Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience prepare to release your inner Lara Croft?

This new multimillion-pound Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience has opened in London Camden giving adventure-seekers the chance to assist the legendary Lara Croft on a mission to save the world!

If your a fan of Lara Croft just like me then you will love this new LIVE immersive experience in which you can take on a mission to help Lara out. You’ll get to experience adrenaline fun obstacle courses as you fight your way through different locations, solving puzzles and collecting relics along the way as you avoid enemies in which are in hot pursuit after you.

If you do not know who Lara Croft is though here is an explanation.

Lara Croft is a fictional character who is a British archaeologist who is very intelligent and an athletic woman with big breasts, who just loves to take on an adventure discovering tombs and ruins around the world.

She first appeared in Tomb Raider video games which was developed by Core Design back in 1996. Due to the success 12 more games followed on. In 2003 Crystal Dynamics took over the Tomb Raider series. they rebooted her character by altering her physical proportions and giving her additional ways of interacting with game environments.

Since 1996 she has been voiced by six actresses in the video game series by Shelley Blond (1996), Judith Gibbins (1997–1998), Jonell Elliott (1999–2003), Keeley Hawes (2006–2014), Abigail Stahlschmidt (2015) and Camilla Luddington (2013 & 2018).

In 2001 Embracer Group bought the rights to make Tomb Raider into a movie. Three films, Lara Croft: Tomb RaiderLara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of LifeTomb Raider have been produced, while a fourth film, Tomb Raider: Obsidian is in production.

In the first two movies Lara Croft was played by actress Angelina Jolie and the third by Alicia Vikander.

Alicia Vikander voice is also used for when Lara makes an appearance in Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience.

Lara Croft has also further appeared in video game spin-offs, printed adaptations, a series of animated short films, feature films and merchandise related to the series.

I was invited down courtesy of Tomb Raider LIVE Experience to give me an insight of what it would be like to be Lara Croft and I can tell you it is not easy being Lara.

Tomb Raider LIVE Experience

Little Lion Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix brings to London Camden Tomb Raider LIVE Experience which is a theatrical, immersive experience which let’s you be the star of the show.

Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience gives you the opportunity to become the hero and let out your inner Lara Croft. The experience spans over 30,000 sq ft (2,787 sq m) in Camden’s Stable Market in which you will get to take on adventure where you’ll put your fitness levels to the test from zipwire, climbing an obstacle course, solve puzzles and collect relics all whilst outsmarting a secret order.

Appointed by Lara Croft you’ll help her gather lost relics as you adventure across the globe from:

  • Finland – This is where your adventure begins. As students of Archaeology, you are scheduled to be briefed by Lara at the dig site. Once in the cabin, you’ll have four puzzles to solve and relics to collect but be quick as baddies are on their way.
  • Sinking Ship – Hopping into a shipping container on a cargo ship, you’ll have limited time to rummage through treasures in order to find more lost relics but be quick as the ship is starting to sink fast after being sabotaged by the baddies who are hot on your tail.
  • Costa Rican Jungle – Upon ending up on dry land adventuring through the Costa Rican Jungle you’ll have to climb, run, jump, zip and swing your way through as you flee the baddies.  
  • The Tomb – Within the tomb here is where you get to meet those who have been chasing you but the question is will you be able to restore balance and order to the world again or will it all come crashing down around you and your friends?

Release your inner Lara Croft

Upon arriving at Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience just outside the doorway stands a huge statue of Lara Croft and I start to think am I as fit as Lara Croft.

Looking at my beer belly and bingo wings I think perhaps I am not fit enough but let’s give this adventure a try.

Entering into the reception area and meeting up with my seven team mates from LPUL Club we all was firstly briefed on health & safety and given lockers to store our personal items. Then signing our life’s away it was time for us to become Lara Crofts students for the next 120 minutes which saw us taking on an adventure like no other, which tested our mental ability, strength and bravery.

Against the clock, tensions were set as we adventured through this very impressive and impressive experience which we meet numerous characters (played by actors) upon our adventure.


Our adventure firstly starts as we headed into Croft Manor in Finland, where we hear the voice of Lara coming from a speaker. Then moments later an actor, one of Lara’s students, comes in and shares the details of our challenge ahead. We are told that along our adventure to watch our for relics each which represent either earth, wind, fire or water. The more we also collect also will result in the ending and will help defeat Lara’s nemesis Aidan, who rules the aforementioned secret order.

