MasterPeace brings craft fun to London

MasterPeace brings craft fun to London. Throughout the year they host a number of classes from painting to felt pumpkin making.

With nights getting darker though and the looming possibility of black outs which might happen this Winter due to a countrywide potential energy issue the one thing that we all need will be candles. Even though there are plenty of candles out there in the market to buy have you ever though wondered how scented candles are made? With Masterpeace you can find out how by attending their Inhale, Exhale Beginner Candle Making Class. You will learn the history of candles, and even get to make your very own scented candle.

Candles are not just great though for light, but also for scenting your house, for romantic occasions and to reflect on the lost of loved ones.

I was invited courtesy of MasterPeace to attend their very first candle making class in which they showed me how easy candle making is and how therapeutic it can be.


MasterPeace is based in London’s and is the first dedicated mindful art experience!

“At MasterPeace, we practice mindfulness through painting. It’s not about how ‘good’ you are. It’s about enjoying a moment of creative calm in an always-on world. So build a little creativity into your routine and see what happens when you paint yourself an even better picture.”

by MasterPeace

Founded by Zena El Farra in 2019, MasterPeace is an Art School which is based in the heart of Belgravia, which are run by a team of 20 local artists. They hold a number of different classes throughout the year as they are are passionate about the power of creativity and just love to help people relax, unwind and most importantly get creative.

On the 18th series of Dragons Den, they met the dragons and Deborah Meaden became part of the MasterPeace family.

Brighten up your home

In September I headed on down to Belgravia in which I attended MasterPeace Candle Making Class.

I met Zena El Farra who was the teacher for the class and we headed on upstairs where there is a long table set out with all the kit needed to make candles.

Before starting Zena offered us some drinks first. you can choose either Prosecco or a soft drink. Then after an initial introduction to the group and a mini history lesson about candles it was then time for us all to make our very own candles.

Firstly though we had to choose our scent. There were four seasonal essential oil based scents to choose from. You’ll be guided through their top, heart and base notes to help you make your selection. I chose the jasmine scented oil. The reason I chose that from all the scents available is because the Queen Elizabeth’s had sadly only just recently died and so I wanted to reflect my candle to represent her life and Jasmine apparently is one of her favourite smells when it comes to perfumes and candles.

Making the candle was more easier than I thought though but still very fun. Firstly had to melt the soy wax which you must be careful as to not to burn yourself as well as not overheating your wax as could be dangerous. Once melted was time for me to mix my chosen scented oil into the wax. Then after attaching the wick to my candle jar I was ready to pour the wax into my 200ml jar. The most important part about candle making I learnt was patience though as it takes a long while for a candle to fully set. So once I had poured my melted wax into the candle I could not just finish and go as the liquid is still too loose and hot. So in this time of waiting rather than looking at my candle we was treated a therapeutic session where we inhaled, exhaled as we took a moment in shutting our eyes and taken on a relaxing journey, which is great for the soul and mind. After feeling refreshed and opening my eyes my candle was practically set, but still not set enough to light. The candle in fact needs a good week to set fully before lighting which is a pity as it smelt lovely and I just want to light it.

The Inhale, Exhale Beginner Candle Making Class starts from £42.00 and lasts for 1 hour & 30 minutes.

Inhale, Exhale Beginners Candle Making Class


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I absolutely loved this class on candle making as it was interesting, easy and very relaxing really did take my mind of things for a while. Plus the beauty about their candles is that as they are made using soy wax which is vegan friendly, plus is cruelty free and paraffin free.

The only thing I would of liked to of possibly seen though would be more scents to choose from or a way that we can mix and match scents together to create our own unique smell. However as this is a beginners class maybe the next class might have that option of mixing scents. Apart from that I enjoyed the class thoroughly and came away with my very own candle which not just looked nice and smelt amazing.

Also as mentioned earlier I made my candle to reflect on the Queen’s life so when I light it I will think of the Queen and everything she has done for our country.

So if you love crafts or art then I highly recommend checking out MasterPeace upcoming classes via their website. Perhaps go with a friend or family member.

Plus great for a work bonding session. Will increased workplace engagement and interaction as well as improve staff morale, bring fun and happiness to them as well as to help destress.

Also great as a gift. So if you know anyone who loves being creative then you can always purchase a gift card or a class for them to attend as this is a gift which will bring back ever lasting memories.

Alternatively if you are looking for something crafty to do at home during the colder periods then check out their range of art gift set.

Book your class with MasterPeace

MasterPeace Creative Studio
Eccleston Yards
12 Eccleston Yards
21 Eccleston Place

Upcoming Classes:

  • Life Drawing
  • Inhale, Exhale, Candle Making Class
  • Christmas Bauble Making
  • Winter Wildlife in Colour
  • Christmas Wreath Making

Head over to their website to choose and book from one of their many upcoming classes.

With Bookadoo SAVE on future classes by getting a one year membership for just £1 with my unique code LPOPLONDON which is usually costs £15.99. Bargain!

Thank you to MasterPeace for the wonderful experience. All views are my own honest opinion.

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