Escape from the Golden Hinde a Secret Studio Adventure – will you sink or survive?

Did you know that there are over 1,500 escape rooms in the UK? If you knew or not, what makes Escape from the Golden Hinde by Secret Studio that much more unique and special is the fact that is actually takes place on a historical reconstructed ship which is moored up near London Bridge.

The original Golden Hinde which is a galleon (sailing ship) was captained by Francis Drake. He was an English explorer, sea captain, privateer, slave trader, naval officer and politician. However Drake is best known for his circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1580.

The Golden Hinde originally though was known as the Pelican, but Drake renamed her mid-voyage in 1578, in honour of his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose crest was a golden hind (a female red deer). Hatton was one of the principal sponsors of Drake’s world voyage.

Now you can explore this historical replica of the Golden Hinde in a different kind of way, rather than just a tour. Get to learn about Drake as you take on challenges to save yourself from the sinking ship but will you save Drake along the way or will your brand him as a pirate, and leave him to sink along with the ship but don’t take too long in deciding as the ship is sinking after all!

I was invited down along with my crew members on a press related basis to help solve the mysteries of the Golden Hinde and find the lost treasure within.

Escape from the Golden Hinde by Secret Studio

Escape from the Golden Hine is an interactive adventure on the historic 16th century galleon in London near London Bridge!

The Golden Hinde is grand reconstruction of the ship Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world in the 1570s. Plus this ship also sailed around the world in the 1970s.

It is believe that the Golden Hine is haunted by ghosts from both journeys. So, the ship holds an unhappy mix of spirits like a dodgy Rum Mojito.

As soon as you step onboard the Golden Hinde you’ll have 60 minutes and counting as the ship is sinking and you won’t be alone as there are ghosts onboard. Question is are you clever enough to figure out the puzzles to adventure your way back to the decks of the Golden Hinde to save yourself or will you sink along with the ghost of Drake, other ghosts and the rum which is onboard.

Learn, seek, hunt and save yourself within this very unique Escape Game experience.

I survived the Golden Hinde

I love escape rooms and played many within London but what makes this one more special is the fact that rather than trying to escape from a room or two you are trying to escape from a real galleon.

Escape Rooms are fun as they allow us to feel important and be part of a team. With all escape rooms teamwork, is key. Escape Rooms are a little like a big immersive game with puzzles and hunting involved. Perfect to play with friends, family or even co-workers as everyone loves a challenge. Plus they are also a great way to strengthen bonds and teach people to work together in new ways.

Surviving the Golden Hinde

Boarding the Golden Hinde me and my hearties, Lynsey, Joice and Steve we were greeted by several ghosts (actors) who explained to us that the ship was sinking fast but they can’t rest until the mysteries and the lost treasure has been found.

Given as there are low ceilings on board the Golden Hinde we were all given a hard helmet to wear to keep us save. It was then time for us to solve the mysteries that the Golden Hinde hides.

Split over two time periods, 1577 and 1971, this escape room experience led me and my hearties through an adventure of escape like no other.

Throughout our adventure for survival we had just 60 minutes to save ourselves from a sinking ship. Along the way we met a variety of other ghosts even Drake.

However Drake to some was not always seen as an hero but some saw him as a pirate. So with this in mind we had to also decide for ourselves as a team if he was good or bad? Some saw him as a hero due to his saviour of England, and some saw him as being bad as of a his colonialism, slavery and piracy. Most of my team though branded him as bad so we left Drake shackled up in the depths of the ship.

This was a great escape room adventure. It is very immersive with an equal split of immersiveness and challenges but what I really loved was learning about Drake. This escape game was like no other. There was plenty of mind but also yet physical challenges along the way. I don’t want to give too much away but think pulling ropes and even putting on a puppet show. Plus there is even an area where you get into the swinging 70’s where you can party and enjoy a rum and coke along with one of the ghosts who resides on board.

To be honest I could of happily stayed in the party section and drank my way to the bottom of the sea, as I do love a party and a good drink of rum as “Yeah hey, yo ho, the sailors life is for me”.

Lynsey, Joice, Steve and Me

We though made our way through the ship, left Drake behind, and sadly the barrels of rum. Least we saved our souls from the sinking Golden Hinde and put a rest the ghosts with the mystery solved and the lost treasure found.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was a very fun and interactive adventure on board a very historic reconstruction of the 16th century galleon The Golden Hinde. The props throughout reflected the time periods and made it feel like you have jumped back in time. Plus I loved learning the history about Drake, and the solving many of the challenges on board.

However I did not like some elements of the game especially the areas in which involved say pulling a rope to open a door in a unique manner. Also even though I am just 5 ft 4 I found all the bending, crouching and climbing down steep stairs a bit too much after a time especially on my back.

With all that said though I do highly recommend as was fun and very unique makes a change from being locked in a room. It is also a great, novel way to explore the Golden Hinde, as you will be able to explore all parts of the ship except for the Captain’s Cabin. It is like a very private experience for you and your crew as you get to explore the ship.

I would certainly say that this experience is great for those who love escape rooms and history. Ideal for a group gathering of family or friends to have some fun or even as a corporate team building event.

Escape the Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde
St Mary Overie Dock
Cathedral Street
London, SE1 9DE

Escape from the Golden Hinde with Drake or not?

Costs from £43 per person (designed for adults but those 10 years and older can play if supervised)
On occasion there are sale prices.

You need at least 3 people to play the game. Up to 6 people can play within a team.

However larger groups of up to 18 people can play but will be split into crews of 6 with staggered start times. Each crew will start around 15 minutes after the previous.


Physical Activity: There is some physical activities, but this needn’t stop you coming. You can always ask one of our GamesMasters to come into the room and help.

Surprises: There is the odd surprise! If you don’t like shocks inform one of the members on board.

Accessibility: The Golden Hinde was designed in an age when accessibility was not given enough priority. There are steep stairs, low ceilings, cramped spaces and trip hazards, as well as low light levels in some areas.

Unfortunately the features of the ship make it inaccessible for wheelchair users.

To solve the mysteries at least one crew member needs reasonably good hearing and one or two members of each team will need to kneel or crouch a couple of times.

Thanks to Secret Studios for a thrilling adventure. All views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all LPUL Club members reviews who joined me on the Golden Hinde. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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