No.79 mousse & coffee cafe with a difference

Mousse, for me, is one of the ultimate desserts as it light, airy, smooth, and ever so creamy but I have never had a mousse which has been presented in such a way that I just did not want to destroy it and that is exactly what happened when I visited No.79 cafe in London.

No.79 is a new dedicated mousse cafe in London who produce an array of stunning looking mousses, as well as serve up some great tasty coffee, tea and bubble tea.

Did you know that mousse originated in the 18th century in France, where the word mousse translates as ‘foam’ describing the airy texture of a mousse.

There are many different types of mousses on the market with chocolate being the most popular and classic. No.79 though is far more as they go way beyond with their stunning mousses from a rose shaped mousse to even a dog, all of which are loaded with surprises from chocolate spread centres to sponge.

Courtesy of No.79 I was invited down on a press basis to sample some of their delicious mousses which really did satisfy my sweet tooth.


Owners of Hefaure London now bring to London No.79 which is a café which specialises in mousse.

It opened it’s doors in London on Dean Street on 25 November 2021.

Either eat within their cafe or takeaway a range of different flavoured and shaped mousses, other desserts, coffee, tea or even bubble tea.

Mousse paradise

Upon stepping through the doors of No.79 I loved how the walls are painted in a light mottled pink and how there is seating with tables set along the wall leading up to a main arched area with further seating and neon light display.

The mousse is beautifully displayed in a large glass cabinet all marked up well with a description.

On my visit there was mousse shaped as a planet, rose, tiger, dog, alien, peach, pineapple and a lion.

It was so hard to choose but eventually I chose after gazing over the display of mousse and more mousse.

I chose the dog, rose, planet and lion. Plus passionfruit tea and my husband bubble tea.

Firstly let’s talk about this cute dog, just look at his eyes, nose, fur and tail. So cute.

Plus he tasted amazing, so chocolatey and loved the surprise biscuit element.

As for the pink rose I had to have this as was made from white chocolate and white chocolate is my favourite type of chocolate. Plus I love roses and the colour pink.

Tasted fab, the white chocolate mousse was so light with an incredible fluffy sponge surprise and a zesty bit of mousse. Light and refreshing.

The planet I opted for as I love chocolate and hazelnut.

What I loved abut this mousse was the crunch of the biscuit base, the richness of the chocolate and the lovely surprise of mini balls of biscuit, the hazelnut chocolate spread within which tasted like Nutella. So creamy, so yummy, it was a chocolate explosion.

As for the lion well it looked so cute and punchy in colour.

Set upon a biscuit this mousse shaped lion was filled with strawberry jam and sponge. It reminded me a little in taste of a Victoria Sponge. Was great.

Also I decided to have a fresh hot passion fruit tea on my visit which was absolutely amazing, so sharp and tangy. I loved how it was made using green tea, and brewed with lemon slices, orange slices and fresh passionfruit pulp. It is the best fruity tea I have ever tasted. Forget those herbal teas which come in a tea bag as their fresh tea is so much better certainly WOWED me. I will be revisiting for another brew.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

No.79 mousse cafe really has been the best dessert cafe I have ever visited. As their mousses are so different to any other that I have ever seen and eaten. I just loved everything about their mousses from the look, colour and taste.

Just look at them how can you resist.

Was hard though when it came to eating them as they looked so beautiful like a work of art but you know when your sweet tooth is craving sugar, it’s bye bye doggy, or lion or whatever you order.

“Which takes your fancy?”

Plus that passionfruit tea I had on my visit was the best ever fruity tea I have had and that’s because they use real fruit rather than herbal tea bags. Sublime, so tangy, tasty and fresh!

They also serve up great bubble tea as well which my husband enjoyed.

Apart from teas though they do sell coffee as well and other drinks.

So if you are looking for a quaint cafe to grab a cup of tea or coffee or yearning for mousse then I highly recommend No.79 as it’s such a relaxing cafe which serves up great desserts and drinks.

No.79 visit now

Ground Floor 79 Dean Street

Instagram: @number79london

Open everyday from 12:00 – 22:00

Thank you for the invite No.79 everything was delicious. All my views are my own honest opinion.

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