Out in East London there is a piece of New Mexican desert with a RV on it, inside some bad stuff is being cooked up!  That’s right this is the Breaking Bad cocktail experience, thanks to Love Popups London and ABQ I got to try it out.  As I waited outside with my friends there was as a sign on the door saying don’t knock, after a short wait a guy in a yellow suit and a mask came out and said you ready to cook bi*$£es.


We headed on inside and we were all given our own yellow suits to start cooking with, we were presented with our first cocktail a flask containing a syringe of blue liquid.  On injecting it into the flask the cocktail changed colour, it was refreshing and tasted like a mojito.


With Breaking Bad Theme and hip hop style music playing in the background added to the theme.  There were masks and goggles around so we could look even more the part.  We were given menus to choose our cocktails from, each involving hydrosol air, dry ice or nitrogen cavitation.  I opted for the rudely named I f*&$ed Ted for my first choice, the staff asked if I knew how to f*&$ Ted on saying no sent my friends into fits of giggles.


To make my drink I had to pour the contents of the jar into the siphon adding the chocolate.  I added the nitrogen bullet into the top and gave it a good shake.  Then it was time to fire it off, straining the drink through the sieve into my glass.  The cocktail was tasty and definitely fun to make.  The others made Walter Jnr Breakfast featuring rice krispies, CRT Fix which needed dry ice and Gale with hyrdosol air.


For my second cocktail I opted for R+H which similar to a whisky sour.  I got to use the hydrosol air which made bubbles to top my cocktail with.  Overall a fun night, now don’t tell the DEA and leave quietly.  Have you been to ABQ, what was your favourite bit?

Gemma McCombe