Mission Breakout – Underground 2099 rats have taken over London!

There are many escape rooms within London and all over the world but what makes Mission Breakout so unique from the rest is that their escape rooms are held within a disused underground which used to be South Kentish Town Tube and was also used back in the day as a shelter from World War 1 & 2 bombings.

Mission Breakout has been entertaining fans of escape rooms for quite a while now but new to 2022 they have opened a new escape room Underground 2099 which is set in the future but all is not quite right as mutant rats have taken over London’s underground. Question is are you brave enough to tackle the rats and save London and the world from these mutated 6 foot rats.

Has been a while since playing Mission Breakouts other escape rooms of The Lost Passengers and Codebreakers so I was excited when I was invited down courtesy of Mission Breakout to review their latest escape room Underground 2099. However I was a little nervous about facing and tacking giant mutated rats which have taken over their newest escape room.

Mission Breakout

Mission Breakout is set within an old London tube station which was formerly known as South Kentish Town tube station. Now within this disused underground station you can participate in many escape rooms with some based around historical moments from the war.

Codebreakers is based around when the London was hit by the war.  The mission of this game is all about decoding secret messages of the Nazis, and saving the world.

The Lost Passenger is based on a true story. It was said that back in 1924 soon after South Kentish Town tube station closed down, a train stopped at the station by mistake and a man absentmindedly alighted. The train departed and a passenger named Mr. Brackett disappeared in the darkness. No one knows if he ever escaped.

Underground 2099 is set within the future after 72 years of been hit by nuclear weapons. However with so much time passed mutated rats have taken over the underground and London. It is your mission to destroy the rats and save London.

Underground 2099

I went along with some of my friends to experience Mission Breakout latest escape room Underground 2099 which is infested with mutant rats of the future.

Heading down into this disused underground base where rats like to hide anyway it gave me shivers down my spine as we passed many old historical photographs of when it was used as a bunker to escape bombs from the World War 1 & 2. Now though fortunately we are out of that era and Mission Breakout has brought life back to this disused underground by filling it with a number of fun escape rooms.

Firstly we put out stuff away in the lockers, then we went to a briefing room where we filled out a health & safety waiver. Then we was briefed about the mission in hand before finally been handed some cool looking backpack type things which reminded me of the Ghostbusters electronic gear. We was also given some walkie talkies as to communicate with the game host so we can use if we ever got stuck on any of the puzzles and required a clue. It was then off for us to tackle a mighty problem of mutated rats.

Rats beware!

There were no winners, only losers. Humanity was plunged into chaos in which morality, solidarity and dignity burned.

London 2099, 72 years have passed since the Great Fire; among the radioactive debris of this once-great city, rats have survived and transformed, trying to take the lead in this new disfigured world.

Your mission is to thwart the plot of their leader, King Rat, hidden within the depths of the London Underground.

Our mission was to survive and take down King Rat and all the other mutated rats whom want to take over London?

To help the future of London set within the year 2099 we strapped ourselves within a time capsule which we then was transported to the future and this is where things started getting a little worrying as mutant rats the size of a man had taken over London’s underground and seeping into London. It was our job to stop these mutated rats from taking over the underground and even London.

Walking through the tunnels into room after room feels very eerie, with narrow corridors, damp walls, dusty atmosphere and low dim lighting but then again it is the underground after all and has been many years since anyone had human had stepped through the dingy tunnels thanks to a nuclear war 72 years ago.

Throughout every room even sometimes the corridors there was puzzles to be solved from logical to physical ones. However beware this is a linear game so puzzles mostly have to be done in a certain order. Solving any puzzles equals communication, pattern recognition, searching, lateral thinking, and observation.

As a team of four we found though that some puzzles only really required one or two people to take on, so sometimes some of us just ended up watching. All the puzzles were fun though and certainly in a number of cases different. Even some charades was involved. However beware of the rats as from time to time mutated rats make an appearance.

Also unlike other escape rooms there was no timer to clock to see how we were doing and if the rats were upon us so the pressure and intensity of completing the room made it more thrilling and yet scary.

Luckily we managed to destroy the rats and escape within 55 minutes. I would of hated to of think what would of happened to us if we went past the hour, maybe the rats might of ate us, who knows?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Underground 2099 really is an escape room like no other as has rats within and set within disused tunnels giving it that extra creepiness.

What I really loved about this game is that you could not see how much time you had left which made us panic more and want to move fast as to not be eaten by the rats. However if you really did want to know how much time was left you can always ask the game host via the walkie talkie which is provided to us.

All the puzzles were great however I wish it was not a linear game. Also throughout there was some minor technical and mechanical issues with some of the puzzles but as this is a new game I am sure they will be rectified or even slightly changed.

Without spoiling what really happens throughout the game I would like to add that my favourite puzzle throughout the mission was when I had to go up some spiral stairs where I then had to communicate with my team mates by playing out charades as to explain the different underground stations in which I saw rat via watching security footage.

I would recommend for teams of 2 or 3 but no more as I said before this is a linear game and most puzzles only require 2 people to work on it. However is a super fun mission, yet little scary. Highly recommend if you escape rooms, horror or a train lover as set within a disused underground after all.

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Telephone: 0203 652 8144

Are you brave enough to to tackle mutated rats?
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Thank you to Mission Breakout for letting me and my friends come down to take on the rats. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Can you do any better?

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