Karen’s Diner brings the World’s rudest restaurant to London Barnet

Karen’s Diner is a fast food restaurant like no other.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Karen’s Diner, the idea behind it is essentially “good food, terrible staff”! This though is a joke, as this is a interactive funny dining experience which comes served with plenty of tongue in cheek moments.

You might be asking though why I or anyone might want to go to a restaurant such as Karen’s Diner where the service is so bad, and be treated by foul mouth waiters, insulted and treated with no manners, well it is all about the playfulness as you banter with the servers, which actually make the bad service, not actual bad service! If you know what I mean?

I was invited down on a PR basis courtesy of Karen’s Diner to sample the food delights they have on offer as well as to experience their appalling service in which they are famed for.

Karen’s Diner

Karen’s Diner is a famous chain restaurant which popped up back in 2021 in Australia, Sydney which serves fast food from burgers to milkshakes, but with appallingly bad service!

The concept of it being called Karen’s Diner is that a woman called Karen is usually a middle-aged woman who likes to complain a lot.

Since opening back in 2021 Karen’s restaurants grew and now can be found across the globe. However even though there was some within the UK there was not any in London until now. .

March 2023 saw London’s first Karen’s Diner pop up within The Hadley Hotel. With another opening soon after in London’s Islington.

The appeal of a Karen’s Diner is the ability to have playful argumentative banter whilst being served by rude waiters as you dine.

Good food, terrible staff

Upon arriving at Barnet train station I was quite surprised how far Karen’s Diner was situated from the station. Karen’s Diner is a good 15 minutes walk and is set amongst residential housing and can be found within Hadley Hotel, which some of the hotel rooms are run and owned by Karen’s.

So if you also want to stay within Barnet and don’t mind appalling service you might also like to also stay within one of Karen’s rooms, just don’t expect the bed to be made, and hot water!

I must admit though upon arriving at Karen’s Diner I was a little terrified me as I really am not one for confrontation, rudeness and swearing. The first Karen we met, as all the waiters are called Karen, was rude right from the start telling us to wait at the reception rudely and even to shut up. Eventually took us over to our table, where he then threw the menus down at us.

Karen’s Diner is like an American style diner from the decor to the fast American fast food which is served within but the noticeable difference is the appalling rude service from people being told they are twats to being told to shut up and eat.

Looking over the menu there certainly a good selection of burgers, wings, milkshakes etc.

We each chose a different burger. I a chicken burger and Lynsey a beef one.

Be warned though if you don’t eat meat and are either vegan, or vegetarian even though there is a vegan option just beware Karen’s don’t like those that are veggie so be prepared to be insulted.

Here is a list of what other things Karen’s don’t like:

  • Other Karen’s
  • You, her & him
  • Kids
  • Rude people
  • People with bad roots

However we was not there really for the food more for the service as we were intrigued about the bad dining service and what experience we might have. Right from the start we were given the 5 star bad service in which they are famous for. Literally from start to finish whilst at Karen’s Diner me and my friend Lynsey we were insulted, sworn at and constantly told to shut up. Complain as much as you like but none of the Karen’s will give a f**k. Plus whilst there I got to spin the wheel, where I was forced to karaoke and even get involved in a dance-off.

There was something always happening and if we were not being verbally abused at anytime, there was always someone else who was. It was funny sitting back and watching their reactions.

As for the food and drink on the day this is what we actually ordered.

A Classic Karen (Two Hand Pressed Wagyu Beef Patties, Double American Cheese, Crispy Lettuce, Crispy Onions, Topped with House Burger Sauce and Mayo), Royale Karen (Grilled Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Crispy Onion, Topped with House Burger Sauce & Mayo) Mac N Cheese Bites, and Mozzarella Sticks.

The portions where good, and all tasted like what you expect from a fast food joint, but slightly better. We both particularly loved the Mac N Cheese bites as they were, crunchy, soft and cheesy. I would certainly go back for them if I was hungry and looking for some fun banter.

To be honest I never finished my food in the end as I was to busy having a good time, singing, dancing, and being in fits of laughter all whilst having banter with the Karen’s (waiters).

We also had a cocktail each. I had The City Karen and Lynsey opted for The Cancun Karen. I particularly loved mine as was like a Cosmopolitan, ever so fruity and sweet, despite the Karen who served me spilling quarter of it on the table when he placed it down onto the table. All the alcoholic cocktails are priced at £12. If you are not a fan of cocktails there are various spirits, shots, beers, wines, prosecco, soft drinks, thickshakes and slush that can be had.

A very fun, unique experience who knew by being insulted would result in a good time.

Plus for those who want to take it further for the day you can always stay in one of the first ever Karen’s hotel rooms. I did not stay at Karen’s hotel but just like the diner you’ll be greeted by rude hotel staff I was told as you are taken to your room in which you wont know what you might find. Rude waiting staff will do their best not to take care of your needs. Hotel Package deals start from £179 per room ( for 2 people). Includes, room, £50 credit towards Karen’s Diner Meal, and Breakfast. Click here to find out more.

New Karen’s Diner Islington press night

New to London Karen’s Diner has now also opened up one in Islington which I attended a press night launch with my other friend Joice @jojoexplora. We got to sample some nibbles of the food on offer from the burgers to the desserts.

Two differences I noticed about Karen’s Diner in Islington that it was a lot bigger and the staff seemed a lot ruder, more insults.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

At Karen’s Diner I was called a b***h amongst other things and I was even forced to spin the wheel and sing plus dance, embarrassing but boy what a fun time I had! Obviously there are boundaries to what they will say as this is a supposed to be a fun experience after all. What I loved about Karen’s Diner is that you can also be rude (to a point) to the staff. I usually would never be rude to anyone, certainly not a waiter, but this was all in the aid of banter.

The whole experience at Karen’s Dine was executed well. Being treated rudely should not work, but somehow it does by the Karen’s.

There isn’t technically an age limit to dine at Karen’s Diner, but I personally wouldn’t visit Karen’s Diner with children as bad words can come out of Karen’s mouths. When I visited there was quite a few childrens parties and even though the children seemed to be enjoying it some children did look a little confused by the insults that were thrown at them.

Also good news for anyone who is called Karen, as if you are called Karen you can claim a free drink, well that’s if you can prove you are really called Karen.

I feel that Karen’ diner as a visit with a group of friends would be the best way to get a truly hilarious time out of them!

Karen’s Diner simply is rude, crazy, unique, and fun!

I highly recommend booking Karen’s Diner now, be it at the one in Barnet or another.

Karen’s Diner Barnet book now

Karen’s Diner
113 Hadley Road
Greater London

Karen’s Diner is an interactive diner bringing a fun experience to diners. At Karen’s you will be served up fast food and waited upon by rude waiters as you are encouraged to take part in karaoke and play a variety of games. 

Tue – Thu 17.00pm-22.00pm
Fri – Sun 12.00pm – 22.00

Thanks to Karen’s Diner for the invite. All views are my own honest opinion.

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