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Love murder mysteries?
Love hunting for clues?
Love immersive theatre?
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Dead Drop

A few days ago, a small plane came down just outside London. It seems that the lone pilot was killed not in the crash, but by a jump with a sabotaged parachute. Was this the act of revenge or is it much more sinister?

Within a party at a glamorous London hangout the Wringer + Mangle Bar in Spitalfields where several prime suspects.

Agents (being you) your mission will be to tackle this international intrigue, and you’ll need a good cover story as you don’t want you to be exposed.

This murder mystery will be run weekly at the fabulous WM Bar beneath Wringer + Mangle Spitalfields from the 16th January 2018.

Dead Man’s Hand 

Jack Spade a gambler thought he had been dealt the right cards, but reckless gambling seems to have cost him his life. All those who sat around the poker table that night have something to hide, but can your party work out which card sharp was responsible for his murder?

Your team will need cunning skills, and maybe a favour or two from Lady Luck, to catch the killer.

Light’s, Camera, Action 

Travelling back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and film actors/actresses (you) will have to give stellar performances, and smooth talk producers – anything to make your western, historical epic or screwball comedy become a sell-out blockbuster that cleans up at the awards.

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Thanks to A Door in a Wall for letting me and some other members of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to be play some various games.  Read our blogs / reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Lizzie Williamson says:

    An incredible, truly immersive murder mystery unlike anything I’ve done before.
    Door in a Wall have launched their newest murder mystery evening bringing cluedo to life as you explore 3 rooms full of authentic props, clues and prime suspects as well as being able to order drinks and food while you solve the mystery.
    On arrival you are debriefed, given your notebook for the evening full with a questions and hints and then let loose downstairs where the mystery begins.
    This time it is our job to investigate the death of a aeronautical inventor whose plane unexplanably crashed and whose parachute has been confirmed as sabotaged.
    Dressing up is encouraged so determining the real actors to begin with takes a while. There is plenty to do through the 4 hour evening including deciphering codes, bargaining, playing a card game or two and even obtaining some 3D glasses! There are plenty of things to look for and piece together and to begin with it seems a bit overwhelming but you quickly get in to it. At the end I was impressed with how much we’d found out!
    A brilliant night out, thank you to Love Pop Ups London & Door in a Wall!

  2. feedlivi says:

    So when I heard there was a murder mystery event, hidden in the basement of a cool bar in the city, I was super game to check it out.

    The event was like a real life cluedo game. On arrival, we were given a notebook and a pen, ready to begin to solve the crime. Over the course of the evening, we solved clues, interviewed the suspects to learn more and also mapped out an army, in the search to found out whodunnit.

    I will admit at first it was a little overwhelming, but once we got into it and solved our first clue.. we were well away! The evening was super fun and I’d reccomend checking it, if you’re a fan of real life immersive games.

    Thanks to lovepopups and door in the wall for the opportunity to check it.

  3. Bianca says:

    The premise of Dead Man’s Hand is quite simple, an underground high-stakes poker club is in trouble, one of their members was murdered after a game the previous night. As members of this club, we now have two hours to solve the murder or the police inspector will shut us down.

    Read the full review here:

  4. Hannah says:

    Dead man’s hand sounds like a grisly discovery – and with a murderer on the lose it could well be! We started our experience in the mysterious UnderHand Club, a secret members-only poker club and the backdrop to a serious murder investigation. Club member Jack Spade has been found dead in violent circumstances, and it’s our job to work out who dunnit!

    After a briefing at the club and a booklet full of tips and suspects, we set out for two hours of investigations as we followed up leads in the Farringdon area. Along the way we met mysterious characters, uncovered clues and slowly pieced together our evidence.

    We allowed around 20 minutes per trail and found this was plenty of time to complete all six trails and make it back in time to present our findings. Although that said, the clues were real brain teasers, and some weren’t as easy or obvious to solve as they first appeared – making it a really fun challenge.

    We were a group of three, and I’d say that was about right in terms of getting around the trails and all being involved in solving the clues. However, I think this could still be fun for bigger groups, you just might want to split into small teams and compete against each other to see who guesses the most clues!

    Once back at base, we had 45 minutes to complete a questionnaire, setting out our theory of who killed Jack and why, before the truth was revealed.

    I won’t give it away – but we guessed the correct murderer (although we were wrong about a few of the details – this was half of the fun, to see how everyone had come up with different and creative theories!)

    I’d describe the experience as somewhat cheap and cheerful – the setting of the underhand club was nothing special, and the props often seemed like things you’d expect to find in a fancy-dress shop, but it didn’t matter too much as the main part of the experience was being out and about on the trails. Overall it was a good laugh with the actors helping to set the scene and putting everyone at ease.

    For a fun afternoon of puzzle solving in the sunshine, this is a must!

  5. Bianca says:

    I was invited by the wonderful Love Popups London to check out a new event organised by A Door In A Wall, whose other events we have had the pleasure of experiencing before. Now, the new concept immersive event Lights, Camera, Action is quite different from the two previous ones I got to review, Dead Man’s Hand and Horses For Corpses, which are both more of a scavenger hunt murder mystery. This new event is all about the charm of old hollywood and the excitement of making your own movie…

    Read the full review here:

  6. Louise Cavey says:

    Lights, Camera, Action! – A Door In A Wall

    Last week I got to try out this experience thanks to Love Popups London and A Door In A Wall. I’ve not been to one of their events before but being such a huge film lover I was keen to try this out.

    The whole evening is held at Mirth, Marvel and Maud in an old cinema (now converted to a bar) it still has some of the decor befitting the Golden Age of cinema (circa 1950s).

    Once you arrive and you group is assembled you have to choose a script for the first film your team will produce. There are different genres to choose from and for different numbers of people depending on how many in the group want to act. The script is on one side of A4 and on the reverse side there are some clues and tips for earning extra points, people you have to go see to discover the key things that need to be included.

    Then right before going in to film before your alloted studio time slot, you stop by the props desk and borrow a few appropriate items. You have a few minutes to perform your version of the script.

    After that you start the whole process again. With one or two more films (your preference). At the end of the night there is an ‘Oswalds’ ceremony with a few awards given for best, Actor, film, studio etc.The films you make one the night are emailed to you so you don’t have to worry if they don’t get screened.

    I found it enjoyable enough but I think it’s more intended for people with a penchant for acting rather than filmmaking. I went along as a huge film lover and aspiring Production Designer hoping there would be more to do behind the camera, director, cinematographer etc. But all that was done by the in-house team. One of our scripts allowed for foley artist which was fun.

    There were also a few delays and teething troubles on the night (such as the sound quality) but hopefully being a preview nights some of those wrinkles will be ironed out. So any budding actors out there, this would be a perfect fun night out.


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