The Vaults meet The Witches of Oz

The Vaults are back with their newest production show and they are known for re-enacting classic stories with an adult themed twist all which focus on LGBTQ+ community, love and gender. This winter ShayShay brings to The Vaults a classic twist on the story of Wizard of Oz which is entitled The Witches of Oz but with a twist. .

The Witches of Oz, sees the Good Witch and Wicked Witch in a fierce battle to be crowned the next Witch of Oz but who will win and can their feud from their past be rectified?

20 years on sees Dor (aka Dorothy) return to Oz thanks to a freak storm but all has changed. Dor is now non-binary, Tin is now a woman, Lion is pansexual and Scarecrow is looking for love.

The big question though is which witch will be crowned the next Witch of Oz? Will they resolve their feud? and most importantly will Dor find a way back home?

I was kindly invited down along with other members from my LPUL Club on a press basis to review their latest show The Witches of Oz. We dined and enjoyed a show full of laughter, goodness and wickedness.

The Vaults

The Vaults is set within a disused railway arch which is in Leake Street near Waterloo Station. They host an array of adult humour theatrical shows throughout the year. Their mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others.

They strive to continue to support and co-produce innovative immersive theatre, fusing together art and championing unsung voices, especially those of the LGBTQ+ community. They want to make immersive experiences fun for everyone and focuses on big and current ideas told in outlandish, accessible and in the most unique way.

Their latest production show presently is The Witches of Oz which is on till 14 January 2023. This production show by ShayShay is a take on the classic movie Wizard of Oz but with a focus on gender and love. The show is full of goodness and wickedness.

The Witches of Oz

Anyone over aged 18 can head on down and watch this adult themed stage production The Witches of Oz where you’ll get to meet the Witches in a battle, and take on an adventure with your fav characters Dor, Tin, Scarecrow and Lion who are now all grown up and ever so different.

So if you are brave enough to face the Witches of Oz, head on down over the rainbow and follow the Yellow Brick Road which I must warn you is under construction, as due to climate change it is crumbling away.

From here on out you will have two options. Be front stage, and centre as you sit and watch the Witches battle it out to be crowned top Witch of Oz, or you can take the weight of your feet and enjoy a colourful feast fit for any traveller, good witch or evil witch as you watch.

Meeting the Witches

20 years on the Witches are still at war and Dor has returned to Oz due to the weather. Which is lucky for the witches as Dor might just be able to help the Witches come to peace with each other.

However just like Oz things have changed but even Dorothy herself as now known as Dor who is non-binary. Plus the Tinman is now known as Tin and regards herself as a female diva, Lion is pan-sexual and Scarecrow just wants to find love.

However there is little time to be had as a blizzard is brewing strongly and Oz could soon be put into a deep freeze within a matter of hours.

Teaming up with old friends Dor gets Tin, Lion and Scarecrow as they try to save the Emerald City together the only way they know how by seeking out help.

However will Dor’s homecoming be a good one as Dor encounters the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch? plus will Dor be able to help solve the Witches long ongoing feud? And most importantly will Dor make it back home as Dor has not got those Red Ruby slippers anymore as of selling them on ebay… Oh my!


If you decided to enjoy a feast whilst in Oz you won’t be disappointed as the food like usual is tasty and filling. Plus the cocktails are a delight.

If none of the food appeal to you or you have any dietary requirements these can be accommodated, just let them know at time of booking.

All the food is usually bought to the table in big sharing bowls which you will share between 6 of you.

I enjoyed the following:

BroccoLollipop – This was a piece of broccoli on a stick which had been pimped up with wicked coating of spicy glaze.

Yellow Brick Rocky Road – This is in affect was mashed sweetcorn which to me was gritty, tasted a little smoky, nutty and had the texture of hummus. I personally did not enjoy but others around me loved it.

The Feast of OZ – This glazed chicken what a delight. I just hope it was not any relative of Billina the chicken. It was succulent and had a nice sweet tangy sauce all which was served with potatoes, beetroot and salad.

Emerald Delight – candied apple pie was a little like a apple crumble but more sweet, and caramley in flavour.

Plus a few of the cocktails such as Sassy Crow, and Black Magic.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

ShayShay’s latest production is a parody pantomime masterpiece bringing goodness and wickedness to the stage. It is a play which highlights about climate change, political corruption but more to the point it is focussed heavily on gender identity and inclusivity as we are all the same no matter what, just wanting to find a place in life, love and happiness.


With a great story, colourful costumes (designed by Mahatma Khandi), puns galore and with a mix of high energy well known music this play will get you smiling and up on your feet as you follow the journey of Dor and friends.

Every single actor brought something to the stage with their own unique quips and style with Wey (The Wicked Witch) and Miller (The Good Witch) stealing the stage with their excellent singing vocals.

Stealing my heart in particular was Fiza Sinclair who played Tin which is ironic as she wants a heart. Very shiny, robotic and highly amusing.

So don on your finest greenery, grab your broomstick and head on over the rainbow to Oz where you’ll face the Witches, meet Dor, Tin, Scarecrow and Lion.

Question is are you a Good Witch or Wicked Witch?

The Vaults: The Witches of Oz book now

Witches of Oz
Leake Street

The Witches of Oz is a musical for over 18s and is certainly one not to be missed as it’s full of adult humour, colour, goodness, and wickedness with upbeat songs sweeping everyone on their feet.

Running time 3 hours
Doors open at 6.30pm

Prices vary throughout the week
General Admission: £20 – £35
Dining Tickets: £45 – £59

Click here to book.

Thank you to ShayShay and The Vaults for a wicked night.

Click below to be redirected to read the other write ups of the adventurous, good & wicked community members who joined me on the night in September 2022. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

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