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Jamie Oliver

Fresh Thinking Café by Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver

Based on the top 10 most wasted foods in the UK with the most common be bread, salad and vegetables Jamie Oliver and Hotpoint have teamed up to show people that you can make meals out of left overs.

Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver, want to get the nation thinking differently about the food in their fridges, as there is far too much waste.

Diners will be able to enjoy a tasting menu of delicious dishes, inspired by the most commonly top 10 wasted ingredients in the UK.

At the end diners can “pay-as-they-feel” for the dishes, with all proceeds being donated to FoodCycle, a charity fighting food waste, food poverty, and loneliness through community projects up and down the country (Donation suggestions £5 – £50 per person)

Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver hope that people will leave with a Fresh Thinking way of how to use forgotten food in their kitchens.

Book a table via the Hotpoint website via here.

However if you are unlucky not to get a spot the café will also be accepting walk in’s on those days.

When: 10th – 11th October 2018

Where: 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, East London


Tesco Finest Cafe

This mid October for a few days foodie fans of Tesco and Bompas and Parr can experience a world of food in a different way for they have both curated together to fuse the world of food, art, design and theatre together.

Why though has Tesco and Bompas & Parr come together?

It is because Tesco is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.  20 years ago it bought to the UK it’s first premium, own-brand food range Tesco Finest.

The edible exhibition allows food lovers to travel through six different experiences that will take the concept of a tasting menu to a new, fully sensorial and interactive level.  From venturing down a Himalayan salt mine to embarking on a foraging expedition to play a wild mushroom symphony and even watching a edible rainbow come to life.

If you are more of a drink lover though guests will love stepping into a Tesco Finest Vintage Grand Cru Champagne bottle in which they will experience a unforgettable time in catching floating edible champagne bubbles in their mouths before enjoying a refreshing glass of bubbly. Did you know that every bottle of champagne has 250 million bubbles inside.  

Tickets for this event are free and can be booked in advance at

Last Nights of Havana

Last Nights of Havana

Last Nights Of Havana will coming to London 19 October bringing nights of celebration of rum, jazz, dance and decadence to London.

Inspired by the famously opulent playground that was 1940s and 50s pre-revolution Havana, the re-imagined Quayside Bar at Tobacco Dock will evoke a time when rum cocktails, cigars, Cadillacs and unbridled glamour were the order of the day.  Last Nights of Havana will run for a limited number of nights between October and May 2019.

Created by Andy Mil and Elliot Ball from Cocktail Trading Company, a cocktail menu featuring a contemporary take on Cuban classics will be expertly made at the large island bar, while the smell of Cuban street food fills the air, and Cuban cigar sellers make their way through the crowds.

Cuban-born Musical Director Oreste `Sambroso’ Noda, the man behind London’s famous Sambroso Sambroso will lead the band nightly. The music at Last Nights Of Havana will draw inspiration from Cuba’s famous sounds, and combine them with a contemporary London soundtrack, turning up the tempo as the night goes on.

A unique and inspired addition to London’s going out scene, Last Nights Of Havana will soon become the destination for those looking for great cocktails, great music and glamorous escapism – from post work drinks and large groups to special occasions, rum tasting master-classes and dates with a difference.

Tickets are available via

copycat co lab

The CopyCat by Co Lab

10th October – 11th November 2018

Have you ever wanted to play detective?
Can you tell if someone is lying?
Do you have nerves of the finest steel?
Can you get out of sticky situations?
Become a detective in your own true crime mystery.

Anthony Larson has a score to settle. Following on from the kidnap and murder of his sister by a serial killer known only as the CopyCat he decides to take the law into his own hands and has a case that only you can crack.

This immersive experience will put you right in the middle of all your favourite horror films.  Inspired by true crime cases. The Copycat is part murder mystery, part nerve jangling immersive horror show, part escape room.  So put on your thinking caps, and your bravest face. Come ready to be fully immersed into a world of horrifying mystery.

