Swamp Motel brings to London The Drop question is are you brave enough?

Swamp Motel presents The Drop which is a very tense and scary, immersive escape game adventure in which you start in being trapped in a lift! The Drop allows all to live one of their biggest fears as you the whole adventure by being trapped in a lift, question is will you escape in time before the lift drops or even worse?

Having played Swamp Motel virtual event The Kindling Hour during last year this time around I went and played their newest live game The Drop. I was invited down to experience their latest immersive experience in London to see how brave I am, and let’s just say I am not. Thankfully I was allowed to also bring some friends otherwise I don’t think I would of escaped.

Swamp Motel presents The Drop

Co-founders and creative directors Ollie Jones and Clem Garrity (both Kill the Beast and Punchdrunk alumni), brings to London their largest live production to date. It’s also their first IRL experience since the lockdowns.

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“We can’t wait to make our return to live entertainment with The Drop. It’s an ambitious and elaborate production that explores the rich history and tale of tragedy surrounding one of the world’s most famous texts, The Great Omar. Like all our work, audiences will be right at the centre of the story, a story we hope will leave them questioning what was real and what wasn’t long after they leave.

This has been a long time in the making for us so we’re particularly excited to premiere it in our home city of London this autumn as the culture scene bounces back to life.”

Says Ollie Jones and Clem Garrity

With The Drop the creators have uncanny blurred the boundaries between the game and reality, making audiences question what is real and what is not as they take on a dark scary adventure where it all starts within a lift.

Will you go up, down, or further than you imagined?

  • Unearth the dark history of a long-lost book
  • Interact with friends and foes
  • Attempt to prevent a horrifying crime
  • Solve puzzles and sabotage security systems

Fear the lift!

Due to the immersive nature of this adventure I can’t reveal too much without spoiling the element of surprises and tasks you face but what I will say is that you will be kept on edge all the time.

Upon stepping into Hopkins Stearne waiting in the reception to be called in for a meeting to unearth the dark history of the long lost book which was gathered from the wreckage of the Titanic I was quite excited.

“In 1912, two London bookbinders were commissioned to create a luxurious jewelled binding for a book that became known as The Great Omar. This highly valuable book then was purchased by a buyer whom then packed it safely aboard the Titanic to ship to New York. However on the 15 April 1912 the RMS Titanic sank along with the book and a sea of secrets were never recovered. Until now!

Upon being called in for our meeting heading into the lift to head up for our meeting suddenly the lift stops and I start to have that sinking feeling, are we going to crash and drop just like the Titanic?

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Things start to become very clear that a crime is taking place, as they want the copy of The Great Omar. Upon freeing ourselves from the lift we were not out of dangerous waters yet, as we had to be careful as we moved from one room to find the book and save escape.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

This has been one of the most intense theatrical thriller escape type adventures I have ever done in my life, with me even and my friends even questioning at one point is this part of the adventure or is this happening?

For approximately an hour throughout The Drop you and your friends / family will take on a very intimate show which you will face your fears, challenges and even meet some unexpected characters along the way. 

For an hour you’ll take on a mission to retrieve the original copy of The Great Omar by Edward Fitzgerald’s bejewelled translation of Omar Khayyam’s Persian love poem which was last seen on the ill-fated Titanic back in 1912.

Question is will you be able to solve the puzzles, find the book and save yourself?

Let’s just say the ending is a complete surprise one that will leave you shocked! I hope there will be a second instalment.

The only thing I would say about this immersive adventure is that I just felt an hour was too short plus I would of loved to of had some more challenging obstacles to face as well as meet some more actors throughout. However was a very intense fun adventure nerveless and all the rooms and puzzles were beautifully well done.

I highly recommend this game if you love thrillers, feeling intense and escape rooms as you will be on edge from start to finish with The Drop. So get together your friends and family and see if you are clever or brave enough!

Swamp Motel presents The Drop book now

55 Aldgate High Street

Email: thedropexperience.co.uk 

An immersive escape experience like no other as you start in a lift.  

The Drop lasts for an hour and designed for private groups of up to 5 with 20 sessions played per day.

  • Tuesday – Friday – sessions start at 6pm, last session at 9.30pm 
  • Saturdays – Sunday – sessions start at 2pm, last session at 9.30pm 

Suitable for 14+ (anyone under 18 should be accompanied by an adult) 

Prices start from £39.95 per person.

Book now! Last show 27 February 2022.

Thank you to Swamp Motel for the invite. All views are my own honest opinion.

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