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Did you use to watch the Fun House that aired on CITV back in 1989 to 1999. This great show was hosted by Pat Sharp, who was also aided by twin cheerleaders Melanie Grant and Martina Grant. Each supporting either the boys or girls team. There was three rounds in total.

Round 1

This round was referred to as messy games and typically used lots of gunge. One game would be for two boys, another game for two girls and a third game for all four players from each team. In the later series occasionally all games would be for all four players.

Round 2

This was the Grand Prix round where the kids rode around in go karts consisting of three laps. Teams race round the track picking up tokens to add to their score, alternating drivers with each lap.

Round 3

Was the main Fun House in where prizes could be won with a limited time. The Fun House consisted of a whole load of fun obstacles from slides, ball pit, climbing ropes, etc.

When I was a child I always wished that I could play it now with this funding scheme taking place for a adult version the reality of me playing Fun House could now possibly happen.

Let’s make this happen.

Get funding to make the fun happen for everyone.


icecreemPierre Marcolini chocolatier ice-creams and ice lollies can be found at the wonderful Marylebone boutique and from 31 May to the end of August for a limited time they will be in stores of Harrods and Selfridges.

How will you create your ice lollies?

other worlds.png

On 5 and 6 August ‘Other Worlds’ launches London’s first ever full on VR Arcade.

Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting areas in technology right now but the chance for most people to experience it  fully in their own homes still looks a good few years away. 

Set in the heart of London, at an as yet secret location ‘Other Worlds’ promises to bring the very latest in VR gaming and experiences to the city for the first time by reviving the arcade concept and giving it a seriously futuristic twist.

Virtual thrill seekers will gain access to the highest end of the technology with a wide choice of games across multiple stations.

Offering a totally immersive gaming experience this is set to be a pop up sensation of the Summer

Not ones to ignore their heritage, Other Worlds will also feature a playable hall of fame, with games on offer from pong right through to the very latest titles which visitors can play freely in between VR experiences. We feel some serious competitions coming on!

The arcade will be pretty edgy with gaming themed cocktails, the latest street food and some very special guest DJ’s on offer; all set against a blaze of neon to create the ultimate futuristic hang out.

Get tickets here via this link


What is WeFiFo you might ask……

Well it is an amazing supper club for all food lovers that love to cook or eat or both

Anyone can host an event at WeFiFo. Whether it’s dinner at your kitchen table, a picnic in the park, a BBQ on the beach, coffee and cake at a community hall or brunch on a barge, it couldn’t be easier and we will be there to help you every step of the way! Post your event on WeFiFo and tell your guests what they can look forward to. You can host an event for friends, for charity, to earn some extra pocket money or even to launch a career.

If you are looking for a truly unique and affordable eating experience then think WeFiFo! Simply search by location or scroll through our featured events and reserve your seat at a table that takes your fancy. WeFiFo will send you all the details you need to ensure a perfect experience and we’ll put you in touch with your host so you can tell them everything they should know about

WeFiFo offers a great opportunity for aspiring cooks to achieve financial independence but WeFiFo also likes to reward hosts, guests and community spirit with cookies, our online rewards. Watch your cookie jar fill and you can spend yours on attending events, acquiring new skills or on unique WeFiFo merchandise.

At the heart of WeFiFo is a desire to share. We want you to share your talent with the world by hosting an event and by bringing people together to share food, stories and laughter. After an event, guests and hosts can review each other to share their feelings about what made the event special. And our family of cooks each have their own area of expertise that they are keen to share with you… with their help you’ll soon have a whole new set of skills.

Look and book any of their amazing supper clubs via this link

Foodie Festival

Foodie Festival – Alexandra Palace 26, 27 & 28 August

Dont miss this amazing foodie festival

Watch New Judge of The Big Family Showdown Rosemary Shrager, Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar, Michelin starred Chef and Great British Menu Winner Adam Simmonds, Veneta’s Head Chef Jamie Thicket & Oklava’s Selin Kiazim cooking their signature recipes in the Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre with MasterChef’s Juanita Hennessey, Emma Spitzer & Tony Rodd.

Feast in the Street Food Avenue; learn to bake in the Cake and Bake Theatre; enjoy afternoon tea in the Vintage Tea Tent; taste wine, champagne and craft beer in the Drinks Theatre; buy from local producers in the Artisan Market; kids enjoy the Childrens Cookery Theatre; live music on the Success Express Music Stage; enter the Chilli Eating Competition; refreshing cocktails from the Bar Bus, Pimms Teapot & Appleton Estate Rum Bus and have a fun day out in the VIP experience.

Some of the community won tickets the other month and will be going along to this gastronomic experience.

Want to join them then you can book your tickets via this link

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