The Jones Family Affair has opened in Covent Garden London

The award winning Belgravia steak restaurant The Jones Family Kitchen has now opened up a sister restaurant within Covent Garden called The Jones Family Affair serving up a selection of dishes from vegetarian, seafood, fish, meat and of course steak.

The Jones Family are all about delivering a great dining experience, serving up top quality tasty food which are sourced from The Ginger Pig butchers and the Flying Fish Seafoods, who are very passionate about their products.

I was invited down on a PR basis to try out the delights in which The Jones Family Affair has to offer and show me that they do not just sell steak, in which they are known for.

The Jones Family

The Jones Family is set up by a group of friends who are all passionate about serving hungry diners great food and drink.

They opened up their first restaurant The Jones Family Kitchen back in 2018 within London’s Belgravia which is known for their steaks and have won many awards such as 2021 Travellers Choice Awards by Tripadvisor and back in 2019 they were listed as one of the top ten steakhouses in London.

November 2021 they opened up their sister restaurant within London’s Covent Garden called The Jones Family Affair serving up an array of tasty dishes as well as their famous steaks.

The Jones Family are known for serving up great steaks and that is because they care about the well being of the cow on how it was raised, fed and slaughtered which all results in great tasty meat. They get their beef and other meat from Ginger Pig butchers in which the beef comes from Longhorn cattle who live a very happy life and are grass fed.

All the steaks within The Jones Family restaurants are dry aged and cooked by scorching on a charcoal-burning Josper grill. They serve an array of cuts such as bone-in prime rib, 55 day aged rump, fillet steak and so much more. As the cattle is grass fed all the steaks provide a tender, succulent and full of flavour piece of meat.

Chill, eat and drink at The Jones Family Affair

Having not dined out at a restaurant for some time now due to the pandemic I decided to go along with my husband Jason as The Jones Family are known for great steaks and he just loves a good steak.

Upon arriving at The Jones Family Affair we were both very pleasantly surprised by the interior of the restaurant. It is colourful and modern with the tables nicely spaced out so you aren’t sitting on top of others. What I particularly liked is how all the tables are set next to walls, no tables are in the middle of the restaurant which is great. Plus the seating is very comfortable as all are material covered.

Once seated before looking over the A La Carte menu me and my husband had a cocktail each. Looking over the very designer stylish quirky cocktail menu I opted for the Apple Of My Eye which is a cocktail which consists of vodka, apple liqueur, lime, thyme syrup and soda. Whilst Jason opted for a classic Espresso Martini. This is not stated on the cocktail menu as the cocktail menu only lists their signature cocktails but they are more than happy to make any classic cocktails if you desire.

Upon receiving the cocktails I loved the head of the Espresso Martini as it was very frothy indeed however it was quite mild in flavour. As for my cocktail it did not look impressive and just looked like a glass of lemonade and was not very intense in flavour but still it was very refreshing.

Now it was time to consider what to eat.

Choosing the right steak

Over looking the menu there is a great choice of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes but it was most certainly clear to see that they are all about steak as there was so many different cuts from Rib Eye to Rump on offer. However with such a large selection of cuts of beef it can be a little daunting in knowing which cut to choose so here are some facts on the different cuts.

  • Cuts of meat from the front of the cow (Neck, Clod, Chuck, Blade, Brisket, Rib Eye, Shin, Leg) are generally sweeter and tastier. Why? well it is because this is where the head, neck and front legs are where the majority of the cow’s movement takes place. All this movement increases muscles’ bulk and adds fat and marbling through the huge joints.
  • The cuts of meat from the middle of the cow (Fillet, Sirloin, Thin Flank) offers excellent tasty meat which has good fat marbling. These tender lesser-worked muscles deliver a finer, more delicate flavour and texture.
  • The cuts of meat from the rear of the cow (Rump, Silverside, Topside) has less fat running through the meat. This part produces one of the tastiest steaks such as rump.

Even though at home we usually eat Fillet on this occasion my husband opted to try their Sirloin and I decided to not go for steak and have Turbot.

