexuality it does not matter wherever you are cis, trans, gay etc as we are as in the end of the day we are all the same.

Sigi Moonlight who plays Mulan is an absolute delight. Sigi faultlessly portrays the main character and dominates the stage with his/her presence and talent. Plus General Lee played by Hannah Maxwell also performs out their character really well.

Simply to sum up Mulan Rouge in a few words, glitz, burlesque, cabaret, drag, love and gender.

So if you love a show full of cabaret fun then I highly recommend Mulan Rouge.

The Vaults presents Mulan Rouge book now

The Vaults
Leake Street

7 October 2021 – 23 January 2022
3 hours immersive show
Doors open 6.45pm
Show starts 7.00pm

Mulan Rouge book now click here

Thanks to The Vaults for the invite, I had a fab time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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