Ross & Ross Gifts pimp up your roasts or vegetables

I love roast dinners, especially during these colder months but sometimes I feel that roasts can lack in flavour and need that extra little pizazz. Thanks to Ross & Ross Gifts their roast rubs and other condiments is the answer to pimping up any roast giving it that extra orgasmic flavour.

Ross & Ross Gifts sell a luxury selection of seasonings, oils, condiments and so much more all of which is intended to add that extra delicious flavour to your favourite foods.

I was kindly gifted sample of their condiments few months back and I was highly surprised by the flavours it added to my dishes. I was that impressed I actually bought more of their roast rub seasoning and oils to bling up my food.

Ross & Ross Gifts

Ross & Ross Gifts was founded back in 2011 and are based in the Cotswolds and produce handmade British food gifts.

Founder Ross Bearman, owner and Director of Ross & Ross Gifts sells a wide range of quality seasonings, oils, condiments and so many other products to help bling up food. The beauty of Ross & Ross Gifts products are that each are made using locally sourced ingredients within the UK.

Since starting up Ross & Ross Gifts have won many awards over the years and are recognised for not just the quality of their products, but for the dedication they have put into growing their small business.

Pimping up my roast

In 2017 Ross & Ross Gifts produced a new British Roast Range producing gift boxes to bling up traditional roasts.

I opted to sample Ross & Ross Gifts ultimate Chicken Roast Box full of condiments. I was highly impressed by the packaging as well as the condiments. Everything looked quality.

However I got my sample pack back in April so it has now slightly changed and the box now just comes supplied with Ross & Ross Gifts own award winning brand rubs & dusts along with their award winning roast potato oil.

This is now what is provided in the box

Click here to find out more or to buy.

Using the dusts, rubs and oil was super easy with a rub, dust and drizzle it really did pimp up my chicken roast making the ultimate roast dinner.

Just look at my roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkies, and pigs in blanket it not just added flavour but also pimped up the look to my roast, look how golden.

The Roast Chicken Rub which is made with a Umami seasoning (black pepper, turmeric, thyme, sumac, garlic, marjoram, oregano, sea salt, and lemon peel) really helped marinate the chicken with flavour. When cooking the chicken the flavours of spice filled the air, and the chicken came out looking golden and was ever so juicy, succulent and full of flavour with hits of turmeric, thyme, garlic and lemon.

Using the award winning oil which is made from local Cotswold Rapeseed Oil rally pimped up the roasties. The oil is infused with smoke, rosemary, and garlic which gave the potatoes an extra kick of smokiness, rosemary and garlic flavour plus really did help crisp them up. A real delight each bite.

The award winning Roast Dinner Dust is great for Yorkshire puddings and vegetables. Made from Anglesey sea salt, garlic, cayenne, ancho, nutritional yeast, sugar, and cumin. The Yorkies came out looking sexy, golden, and smelt so fragrant giving a hit of flavour of garlic and cumin.

For the Pigs in Blankets the dust is made from paprika, smoked paprika, palm sugar, ancho, chipotle, guajillo, celery salt, sugar, pepper, garlic salt, onion and ginger. It certainly gave uplifted them giving them a kick of spice and sweetness.

After using Ross & Ross Gifts I will never look at normal roast dinners the same as after using their dusts, rubs and oils it really did elevate my roast to the next level.

So if you are looking to make your roasts more Royal and love sweet and spicy flavours then I highly recommend Ross & Ross Gifts condiments to bling up your roast or vegetables for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

To be inspired check out their recipes click here.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

After tasting Ross & Ross Gifts condiments have really shown me that blinging up food with spices can really elevate any dish to a more royal experience. However using the right quality ingredients is very important and Ross & Ross use the very best quality ingredients which are sourced within Britain.

Since using Ross & Ross Gifts rubs, dusts and oils I have not been able to go back to a normal roast since as I love how their condiments give the food that extra colour and kick. You can either buy direct from Ross & Ross Gifts or alternatively like me from Ocado and can be purchased via other leading supermarkets and high end shops such as Harrods.

So if you like me you love sweetness and spice then I highly recommend using any of Ross & Ross Gifts ingredients as they truly do make any dish that extra special.

Ross & Ross Gifts condiments are also great alternative gift idea for someone in your life who you know who loves cooking and loves spices. They will not be disappointed.

Pimp up your food buy dusts, rubs & oils from Ross & Ross Gifts

Ross & Ross Gifts
3 Drysdale Court
Drysdale Close
WR11 7RZ

Telephone: 01386 291003

Check out all their products via their shop click here.

Thanks to Ross & Ross Gifts for the sample Chicken Roast box. All views are my own honest opinion.

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