Gourmaze adventure around London and enjoy tasty treats

If you are coming down to London and are looking at taking a tour, forget hopping on & off a tour bus, or booking a guided tour as Gourmaze will take you on an adventure like no other.

Booking The Sweet Escape adventure with Gourmaze I began to think of adventures taken by Hansel & Gretel, Alice of Wonderland and Sarah of Labyrinth. Why you might wonder? Well heading on up from the underground of Tottenham Road following General Tasty instructions via my phone, I took on a trip of wonder full of surprises as I trotted around London with my friends. With time ticking we tracked along a maze of roads, solved riddles and enjoyed sweet sugary treats.

This adventure with Gourmaze was fab and in my opinion the best way to explore London and discover some great hidden gems be it with friends & family or just by yourself.

I was gifted this experience on a PR basis courtesy of Gourmaze which I enjoyed along with some of my friends and members of my LPUL Community Club.


New to London Gourmaze is a fun way to explore London all whilst enjoying delicious food along the way.

The tour is done via using mobile to communicate with General Tasty via Whatsapp. The principle of this fun tour type game is simple, by solving treasure hunt style riddles, which will take you on an adventure through London and along the way collect tasty bites to enjoy. You can take it easy at your own pace but if you want to make the leaderboard then you can try and rush through to be within the top. Check out the leaderboard for those who are in the top 10.

The game element is all about General Tasty getting him to his regiment before they leave for Europe. Luckily though they’ve dropped a trail of breadcrumbs (riddles) for the General to follow.!

Are you ready to take on an adventure with Gourmaze through the city, solve riddles and enjoy food.

Max players per team: 6
Friday, Saturday or Sunday: Start adventure in-between 11:30am – 4:30pm
Tour can take between 2-3 hours approximately and you will cove 1.8 miles (4000 steps).

Sweet delights of London

Meeting up with a few of my friends and members of my LPUL Community Club we got messaging General Tasty of Gourmaze to tell him we were ready for our sweet adventure.

I can’t reveal too much but what I can say is that you will take on an start your adventure as soon as you reach Museum Tavern in which you will solve a variety of riddles.

You will discover along your way beautiful parks to famous streets of London which show top West End Shows such as Harry Potter Curse Child.

However what makes this tour though so unique is that along the way you get to taste some amazing treats. The treats we enjoyed was an array of different flavour Tiramisu’s (coconut, pistachio, salted caramel, coffee), sipped on hot chocolate and enjoyed creamy ice-cream BUT I can’t reveal the locations as it’s a secret. However with Summer upon us these sweet treats may be changing.

After 1.8 miles which equalled 4000 steps we were kept entertained, and refuelled with sweet treats.


We might of not made it on the leader board as it took us 137 minutes & 40 seconds to complete the trail but it was really fun.

Question is will you make the leader board?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been on many treasure hunts and walking type adventures around London but this has to be one of my favourite ones. I adventured down streets of London I’ve never been before, discovered some lovely parks, ate tasty treats, took on riddles, and got in my steps for the day.

What really stood out though to me about this treasure hunt unlike game compared to other ones is that each of us got messages sent to us each via our phones via Whatsapp. I also loved how we could pause time to take a break when we got to each individual pit stop to enjoy our foodie treats. Also you can try and do this tour in record time and be part of the leaderboard or you can take your time and leisurely stroll along London streets as you try and solve the riddles. The choice is yours.

It does not matter if you are a tourist or resident of London as anyone can play Gourmaze. As you’ll get to adventure London in a unique way and may even come across parks and hidden gems you were never aware of all whilst following General Tasty’s riddles. Great way to spend time with friends, family or even with colleagues as a fun working team day out.

Gourmaze book now

Email: admin@gourmaze.co.uk

With Gourmaze tour London, as you solve riddles, explore, and enjoy tasty food.

  • Gather your team of up to 6 people
  • Select a maze adventure, and book a date & time
  • Head to the starting location
  • Start the game
  • Solve riddles and decipher codes
  • Explore London and collect mouth-watering dishes
  • Complete the maze!

Click here to book your adventure now.

Thank you Gourmaze for the sweet adventure. All views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all LPUL Club members reviews who joined me on the day. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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