WeJam 60 minutes of becoming a rock star

Have you ever wanted to be part of a rock band but just not been good enough to well at WeJam you can live out your dream. You can become your very own unique band for 60 minutes with your friends as you grab those drum sticks and bash away at the drums, tingle the keys on a keyboard, or even play a keytar to some rocking tunes.

At WeJam it does not matter if you can play or not as the host of WeJam makes playing any musical instrument easy with the handy tablet that is given to you and guidance from him. All you have to do is hit the notes in the right time to make some music and become the ultimate rock band.

I was invited down courtesy of David Tshulak the owner of WeJam to show me and my friends playing a musical instrument is easier than you think.


WeJam was set up back in 2020 by founder David Tshulak.

WeJam is the world’s first and only immersive rock star experience. It’s a tech-enabled group activity that takes place in a music studio, letting you start your own band, even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before.

David loves music and has a music degree but when he was very young he wanted to be part of a rock group but lacked musical talent so he went on to learn music.

“I started playing saxophone at school and by 16 I was attending late night jam sessions in London, playing with top session musicians who were on tour with Prince, Stevie Wonder and other huge stars. I know the excitement of getting in a room with friends and making music together. I wanted to share that with other people especially people who haven’t learnt to play an instrument.”


David simply wants to show all how easy it is to play musical instruments and how fun it could be being a rock band without the pressures of fame and stardom of what most musicians face.

Using high tech technology, tablets and musical instruments hosts at WeJam can help you play musical instruments and become a rock band with your friends for 60 minutes.

WeJam simply is cross between Guitar Hero and karaoke and by the end of it, you would have learnt how to perform to several of your favourite songs.

Being passionate about music 10% from every booking is donated to Be the Band, a not-for-profit that provides music workshops to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Becoming a rock star for the night

I have never been a musical person unfortunately but I have always wanted to know what it might feel like to be in a rock band so when I heard about WeJam I just had to find out what it was all about.

I went along to Camden with a group of my friends from LPUL Club and we all got to discover how easy it is to play any musical instrument and what it is like being a band.

WeJam is set in the basement of a real shop which sells a variety of musical instruments from guitars to basses.

Heading on down the stairs through the secret door disgusted as a Marshall amp we were blasted with sound and there we saw a musical set up just like how you see the instruments on stage with a drum kit, keyboards and keytars. There is also a tablet in front of each instrument which is there to help us play the instruments.

Once we had chosen our musical instruments to play we were then explained by the host how to read the tablets. You can choose the difficulty you require with the easiest showing colour coded letters which represent different notes on the musical instruments thus showing us which keys to press or bash at certain times. Those with musical skills can choose a more complex level which just shows musical notes and no colour code / letter guidance.

Singing, as well as playing the musical instruments is also an option at WeJam for those who love Karoke.

After familiarising ourselves with the instruments we had chosen and learning about the tablet in how to how to read it we were then asked to choose from a variety of classics from the 60s to modern times. Having all loving rock & roll most of the songs we chose where very rocky. We got to play four songs in total.

Plus before we started we had to choose a band name which we named ourselves Eclectic 6.

At the start of the experience I was on the keytar which I felt was quite hard to play as the keytar was next to my chest so I found it quite tricky to look at the tablet and the keys of the keytar at the same time. The notes that appeared for the keytar to play was colour coded and letter based so when I looked at the tablet then the keytar I lost many notes to the timing.

Half way through though I swapped with my friend who was on the drums and I found that a lot easier to play as all everything shown on the tablet was just colour coded so if a blue drum showed up I had to hit the blue drum.

Watch as I became Animals of The Muppets.

By the end of 60 minutes of pure fun and laughter we all felt like a rock band.

Here are our recordings:

I don’t think Eclectic 6 will be having a hit anytime soon, as we was so bad at hitting those notes on time!

Optional if you want to feel even more like a rock or even pop star whilst as WeJam you can order backstage treats which are inspired by real-life musicians, from Britney’s framed Princess Di photo and Deadmau5’s inflatable animals to Beyonce’s red loo roll and Snoop Dogg’s Strawberry Watermelon Hubba Bubbas.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

WeJam is a lot of fun and it really did show me that with great guidance and using a tablet playing a musical instrument can be easier than you think.

I loved being part of Eclectic 6 with my friends feeling like a real rock band, a rebelloious one at that as we may of not always followed the notes on the table but was super fun. Plus at the end of it we got sent our recordings of how we rocked out on the night.

The only thing I would say though about WeJam is that I just wished that the room was bigger as felt quite Claustrophic in the small space in the basement plus I feel that 60 minutes is not long enough as we all were just starting to grips near the end of our experience. Plus apart from being sent the MPEGs of our musical creation together to the songs we bashed out to it would be a nice touch if we could have video footage of our performance.

Anyway if you love music and have always wanted to know what it is like to be a rock band then I highly recommend WeJam. Certainly a great alternative to Karaoke or an Escape Rooms.

A great experience for any musical lover, grab your friends or family or even work colleagues for a unique night out.

WeJam rock on and book now for your rock star moment.

Camden Guitars
23 Chalk Farm Road

Tickets start from £45 per person.

Click here to book.

Click below to be redirected to read all our write ups as we bashed and strummed our way through 60 minutes of pure rock. All views are of their own honest opinions.

Thanks to David of WeJam for the invite I had a blast rocking out. All views are my own honest opinion.

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