Money Heist The Experience question is have you got what it takes?

Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like if you got caught up in a heist and then ended up helping rob a vault loaded with money? Well now you can as Money Heist: The Experience within London gives you that opportunity.

Just off Old Brompton Road within inside Christie’s old auction house a heist is going to be taking place. Walking through the doors, checking in and putting on a pair of headphones everything seemed quite normal. Before heading into Pennington’s auction room all getting a chance to stroll around and admire the pieces for sale from a golden toilet to paintings. Everything might have seemed quite normal but are people scratching their heads and rubbing the back of their necks? what does this all mean, have they got flees or is there a secret intel message that is being piped through the headphones? Upon entering Pennington’s auction room this is where everyone’s physical, mental and morals are put to the test.

I was invited down on a press related basis to take on a heist and to let you all know what a great experience you can have on this immersive theatrical experience within London.

Money Heist: The Experience

Money Heist: The Experience brings to London an immersive theatrical experience where you can get involved in a heist.

Fans of Netflix’s hit show, also known as La Casa de Papel, can become part of the iconic gang and test their skills in Money Heist: The Experience. The fully immersive experience based on the global hit show has launched in cities across the USA, Europe and Latin America, including Paris, Miami, Mexico City, New York and now London.

The action packed experience will thrill diehard fans and newcomers to the story alike, as participants find themselves in a brand new heist based on the show, Netflix’s most popular non-English language series. Recruited into the notorious gang by Lisboa for a series of heists on spectacular international targets, participants will have their nerve tested as they attempt to follow The Professor’s plan, and break into jaw-dropping landmark sites in cities around the world, such as La Monnaie de Paris on the banks of the Seine. Ultimately, guests will find out if they have what it takes to infiltrate the vault and earn a spot in the gang.

Co-produced by Netflix and Fever, the leading entertainment discovery platform, Money Heist: The Experience is a high energy theatrical event featuring a unique storyline that happens in parallel to the show. Each experience will be uniquely adapted for every specific region and unique venue it is taking place in.

“Money Heist came out of Spain but captured the imagination of the world. Now Money Heist: The Experience will bring the show even closer to home. From the moment you book a ticket, you will be at the heart of the gang. Slip into your red jumpsuit, put on the iconic Dali mask, and step into the world of the heist for an experience of a lifetime.”

Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix

Money Heist allows all to live out an international robbery in person. Interact with live actors, experience effects and other endless surprises as you take on a heist. The adventure will give you a rush of pure adrenaline, excitement and euphoria.

Question is are you brave enough to join the revolution? and break into one of the most iconic venues in London?

60 minutes and counting

When I went along with my friend to Pennington’s auction house stepping through the doors of the showroom everything seemed normal at first. There was many priceless objects and paintings dotted around the room but all was not really as it seemed. As after a short while listening through my headphones about the objects on sale a deep mysterious voice came through the air waves asking me do I want to be part of the revolution and join the heist? Scratching my head to show that I want in things soon started to take a turn for the worst.

Sitting within Pennington’s auction room this is where things started to get more intense physically and mentally. Bursting through the doors a group of people in red jumpsuits and masks started to shout at us and swing guns around in the air. After an initial intro from the criminals we were all then led to the basement where we were then part of the heist if we liked it or not, otherwise your dead.

Given a jumpsuit and mask as so police could not tell if we were a hostage or not we looked like the criminals. We even got to choose our own codenames based on a country as to prevent our true identities from being revealed to the authorities. I called myself New York as that is a city full of riches, money and gold after all.

Then for the next 60 minutes and counting I and others we had to gain the robbers trust, help them break into the vault and steel the gold.

There is a lot of non-stop action throughout, both physical and mental from puzzles, through to diving and ducking through lasers.

After you can sit back and relax with a drink at the Money Heist themed bar.

Plus there is a photo opportunity to be had where you can get a selfie of yourself and/or along with your squad.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The whole experience was fun and intense and even though I have never personally watched the show I was told that the rooms throughout were based on scenes from the series but the story was a completely new story, one which you can only discover throughout this real live immersive experience. So it does not matter if you have seen the show or not. Plus you will have the opportunity to see, touch and wear the original costumes and masks from the series.

All scenes and interactions with the cast was played out amazing as I was fuelled up with adrenaline throughout, hunting for keys, avoiding lasers and smuggling out gold.

However the only thing I would say about this experience is that I felt it was a little rushed in some instances. Plus I also did not get the whole story completely but I think that is due to the fact that as I was a little scared so I lost concentration at times.

Also feel that the ticket price for peak times is a little too steep as this experience is only 60 minutes and you can within a large group of up to 19 others which is a little too many in my opinion.

I do though recommend this experience to any adrenaline junkie, anyone who loves the series Heist, and those who love immersive theatre.

Question is are you brave enough to take on a Heist?

Money Heist: The Experience – London

Money Heist: The Experience
79-85 Old Brompton Road

Prices start from £35.25.

Age requirement: 16+

Thursday to Friday: from 4pm to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 9pm

Duration: the experience will last around 60 to 75 minutes

Are you ready to join the Money Heist: The Experience? Click here for tickets.

Thanks to Money Heist: The Experience it was a blast. All views are my own honest opinion.

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