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Pasta Remoli serves up authentic Italian food within five restaurants across London as well masterclasses on how to make pasta in which Chef Simone Remoli hosts within London’s Stratford area.

I adore Italian food but it is very hard to find a decent Italian restaurant which serves up tasty Italian dishes especially pasta which tastes authentic until now. Pasta Remoli is perfect if you are looking for an authentic Italian taste as all their pasta is made from Italian 00 flour which comes direct from Italy, making their pasta truly taste like real Italian pasta which you would eat if in Italy. All their ingredients are fresh and their pasta and sauces all are homemade. As well as being able to dine and eat authentic Italian dishes within any Pasta Remoli restaurants, Chef Simone Remoli also holds masterclasses on how to make pasta and Italian sauces throughout the year at Bakehouse by Signorelli in London Stratford.

I was sent down along with my friend on a courtesy basis thanks to The Food Marketing Experts to Pasta Remoli to sample Pasta Remoli restaurant within Wembley which was absolutely delicious. Couple weeks later they also sent me to attend Chef Simone Remoli first ever pasta masterclass on how to make pasta along with some others I know from LPUL Club which was really interesting and yet fun.

Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli is founded by Chef Simone Remoli.

Pasta Remoli restaurants can be found all over London in which they serve up authentic Italian homemade dishes using Italian ingredients and fresh locally sourced products bringing to the hungry diners a true Roman taste of Italy.

They make fresh Italian pasta using free range Italian eggs, and Italian 00 flour. Plus, they also have developed a vegan, gluten free & whole wheat pasta as so that everyone can experience authentic Italian flavours.

As well as serving up food you can learn how to make pasta from the master himself within the Bakehouse in Stratford.  

Discover more about Pasta Remoli by visiting the website.

Italian experiences with Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli to me is so different to any other Italian restaurant in London so when I got to visit their restaurant in Wembley, I left very full and happy after. Plus, also recently Chef Simone Remoli has started giving masterclasses on how to make pasta within London Stratford which was a fun masterclass.

Did you know that there is around 350 different types of pasta. This is due to the fact that some types may have different names in different languages, or even in the same language. The most popular pasta shapes which are used within cooking are as follows:

  • Spaghetti
  • Penne
  • Linguine
  • Rigatoni
  • Farfalle
  • Fusilli
  • Cannelloni
  • Shells

Choosing the correct pasta shape for any dish is important, as say you were making pasta which contains seafood then in my opinion a thin or long pasta is ideal for softness. For meat in my opinion pasta which is larger in size or pasta which has holes or curves to it is perfect as will hold the sauce more.

Pasta Remoli in Wembley

The restaurant in Wembley is quite small inside but has a nice open kitchen and plenty of seating outside so perfect spot for summer months if you are looking for al fresco dining and Italian cuisine.

Scanning over the menu they have a great choice of dishes to choose from but what caught my eye was Chef Simone Remoli signature dish of lobster spaghetti so I just had to order that as well as their Our Bread which was freshly baked by them, Suppli al Telefono and Mini Italian doughnuts. My friend who joint me had Salt Cod alla Paolo, Fresh Prawn spaghetti and Pistachio & Mascarpone Cake.

Upon receiving the food immediately I could tell each of the dishes were using fresh ingredients due to the colour, smell and taste. Everything really did taste great with a lot of flavour to each dish but what really shocked me the most was the pasta as it really did taste like authentic pasta, making me feel like I had been transported to Italy. Seriously it was the best pasta I have ever eaten which is not within Italy. Plus the mini doughnuts was a real delight, fresh dough filled with different creams which literally burst flavour as you bit into them, with the sauce oozing out. Be careful though as hot. 

Which dish takes your fancy the most?

They also serve great selection of drinks in particular cocktails. I chose their Coffee & Honeycomb cocktail which was a little like an Espresso Martini but not a creamy version. It was very refreshing, sweet and had a nice subtle hit of coffee to it.

Was the best Italian restaurant experience I have ever had.

Pasta Remoli masterclass

As I love pasta and after tasting the delights of Pasta Remoli, the other day I was then kindly invited to experience a masterclass run by Chef Simone Remoli himself. This was his first class so it was a pleasure to be involved.

Having made pasta before I know more or less what to do but being taught by Chef Simone Remoli himself was a real treat. He firstly introduced us to himself before telling us a little history about Italian pasta and how different each region is when it comes to making pasta.

As for those who might be unfamiliar, I found this breakdown of the regions and what they are known for online which explains it very well.

Which pasta shape do you prefer eating?  

After a history lesson and how to make pasta by Chef Simone Remoli, we then headed each over to a pasta station in which there was a pasta machine as well as some utensils along with our three ingredients of fresh eggs, semolina and 00 flour.

First thing to do was mix some semolina with 400g flour before tipping out on the surface to make a well. Then within the well of the flour crack 4 eggs and mix by bringing in the flour into the well and beating in. Then once the eggs and flour were combined was time to knead until elasticity and smooth. After of which then put aside covered for 20 minutes to rest. During this time, we then watched Chef Simone Remoli as he showed us how to makes tagliatelle and spaghetti using a pasta machine as well as how to make some other pasta shapes by hand.

It was then time for us to go back to our stations and make our very own tagliatelle and any other pasta we might like to give a go. Using the machine to make tagliatelle was very simple with a twist of the knob here and there after having put the pasta dough through the machine at one setting several time. Soon I had a very long looking lasagne sheet which I then put through the pasta machine again using the section which cuts out tagliatelle strips. Was very relaxing and fun to do. After a few moments I soon had my own tagliatelle at hand. I also had a go at making spaghetti and penne by hand.

After Chef Simone Remoli then cooked all our pasta from the tagliatelle to the penne together and served along with different homemade sauces which he cooked whilst we was there of a carbona and a cheesy sauce.

We then sat down for lunch and ate our creations along with his sauce as we also sipped on a few glasses of prosecco. A fantastic end to the morning. 

What made this class though different to any other class was that the pasta was made using Italian 00 flour which really did make a really different in taste plus was taught by a real Italian. So if you love pasta and looking to learn how to make it then I do highly recommend booking one of his masterclasses on pasta.

The only thing I would say is though the class is quite expensive and even though I love it unlike other masterclasses we did not leave with any recipe cards or even a goody bag. I think it would be good idea to provide some recipe cards and perhaps a bag of Italian flour as so we can try and recreate what we made at home. However was fun and a very informative class which was run by the actual founder.

Chef Simone Remoli pasta masterclasses can only be booked in groups. With each class you will get to learn more about Chef Simone Remoli, as well as the history of pasta, make pasta and even enjoy lunch and wine after.

To discover more about Pasta Remoli masterclasses head over to Plus, for any enquiries on the masterclass feel free to email him at

For a sneak peak on this class watch as I make pasta

Holy Macaroni

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Everything about Pasta Remoli is fantastic and authentic thanks to the fresh Italian flour he uses and other fresh ingredients.

So, if you re looking for a very authentic Italian restaurant which serves great food and drink then look no further as Pasta Remoli is the place to visit.

If you are looking to learn about pasta and how to make it then I highly recommend his masterclasses.

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Pasta Remoli produce homemade pasta and sauces fresh every day.

Their pasta is made with genuine Italian eggs and flour, and lots of love!

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Thanks to Food Marketing for a great experience within Pasta Remoli restaurant in Wembley and the Masterclass within Bakehouse hosted by Chef Simone Remoli himself. All views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to be redirected to read write ups on the pasta masterclass by other members from the LPUL Club who joined me. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

Pasta Remoli

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