Heading out of Croft Manor we then are led into a snowy forest which a cabin resides. We soon realise it belongs to Lara and learn more about the adventure ahead. However before leaving the cabin we had to solve a few puzzles to the hidden relics within the cabin to take on the journey with us but with the secret order on our tail we did not have long. Grabbing just three out of the four relics hidden within the cabin we quickly dive onto a moving truck as to escape the enemy. Given two bows and some arrows as too defend ourselves from the enemies who are now in hot pursuit on us we took turns to shoot at the them. However our shooting skills was not great and so let’s just say some arrows just flopped right in front of us and not getting anywhere near the enemy.

Within some time we managed to escape the enemy and hid within a cargo container which then ended up being on a sinking ship. Race again time in order to save our life’s and also steal some of the relics which were stored and on board we soon had to jump and ended up in the jungle of Costa Rica.

From here we had to adventure through a cave, zipwire through the jungle, crawl through a dark chamber and clamber our way through the overgrown plantation. All again whilst keeping an eye out for lost relics.

Eventually we end up reaching the Tomb of Sibu. However before entering the tomb it was time for us to take the leap of faith. Question is are you brave enough to cross your arms and full backwards off a cliff (well ledge)? Even though my team mates braved the drop I was a little chicken and had to take a safe secret way down. I think adding a slide here for those who are not brave enough as to not miss your friends who are brave enough in doing this challenge would be a good option as when I was guided off to take the stairs I missed my friends taking on the leap of faith.

Meeting up back with my friends it was then time to come face to face with Lara Croft enemy Aidan who gives a almighty evil laugh. Lara then briefly makes an appearance and asks us to help stop Aidan. However the choice is ultimately ours do we hear what Aidan’s reasons are for the relics or do we help Lara stop him and place the relics on the pedestals as to stop him. We decided to not give Aidan the relics and stop him by placing the the relics in which we then had to swiftly escape the tomb which was now apart to fall apart.

Jumping onto a private jet sitting back in a white leather seats we eventually heard Vikander’s voice whom congratulates us on completing the mission. We were then given our stats in how well we concurred each location.

In all we found 11 out of 16 relics which meant we got the awarded the Iconic status. Which means we are intelligence and athleticism which makes us a near contender just like Lara.

Then it was time to chill, sit back and relax as we set back to Britain. Disappointly though we never got champagne on this flight.

Upon disembarking we then had the opportunity to have photos taken together as to remember some of the challenging places we took on together.

LIVEish sneak peak


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It does not matter if you have never played or watched Tomb Raider or even know who Lara Croft is as this LIVE experience gives old and new fans a fun experience of immersing you into the world of Lara’s adventures.

It was a fun experience from start to finish full of adrenaline type challenges, puzzles to crack and areas to discover.

Every aspect of this 30,000 sq ft experience really does make you feel that you have taken an adventure of a lifetime. As all the rooms (places) are heavily detailed from the floor to the ceiling to the props with the actors making it feel ever so more real. Plus the actors were also on hand to give tips when needed when trying to find those lost relics and crack any challenging puzzles.

I must admit though as much as I loved hunting around for relics and solving puzzles to unlock some relics I was not up for all the physical challenges such as the death fall which you have to cross your arms in front of you and fall backwards. I am not that brave. However if like me the physical challenges are not your thing the actors are more than happy to guide you via a safer way to get to where you need to get to. So don’t feel embarrassed to ask if you want to skip the physical areas.

All in all Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience is the ultimate escape room type game with immersive action from live actors. However there is one area in which I feel needs improving and that is the moment you board the truck at near the beginning as when arrows hit the enemies which are projected on a screen nothing happens to them. I think that when any get hit they should make some sort of reaction like how they would in a computer game scenario.

So grab your team of friends and see are brave like Lara.

Question is will you help Lara at the end defeat Aidan or will you take his side?

Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience book now

Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience
Lower Basement and Upper Basement Atrium Building
Stables Market

Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience gives you the opportunity to become the hero and let out your inner Lara Croft.

Weekend Midday
Thursday & Friday Midday and Weekends
Weekday mid-afternoon & early weekend mornings
Weekday mornings & late evenings

Teams of up to eight people can take part in the experience.

Click here to book.

Thank you to Tomb Raider The LIVE Experience for the chance to become Lara for 120 minutes along with my team mates. This is my own personal and honest review.

Click link below to read all LPUL Club members reviews who joined me on the day. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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