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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel with Doctor Who and meet an array of characters such as Brolls, Clockwork, Daleks, even The Queen? Well now you can as you can take a journey through the doors of Doctor Who Time Fracture in which just like the Tardis it’s bigger on the inside and you take an adventure like no other, where you’ll travel back in time and get to discover and meet a host of historical famous people, robots and even aliens.

Thanks to Doctor Who Time Fracture creators I was given the opportunity to travel back in time and space twice for free, to give my views of what it is like to travel through a time fracture.

Doctor Who Time Fracture

Doctor Who Time Fracture is a new ground-breaking immersive theatrical adventure, which will allow you to plunge yourself into the incredible universe of Doctor Who and encounter the Daleks, Cybermen, and so much more.

Doctor Who is one of the longest running action adventure television series in the world spanning 55 years and winning over 100 awards. This quintessentially British show has a huge global following, with 9.6m fans across social platforms/channels and 100m video views on YouTube in the last year alone. It has been honoured by Guinness World Records as the longest running science-fiction series in the world. Doctor Who has a proven track-record in consumer products and live entertainment with over four and a half million Sonic Screwdrivers sold in the past eleven years, over 13 million action figures sold since 2005, over 19 million DVDs sold globally and over one million tickets sold for live events.

Thanks to Gavin Kalin Productions, Totally Theatre Productions and Immersive Everywhere the creative minds behind London’s longest running and critically acclaimed immersive theatre production, The Great Gatsby you now can take on a journey just like Doctor Who with a time lord.

“The Doctor needs you! The Universe as we know it is at stake – now is the time to step up and be the hero. For decades, in a quiet corner of Mayfair, London, a dangerous rift in time and space has been monitored by a group of loyal members of the long-thought-disbanded Unified Intelligence Taskforce – or UNIT for short. Until now they have managed to protect the people of Earth from the threat the rift poses but, weakened and beaten back as the Time Fracture grows out of control, they’re now close to defeat.

Doctor Who Time Fracture opened initially back in May 2021 but was short lived as shortly after opening they were hit by flash floods in July which caused extensive damage and meant that the show had to close for major repairs. This included installing a flood defence system; but in September and October, when rain storms hit the capital once again, work towards reopening suffered severe setbacks. Now the building is finally fixed with a new drainage and reopen welcoming back fans and new audiences to experience an immersive adventure like no other.  

“Question is our you brave enough to travel back in time and face the cybermen?”

Travelling through time and back

A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens up a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT has fought to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses, but they’ve been beaten back as the fracture multiplies out of control.

Earth as we know it is at stake. Now is the time for us to step up and be the hero. Travelling to impossible places, confronting menacing monsters and ancient aliens along the way, it’s a journey across space and time to save our race, and our planet.


Upon entering through the doors to Doctor Who Time Fracture I and my friend plus other time travellers we were recruited by UNIT for a voyage like no other. Once within the headquarters we found out that a bomb has been dropped during the blitz and has created a fracture in time. We soon quickly became tied up in the time fracture which resulted in us all being hurtled back through time and space.

Brendan Rodrigues
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Our mission was to investigate what created the time fracture and face the threat of our world being destroyed. We raced through different parts of Earth’s history to other time eras.

There are two main locations, the Alien Marketplace and Queen Elizabeth’s Court.

I have been lucky enough to travel back in time through the time fracture twice as so I could experienced both sections to there fullest.

Brendan Rodrigues
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My previous visit I travelled back in time with my husband which we ended up in 1558 within Elizabeth’s Court and came intertwined with the Tudor Queen Elizabeth and her Jesters. This scene is based from episode The Day of the Doctor in which the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tenant) had a romantic encounter with Queen Elizabeth. On this occasion my husband had an intimate affair with the Queen herself and ended up marrying her, bigamy!!! off with his head I say.

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Anyway he had to compete for her affection, dance a merry dance, and propose in a romantic way competing against other men and woman who seeked her hand in marriage. He then was led to see Shakespeare where he advised on wedding vows to say. It was then time for him to marry the the Queen. However the marriage did not last long, as soon as they had exchanged vows there was a Cyberman attack and it was time for him, me and wedding guests to all jump through time in where we all ended up in a galactic bar.