Book now at



Divine Proportions

Do you love banquets?
Do you love cabaret?
Do you love gods and goddesses?
Then you’ll love Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions is a new, deliciously divine theatrical dinner cabaret from Shotgun Carousel, based on the story of Dionysus, God of Pleasure and Mischief.

This is an erotic immersive five 3 hour dining banquet experience full of sensuality, sexuality and thrilling hedonistic rituals.

Divine Proportions reimagines the story of the God (and sometimes Goddess) of theatre, dance and ritual ecstasy. Guests should prepare to be led on a journey into the heart of heaven and back through the depths of hell, by your mercurial host Dionysus, along with their cohort of cult priestesses; a cavorting band of circus sirens and party starters.

Expect course after course of heavenly dishes, cocktails of milk and honey shared with masked merrymakers and magical creatures, sightings of satyrs and an after party in The Underworld.

Preview Shows
11th Sept – 13th September

14th September – 12th January 2019

For more info click here.



Love food?
Love Supperclubs?
Love making new friends?
Then you’ll love WeFiFo

What is WeFiFo you might ask……

Well it is an amazing supper club for all food lovers that love to cook or eat or both

Anyone can host an event at WeFiFo. Whether it’s dinner at your kitchen table, a picnic in the park, a BBQ on the beach, coffee and cake at a community hall or brunch on a barge, it couldn’t be easier and we will be there to help you every step of the way! Post your event on WeFiFo and tell your guests what they can look forward to. You can host an event for friends, for charity, to earn some extra pocket money or even to launch a career.

If you are looking for a truly unique and affordable eating experience then think WeFiFo! Simply search by location or scroll through our featured events and reserve your seat at a table that takes your fancy. WeFiFo will send you all the details you need to ensure a perfect experience and we’ll put you in touch with your host so you can tell them everything they should know about

WeFiFo offers a great opportunity for aspiring cooks to achieve financial independence but WeFiFo also likes to reward hosts, guests and community spirit with cookies, our online rewards. Watch your cookie jar fill and you can spend yours on attending events, acquiring new skills or on unique WeFiFo merchandise.

At the heart of WeFiFo is a desire to share. We want you to share your talent with the world by hosting an event and by bringing people together to share food, stories and laughter. After an event, guests and hosts can review each other to share their feelings about what made the event special. And our family of cooks each have their own area of expertise that they are keen to share with you… with their help you’ll soon have a whole new set of skills.

Look and book any of their amazing supper clubs click here.

Which Supperclub will you attend?

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Only Fools

Love immersive dining shows, love Only Fools and Horses? Then you’ll love this comedy dining show.

It’s the show you’ve all been asking for – and it’s brought to you by the people behind the worldwide smash hit, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience.

This fully immersive experience transports audiences to The Nags Head, to meet the pride of Peckham in a night of wheeling, dealing and eating.

The fun starts from the moment you join the Trotters and their friends for a knees-up.

Meanwhile, they try to drum up some cash and make a cheeky saving on the side. But why is the pub closed on the busiest night of the week? There’s money to be made and debts to be paid!

Click here to book

The Avenue School of Cookery

The Avenue London Cookery School 

Love cooking?
Love food?
Then you’ll love this cookery class The Avenue London Cookery School.

The Avenue was established back in 2004. The Avenue London Cookery School is a family run school and thrives on all things foodie

They love to teach students of all ages and levels to understand more about food. So stop relying and following instruction via cookbook start treating recipes as sources of inspiration and guidance instead.

They offer 3-hour evening classes to 2-week Chalet Host courses as well as corporate events and anything bespoke for those special occasions!

Individually, and as a team, they have years of experience; discovered skills and
have handy tips to share with those who want to join them on their kitchen adventures.

Check out there courses to see what tantalises your taste buds!

So forget cooking from a cookbook have some fun and attend
The Avenue School of Cookery!

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