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HOME-X is known for their home delivered quality experience boxes making cooking up a four course restaurant style meal easy. Great for a romantic date night in or to impress your family and friends.

Now Nico adds to his range gourmet meals, fresh fish & meat, pantry ingredients and wine. So now you can buy and use the very best local and seasonal produce from around the world all of which the produce have been sourced from trusted suppliers bringing to your home top quality and fresh ingredients to use. These ingredients will take your home cooked dishes to the next level be it a simple roast beef or salmon topped with feta.

Having tried many of HOME-X experience boxes I was excited when I was gifted a selection from their gourmet meals, fresh and pantry produce to try.

The gourmet meals are great as I don’t always want a four course meal and I might just want a simple pie or burger in which HOME-X has on offer.

From their fresh and pantry range they sell a great selection of fresh fish, meats, pasta, cheese, and sauces to make top quality dishes from.


HOME-X is founded by Chef Nico of Six by Nico restaurants. You can buy restaurant quality food from HOME-X from experience boxes, gourmet prepped meals, fresh fish & meat, pantry and wine to be delivered to your home.

The team of HOME-X mission is simple to deliver quality food, drink and lifestyle experiences which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

Why was HOME-X set up by Nico? Well when the pandemic started and we were all in lockdown he wanted to bring a four course restaurant style meal to peoples homes which we can all easily cook and enjoy.

Now apart from the experience boxes you can buy from HOME-X fresh fish & meat, pantry and wine to elevate your dishes.

Thanks to HOME-X your kitchen is about to become your new favourite restaurant. With quality food at hand, great wine and delicious cheese you’ll be an experienced chef in no time entertaining your guests with wonderful culinary creations.

Restaurant quality food at home

Sometimes I love to cook but sometimes I just want to throw a prepared meal in the oven. So when I heard that HOME-X now sell quality fresh fish & meat, cheese, pasta, sauces and even singular gourmet meals I was excited.

Love to cook from scratch

I love to cook so it was great to see such a great selection of produce to choose from their fresh and pantry range. There is great range of fresh fish, meat, pasta, cheese and sauces.

I chose from HOME-X new range salmon, feta, cheddar, butter, bread and gnocchi doughnuts.

With the piece of Salmon I got I decided to top with English Feta Graceburn, herbs and lemon. I cooked in the oven for around 20 minutes. The result was amazing. The salmon is medium texture, fresh and had a real taste of salmon to it, not bland but not over strong. Just flaked away. The feta gave it that extra wow factor. The Persian feta was soft, rich, and punchy in flavour from garlic and a very herby taste thanks to the oil it has been matured within.

Fact: Did you know that salmon is good for you as it is rich in oil and is a great source of Omega-3.

With the Isle of Mull Cheddar I made a simple cheese toastie, just simply grated cheese in bread and fried in a pan of butter. Doing it this way rather than using a cheese maker gives the toast that extra crispiness and buttery flavour. The Scottish Cheddar is a firm cheese, with a creamy, zesty and savoury taste to it. Melted well and resulted in a good cheese pull.

Plus I also made a cheese sandwich with it within their bread. The bread is crunchy and has a great inner softness.

If you love a plain simple piece of bread and butter then I highly recommend their Lemon Parsley Butter which is zesty and creamy. Elevates any slice of bread, sandwich or even great mixed within cooked pasta.

As for a sweet treat I chose from their pantry range Argentinian Caramel Gnocchi Doughnuts. These are mini doughnuts filled with caramel. Deep frying them in oil they were ready in minutes and gave a great crunch to them and a real hit of sugary oozing caramel. Even better topped with icing sugar or cinnamon.

Tip: Even though I fried I think next time I will pan fry in butter as the caramel did tend to leak out of the doughnuts a bit too much.

Save time at night

As much as I love to cook sometimes though I have not got the time so to see that instead of the four course experiences boxes which HOME-X sell it is great to see that you can now buy gourmet meals. They sell baos, pasta, fish and meat dishes to choose from.

The great thing about HOME-X experience boxes and gourmet meals is that all the hard work of slicing, dicing and preparing the food has been removed as all have been prepped by hand by top quality chefs. Just unpeel the boxes, follow the cooking instructions, serve and eat.

I opted to try from their new gourmet range their Smoky Bone Marrow Burger and Ox Cheek & Bacon Pie.

The Smoky Bone Marrow Burger came with two beef patties, burger baps, prepared vegetables, cheese and sauces. All I had to do was cook the burgers and build. So easy and had my burger on the table within around just 15 minutes. The burger was thick, juicy and loaded with flavour. The beef was juicy and gave a real smokiness. The other ingredients added to the flavour and texture. From the creaminess of the cheese, freshness of the vegetables, tanginess from the condiments and the buttery fluffy bap. Even though this burger was nice, and thick it was just a little too smoky in flavour for my liking.

As for my other gourmet meal I opted for the Ox Cheek and Bacon Pie which comes with the prepared meat in a bag and puff pastry. All I had to do to do was place the meat in a dish and top with the puff pastry and coat with egg/milk wash before popping into the oven for 30 minutes.

The pastry was buttery and crisp. The meat was rich in flavour thanks to the pancetta. The meat also just flaked away and melted in the mouth. A real flavoursome pie and so much fresher than those pies you get from a supermarket.

Note: The pie can easily feed 4 to 6 people so if there is just 2 of you I recommend halving the meat and pastry and putting half in the freezer for another time.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you are looking for a restaurant quality meal or produce then I highly recommend checking out HOME-X as they sell a great range of prepared meals, fish, meat, pasta, cheese, sauces, condiments and wine.

All the produce I got I was highly impressed with and everything was definitely high in quality and super fresh. The only thing I would say though is that everything is fresh all produce has to be used within around three days so you can’t exactly buy meals and produce to cover you for the whole week. So it can be quite expensive to buy meals just to cover you for a few days when you add into the equation delivery.

I will though certainly be looking at buying from HOME-X again the feta cheese as it is the best feta I have ever had but I think that is thanks to the way it has been marinade.

I also will be looking at buying more fish from them as you can freeze fish easily. Plus I will especially buy the salmon again, as the salmon was the best piece of salmon I have had in a long time. The size was great, thickness, colour and taste.

So if you are looking for quality produce to cook with or a quick tasty easy meal to cook at home then I highly recommend HOME-X.

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HOME-X bring restaurant quality drink & food to your home.

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Thanks to HOME-X for the top quality produce elevating my meal time at home. All views are my own honest opinion.

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