On this journey this time around I travelled through time with my friend Joice in which we ended up in the Alien Marketplace where we encountered many characters such as The Pig Man Brolls, Clockwork, Romany the Gypsy, Cybermen and so many others.

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Within the market place there are trinkets and props from various episodes dotted around within the market place. Brolls is the wheeler-dealer of the market who can get anyone anything they need. Think Del Boy.

Upon here you can either explore or be led through time and space by following one of the Gallifreyan agents or the Ood. We decided to follow Zoria in whom took us on a journey where we met a gypsy, visited Torchwood’s headquarters and even met Da Vinci himself.

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However after returning back to the marketplace after our travels we were immediately by an invasion of cybermen in which we all had to quickly evacuate the area and head through the time fracture in which we end up onboard a spaceship ZZ1 bar area in which I have enjoyed cocktails within before.

Having visited before with my husband I watched and listened again with my friend Joice the amazing vocals by Silurian and Crespallion all whilst sipping on delicious cocktails.

After a while it was soon onto our next part of our time travelling journey. On my previous encounter I followed Doctor Who through a black hole of time in where I and my husband encountered the Weeping Angels it was truly terrifying. Think darkness and statues coming closer and closer. So this time around I told the Doctor that I did not wish to travel that way so she said after she has travelled with the other travellers to get them to Gallifrey she will come back in time to get me and take me through a safer time line.

Within Gallifrey there are a group of Time Lords who are having a long heated debate on if to save Gallifrey or not. After the verdict had been resolved a flash of past Doctor’s flash upon screens all around ending with a message from our latest Doctor before we are then all hurdled back through time and space to now back in the UNIT headquarters.

As our mobile devices can’t work during our time travel we were unable to take photos throughout our journey but I was able get some photos by a top professional from the Gallifrey. Plus back at UNIT headquarters in 2021 with our devices back up and running I was able to get photos of the headquarters where the time fracture happened and a photo of Doctor Who’s tardis before it vanished to time and space.

Question is are you brave enough to take on a journey through time and space?”


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Within the Doctor Who Time Fracture over 2,700m square space, there are in all 43 live actors and 17 different worlds to explore, which you’ll get to take an epic journey across space and time, and visit exciting places, all whilst confronting menacing monsters and ancient aliens along the way whilst battling to save Earth’s existence!

Having travelled twice through the Time Fracture I must state how I was amazed by the whole design of the sets and the acting as I really did feel like I had travelled to an actual set of Doctor Who or should I say back in time. Discover more about the Creative Team behind Doctor Who Time Fracture click here.

My first travel through the time fracture back in June I and my husband ended up within Tudor times where we met the Queen and my husband married her. Even though was dancing along with the Jesters and watching my husband propose and marry the Queen this was all we ever got to see plus Shakespeare before being invaded by Cybermen and ushered through time to a spaceship’s bar area for an interval. So even though the set was amazing, costumes stunning and the Queen plus her Jesters played their parts well it was a little too boring and long and I was just yearning to see some characters from Doctor Who such as The Pig Man, Clockwork, etc which alas I never did.

So this time around after reopening to the public due to the flooding issues they encountered I went to the Aline Marketplace in which I heard about and wow what a difference this time path was. I met so many familiar characters from Doctor Who from The Pig Man to coming face to face with a Cyberman. I went in and out of so many rooms from Torchwood to the gallery of Da Vinci and interacted with plenty of characters. Now this felt like a real proper Doctor Who journey as I mingled with characters and even came face on face with danger.

So if you love Doctor Who I really highly recommend heading to the Alien Marketplace but if you love anything to do with Royalty and like the idea of marrying the Queen and not facing danger then stay within Queens Elizabeth’s Court.

All in all Doctor Who is a must for fans of Doctor Who as there are plenty of characters to meet, danger and plenty of Easter Eggs to look out for such as K9 the Dog.

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Doctor Who Time Fracture
Davies Mews

Doctor Who Time Fracture is a new ground-breaking immersive theatrical adventure, which will allow you to plunge yourself into the incredible universe of Doctor Who.

Prices range from £29.95 to £69.95 (prices vary depending on time you travel)
Note: Anyone aged 16 or under must also be accompanied by an adult

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Thanks to Doctor Who Time Fracture team for letting me travel through the time fracture on a journey which I will never forget. All views are my own honest opinion.

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