The Choir of Man drink beer, laugh, sing and be merry

I love going to the theatre in the West End but sometimes I just want to get up there on stage and get involved myself. With The Choir of Man you can do just that as before the show begins you can head up on stage and enjoy a pint with the boys and even play some pub games with them. After a pint or two it is then time to head to your seats where you can watch, and sing along all whilst getting merry on a few pints of beer. Also a select few audience members throughout the show might just get lucky and be pulled on the night by one of the men as they lead them up on stage for an intimate moment.

I was invited down on a PR basis to experience the delights of The Choir of Man.

The Choir of Man

The Choir of Man is an Olivier nominated, worldwide smash hit which has returned to the West End!

The Choir of Man is simply men on a stage which has been converted into a pub where they drink beer, tell stories of their life, and sing out great hits from artists such as Queen, Luther Vandross, Sia, Paul Simon, Adele, Guns & Roses, Avicii and Katy Perry to name but a few.

A wildly talented group of incredible instrumentalists, world-class wordsmiths, and sensational singers; this cast of nine (extra)ordinary guys serve it all… live!

Watch as friends Michael Baxter (The Maestro), Matt Beveridge (The Romantic), Owen Bolton (The Beast), Matt Thorpe (The Joker), Levi Tyrell Johnson (The Hard Man), Mark Irwin (The Barman), Matt Nalton (The Pub Bore), Denis Grindel (The Poet), and Jordan Oliver (The Handyman) tell amusing life stories, have fun on stage and sing out belting loved classics.

Plus also enjoy the delights of the live band on stage of whom Emmanuel Nana Kwasi Bonsu plays the drums, Jack Hartigan the guitar, Darius Luke Thompson the violin and Caleb Wilson the bass.

Produced by Immersive Everywhere, Nic Doodson, Andrew Kay, Wendy & Andy Barnes and AK Theatricals.

Drink beer, laugh, sing and be merry

The Choir of Man is the best and only stage pub in the world! where you buy pints of beer, drink, sing, play games and be merry with the men of Choir of Man before the show kicks off.

I got to sing along with one of the men at the Piano and even enjoy a chin wag with one whilst sipping on my pint of beer.

Then it was time to head on to my seat within the theatre to sip the rest of my beer, as I watched this merry bunch of dancers, poets, musicians and vocalists belt out a variety of pub tunes, folk, rock, and classic Broadway numbers.

There was so many memorable scenes throughout the show but the toilet scene made me nearly piss my pants with laughter, it’s got to be seen to be believed. A real insight of what men might get up to when standing at pub urinals.

Plus throughout the show the men also come along the audience and pull out select theatre goers which they then take on stage and have give them a experience they will never forget. Without giving too much away what happens let’s just say one old lady who was in her 80s got chatted up by one of the lads, lucky her! I must admit I was a wee jealous.

Near the end of the night as things start to wrap up be sure to get your hands at the ready to grab all sorts of pub related items such as crisps and beer mats.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Drink beer, laugh, sing and be merry is what sums up The Choir of Man.

This 90 minute feel good show was sensational and was like watching a group of happy go lucky lads having fun, drinking beer, telling stories to each other, and having a merry good time singing out aloud classic hit songs. It is most certainly an uplifting celebration of community and friendship put together on stage.

This is certainly one of the most funniest, heart warming shows I have ever seen in the West end. My foot was tapping away all night as I sang, laughed and sipped the night away on beer. I loved how they entertained each other on stage as well as us audience members with their quirky stories, poems, jokes and belting voices as they sung.

I loved the performance so much by The Choir of Men that I am looking at booking tickets to attend again in the New Year.

So if you are looking for that something different to see at the theatre in the West End then I highly recommend The Choir or Men.

Book The Choir of Man now

Arts Theatre, London
6-7 Great Newport Street


The Choir of Man, the best pub in the world… Get ready to drink and be entertained by the men.

Running time: 90 minutes, no interval

Tickets start from £22.50 to £97.50 subject to performance availability and booking fee.

Book via TodayTix for as little as £20 for rush tickets.

Top tip: Sit at the side or near the front and you might get given a free pint from one of the men if you get lucky, or perhaps chatted up and pulled onto the stage for a up close and personal performance.

I was gifted a pair of tickets on a press related basis but all views are my own honest opinion.

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