Love affair with food

Firstly though we decided to have a few nibbles to start off with choosing a Sourdough Bread and Crispy Squid.

The Sourdough was lovely, as it was lightly toasted and thick. So it provided a nice crunch to it with the softness of the bread within. Plus the garlic butter was a real delight, so creamy and full of flavour. The Squid was nice light battered, with a nice slight crunch, with the squid being soft, not chewy and had a nice saltiness to it.

For starters we decided to share a plate of Scallops with Black Pudding and an Octopus Salad.

The Scallops were cooked perfectly with the roe in tact which is a real treat as not many places leave the roe on and the Black Pudding was very nice as it was savoury, herby, nutty and spicy.

Having not had Octopus Salad before I was pleasantly surprised. The octopus was cooked to perfection, not chewy at all and cut to perfect sizes, all of which was served with rocket and a nice dressing.

Then it was onto our mains, Sirloin and Turbot.

The Sirloin my husband had cooked medium rare. It had been perfectly char grilled as the outer of the steak and had a nice finish to it with the meat within being perfect, still medium rare.

As for the Turbot it is a white piece of fish, which is quite a firm meaty fish but quite mild in flavour. Even though I loved this fish I just felt the mushrooms which they were served with overpowered the fish. I think keeping it simple with just the leeks and broccoli would work best. However I did like the mushrooms as they had an intense earthy flavour to them.

Plus along with our mains we had a few sides of Dauphinoise Potato, Triple Cooked Chips and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms. The Dauphinoise Potato was lovely, they had a nice crunchy top and soft, creamy melt in the mouth thinly sliced potatoes.

The Triple Cooked Chips were ever so flavoursome, plus they looked amazing as thick, golden, they had a nice crunch to them and ever so fluffy inside.

The Sautéed Wild Mushrooms were delicious and had a real earthiness to them.

Then best time of any meal, dessert time. I opted for the White Chocolate Cheesecake for myself and Jason opted for Pear Tatin.

The White Chocolate Cheesecake was very creamy, sweet and rich, not dense at all. Plus it came served with a few dollops of lemon curd which gave it a sharp sour kick. However I would have loved more of the lemon curd as I do love a sour hit.

The Pear Tatin was served warm and was crunchy, soft, sweet, caramelly and fruity.

Also throughout our time at The Jones Family Affair in between meals we had a few more cocktails of a Compass Box King St which is a cocktail made using blood orange, bitter lemons, shrub and soda. Plus Strawberrycello which consists of prosecco, limoncello, strawberry puree and elderflower cordial.

Again nice drinks and very refreshing but nothing spectacular as they just look like a soda drink even though they are cocktails. My preferred cocktail was the Strawberrycello as was sweet and had more of a flavour than the others thanks to the strawberry puree used within.

If you don’t like cocktails they also sell a great range of wine in which they have an extensive list of wines to choose from plus house-label beers on tap.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Jones Family Affair did not disappoint when it comes to the service provided by the waiting staff, atmosphere of the restaurant and the food.

I would certainly revisit as I loved how well the tables were spaced out, the friendly staff, great and atmosphere and the food was tasty. Plus that cheesecake was divine.

However note some of the dishes on the A La Carte Menu are a little pricey so if you are looking not to spend a lot then I highly recommend their theatre menu which is very reasonably priced. For two courses it will only cost you £19.50 and for three courses £23.50, bargain!

So if you are looking for a decent restaurant within Covent Garden to eat out with family, friends or colleagues then I highly recommend The Jones Family Affair. Plus they also have a private dining room upstairs with a private bar for those who are looking to celebrate a special occasion privately or for a very important client lunch or dinner gathering.

The Jones Family Affair visit now

The Jones Family Affair
40-52 William IV Street

Telephone: 020 3750 2121

Opening times:

Wednesday – Saturday
Noon – 12am

Noon – 10pm

Check out the menus click here.

Thanks to The Jones Family Affair for the tasty food. All views and my own honest opinion.

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