Art Play London where you can learn a new skill

Art Play London hosts a number of different fun classes for children and adults where you can learn a new skill.

What is crafting though? Well it is a hobby on anything which you can create using your hands be it painting, decorating a cake, making greeting cards, making jewellery and so much more.  

Crafts is great as it is very therapeutic. Helps with your mind, body and soul. It has been said that creating things with your own hands leaves you happier, gets your body moving, helps you relax and helps clears your mind.

Art Play kindly invited me to attend one of their classes in which I chose to go along to one of their Terrarium masterclasses as I love plants and gardening but never made a Terrarium before.

What type of crafts do you enjoy the most?

Art Play London

Art Play London was founded by Silva Castellani in 2018, which initially started out as a pop-up event around London. In February 2022 she set up a permanent venue which is based in Shoreditch

At Art Play London you choose from an array of creative workshops which are set up for children and adults. Within any masterclass you will be able to learn a new skill, as well as have fun, all whilst making new friends.

Art Play London team believes in the importance of expressing ourselves creatively, freeing our imaginations and most importantly, having fun! Whether your into art, pottery, gardening etc there is a huge selection of classes to choose from for all abilities.

Art Play also has a strong focus on the environment and aims to educate children and adults on their environmental impact through art. They use a variety of sustainable mediums and materials. They are part of the worldwide Precious Plastic Community, which means they have a plastic collection point for HDPE plastic, which would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. Once collected, the plastic is shredded and melted using equipment they have in their studio. It can then be turned into useful objects such as plant pots and coasters, and can even be turned into art!

Getting green fingered

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Heading into Shoreditch for a Terrarium masterclass with Art Play London I was very excited as I do love plants and gardening. The venue is a short walk from the station. The venue is quite a small room, but that made it in fact more cosy and was easier to mingle with other people who was there also to learn about Terrariums.

What is a Terrarium you might be asking. Well it is simply a mini garden in a jar and is made up of layers of dirt, stones and finished with plants.

Firstly we had a small introduction from the teacher. We then learnt about the history of the Terrarium. We were then taught in simple steps how to make our own Terrarium.

Unboxing my jar we all learnt that the first step is to add clay pebbles to the bottom which helps with water absorbing. It was then on with a sprinkling of activated charcoal before topping with soil which you can either flatten to make a hill. It was then time to make some holes to plant the plants. I chose plants which had pink veins running through the leaves, as I love pink. Then it was in with some decorative stones. Instead of the usual grey stones I opted to use colourful stones as I do like colour.

What plants would you use if you made a Terrarium?

Building a Terrarium from scratch


The teacher of Art Play London made the whole experience of making a Terrarium a fun one. Even though when I attended the class was not full we all still mingled and had a laugh together as we learnt everything there is to learn about Terrariums. What made this class stand out from most craft classes attention to detail and the options from the plants and the stones/pebbles. So we all ended up with a different Terrarium depending on our choices. I also loved the fact the class was small so it felt more intimate and we all could mingle easily with each other without having to shout.

So if you love crafts, learning a new skill or even getting to know other craft lovers then Art Play London is a must.

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I was gifted this experience courtesy of Art Play London but all views are my own honest opinion.

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