Degusta Box countdown to Christmas

Degusta Box is all about surprising people with unique products in which you might not necessarily think about purchasing or choose whilst shopping.

During December they release a very special unique advent calendar which does not consist of chocolate and more chocolate but an array of surprises from pasta to wine, what’s not to love. So it really was a surprise every time when it came to opening the advent calendar doors, as who knew what I would be surprised with.

I was gifted an advent calendar by Degusta Box on a gifted basis to show me how fun surprises can be as I am not one for surprises usually.

Degusta Box

Degusta Box is all about bringing different innovative products to sample at home. They are based in Barcelona, but deliver their food and beverage boxes of surprise to all across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and even us here in the UK. Their mission is to bring a surprise and joy to as many homes as possible.

They stand out from other food and beverage suppliers as they are innovative, efficient and bring an exciting solution for all us foodies and lovers of drink in providing sweet surprises monthly.

Degusta Box sell monthly surprise boxes in which every month you can enjoy around 10 to 15 different surprise goodies from food to drink at just £12.99. Plus the beauty about their boxes is that the items within will be cheaper than you would pay if buying from a shop, so you will not only be getting a surprise, discovering something new but also SAVING, bargin!

For December they always sell an advent calendar with a difference in which you can countdown to Christmas enjoying surprise goodies throughout 1 to 24 December.

A surprise every day from 1 to 24 December

I am not usually a fan of surprises but when I heard about Degusta Box and their unique advent calendar I was thrilled and intrigued, so this year I ditched my usual chocolate calendar and will enjoy a number of different products everyday from 1 to 24 December instead.

Upon receiving the calendar I was blown away it certainly has the X factor as it is huge, and every day it provided a variety of different products to eat or drink.

Ripping open each door I had a sweet surprise each day, in which I discovered products in which I would not normally pick up and buy and some have even become my new favourite treats.

Here are photos and the full list of the wonderful products in which I received throughout 1 to 24 December 2021.

  • 1 December – Daelmans – Stroopwafels clip bag 230g with waffle warmer
  • 2 December – Maille – Wholegrain mustard
  • 3 December – Crafted Drinks – Mango & passion fruit juice drink
  • 4 December – Little Miss Sunshine – Watermelon / Pina Colada Jellies
  • 5 December – Bart – Warming winter spice
  • 6 December – Rhythm 108 – Swiss vegan mint fondant bar with dark chocolate
  • 7 December – Mentos – Candy cane sweet
  • 8 December – Rummo – Fusilli
  • 9 December – Rummo – Sugo Alla Napolentana
  • 10 December – King Monty – Granola snack speculoos
  • 11 December – Olly’s– Sweet chilli and sour cream & onion pretzel thins
  • 12 December – Minivino – Merlot
  • 13 December – Le Saunier De Camargue – Fleur De Sel
  • 14 December – Terry’s – Chocolate Orange Bars
  • 15 December – Good Earth – Roobios Chai Tea
  • 16 December – Kind – Dark chocolate orange almond
  • 17 December – Arden’s – Cheese tiny twists
  • 18 December – Fused by Fiona – Fused clever classic soy sauce
  • 19 December – Whitworths – Caramel fruit & nut mix
  • 20 December – Mackie’s – Boxing day curry potato crisps
  • 21 December – Forest Feast – 60% cococa dark chocolate sour cherries
  • 22 December – Flawsome drinks – Sweet & sour apple cold pressed juice
  • 23 December – Mackays – Strawberry and champagne preserve
  • 24 December – Bahlasen – Messino pink gin & tonic

OR watch my reaction as I open each door.

I loved practically all of the products in which I received with some being my new favourites, such as the Daelmans Stroopwafels in which are caramel type biscuits which you warm up over a hot cup of coffee or tea and Little Miss Sunshine jellies which are so sugary, sweet and sour. I really did discover some amazing goodies in which I would never usually pick so I am glad Degusta Box discovered me and gave me such a festive gift.

I have had so much fun throughout December peeling back the doors discovering many new products that I will certainly be purchasing Degusta Box advent calendar next December 2022, I can’t wait for the many new surprises.

Would you prefer a Degusta Box countdown to Christmas advent calendar
which is not just chocolate?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This has been one of the most fun advent calendars I have ever had. It is huge and exciting as I ripped open the doors and discovered surprises from pasta to wine. It was a joy each day whilst counting down to Christmas. In fact it felt like Christmas every day.

As mentioned before I have discovered some new favourites. However there was just a few products within the calendar which even though I love I did not understand why they were in the calendar as they are popular products anyway and usually bought by us most such as Terrys Orange Chocolate Bar.

Other than that I would highly recommend purchasing this calendar for next year as I have been assured it changes yearly so there will be even more products to discover. However be aware they sell out quick so keep an eye out in November when they are for sale.

In the meantime before December there are other ways you can enjoy sweet surprises via Degusta as they sell a subscription in which you can enjoy a surprise boxes each month loaded with a variety of 10 to 15 products to sample all for just £12.99 a month.

So if you love surprises and discovering new products for yourself or looking for that unusual gift for someone you know who loves discovering new food and drink then great as an alternative gift to the usual box of chocolates or bottle of drink.

Degusta Box buy your box of surprises now

Telephone: +44 (0) 2035148966
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 09:00 to 12:00 & 13:00 to 16:00 & Friday 08:30 to 14:00

Surprise, discover, save with Degusta Box

  • Order – Buy online and get 10 to 15 products each month, at a lot cheaper price than on the high street.
  • Receive – Each month get a different surprise box, delivered for free, straight to your home.
  • Enjoy – Open and discover many new products.

Buy your monthly surprise Degusta Box click here.
Plus SAVE £3 OFF on your first order, use code JQFKM at checkout.

For the advent calendar keep an eye out on Degusta Box Instagram and website around November where you will be able to order, but be quick as they sell out quickly!

Thanks to Degusta Box for the advent calendar in which provided fun and a lot of great surprises to eat and drink. All views are my own honest opinion.

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