Bare Paws Yoga exercise, cuddles and fun

Do you love dogs? Do you love yoga? Then you’ll love Bare Paws Yoga in which you can play with puppies and get fit all at the same time, well that is if the puppies let you!

Yoga is good for your bones, mind and soul but also interacting with puppies is a great way to destress as well as great mental stimulation for the young pups themselves, as it can also improve their health and wellness too. Regular exposure with us humans, helps puppies grow up to become very sociable animals.

I went along to Bare Paws Yoga on a courtesy basis from Helen the owner as to show me how fun yoga can be with puppies and it truly was so much fun.

Bare Paws Yoga

Helen is the founder of Bare Paws Yoga and works alongside her business partner Serena they hold a number of classes across London where you can learn yoga by either of tham all whilst being surrounded by puppies. Puppy yoga simply is yoga with puppies.

Helen is a passionate Yoga Teacher and has advanced training specialising in Hatha and Ashtanga principles. She also loves to helping others improve their mental, physical and spiritual well-being and commit to fulfilling their long-term health and fitness goals.

Yoga with puppies is great for

• Attaining balance and harmony. • Promotes self healing. • Removes negative blocks. • Removes toxins. • Enhances personal growth and power. • Reduces stress. • Helps the nervous system. • Weight loss. • Relaxation. • Releases endorphins.

Apart from all of the above Yoga is particularly great in helping those who have posture issues and is good for those with thyroid, arthritis, and sciatica. Plus Helen can modify yoga moves to help with any injuries or ailments, you may have.

Helen holds classes in Dulwich, Elephant and Castle, and Penge. However depending on a client’s preference, classes can take place also in her own private residence in Crystal Palace or in the comfort of your own home. She can offer a bespoke classes tailored around your needs. To Helen it does not matter if you are a novice, as her aim is to introduce you to her style of Yoga and in turn help anyone to combat their health issues, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Yoga time or is it puppy play time?

I went along with my friend Joice to Bare Paws Yoga run by Helen within Elephant and Castle on a Saturday and we left feeling super relaxed and happy, and a little smelly but that did not matter as was one of the best afternoons I have had in a long while.

Upon approaching the Treehouse venue in Elephant and Castle through the glass front we could immediately see people who were doing the first session on yoga mats and puppies running around. Standing outside waiting for our session I and my friend were really excited even though we was unsure of the breed of dog which we could see scampering around amongst those trying to perform yoga moves.

Once it was our time we headed on in, got dressed, sat on one of the mats and had a brief health and safety introduction by Helen.

We also learnt that Yoga is a great way to bring physical exercise into our lives as can hep physically, spiritually and help with our mental well-being.

It was then time for yoga and puppy time.

Have you worked out the breed of dog I am playing with yet?
Answer revealed later on….

During the session Helen taught us various Yoga moves such as the Downward Facing Dog pose. Some moves seemed trickier than others but she performed and explained each move so well it made it easier than it initially looked.

However I must admit I only got to do a few yoga moves throughout the hour class as I and my friend we could not stop playing with the puppies and in turn they could not stop playing with us, as well as sleep on us.

Check my video out on TikTok and see what I mean.


What breed of dog do you think this is? Scroll down to see answer👇 @bare.pawsyoga you will get to play with puppy’s as well as do yoga within this hour class. Answer to those wanting to know the breed… They are Cane Corso’s which were just 8 weeks old. Cane Corso are an Italian breed of mastiff. Puppy’s vary from week to week. Which breed of dog do you love the most? Puppy Yoga costs £35 for an hour and are held on a Saturday during the day within Elephant and Castle. Plus Bare Paws Yoga can be enjoyed on certain days in Penge and Dulwich. #barepawsyoga #puppyyoga #puppyyogainlondon #puppy #puppys #playtime #canecorso #exercise #giftidea #tiktokyoga #funthingstodoinlondon #fyp #foryourpage

♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

The puppies we had join us on that day was Cane Corso’s which were just 8 weeks old.

What are Cane Corso though you might be wondering?

They are an Italian breed of mastiff. It is a great dog for companionship or as a guard dog; they are also great dogs to protect livestock. In the past this breed were used for hunting large game, and also to help herd cattle.

Also the puppies could be bought. It was hard not to leave without buying one, but I resisted as my husband would of not been best pleased if I bought one home.

The breed of dog which joins any of Helen’s classes depends on the availability of the puppies on the day from the breeders she knows.

The class really was great fun, and playing with puppy’s is such a great way to relieve stress and yoga is great for not just exercise but also great for mental health, mindfulness, and helps with sleep.

The classes cost £35 for an hour for adults. If you are under 16 though the classes cost £17.

Her classes can be enjoyed certain days either at Elephant and Castle, Peckham or Dulwich. Check out her website for further information.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Having never done yoga before I can say I left feeling energised and stress free even though I did not do much yoga as was playing with the puppies most of the time. However the moves I did do I can say did make me feel energised. Plus the puppies certainly destressed me and I forgot all my worries for a while whilst playing with the pups.

The only thing I would point out is that you won’t know the breed of dog you will get to encounter until the day as Helen can’t say as depends on availability of breeders on the day.

Also tip if you go to the first session the puppies are most likely going to be more active and playful and the second session they might not be as playful and more sleepy.

I had such a good time and I will certainly look at booking another class with Helen again in the future as I came out feeling rejuvenated, energized, destressed and happy.

So if you love puppies and yoga then I highly recommend booking. Alternatively if you know someone who loves puppies and yoga and looking for a unique gift to gift them book them a class.

Bare Paws Yoga book now

The Treehouse
Elephant and Castle
The Treehouse
Elephant Road
London SE17 1UB

Plus Peckham and Dulwich.

Book a 1 hour class and learn yoga and play with puppies.

Children 6 to 16 £17.50
Adult £35.00

Click here to book

Thank to Bare Paws Yoga for a great hour of fun. All views are my own honest opinion.

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