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Sea Creatures – Life Beneath the Sea

Sea Creatures is a groundbreaking new exhibition which will allow visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves by viewing incredible cross-sections of the animals including whales, penguins and Great White sharks, and even getting an up-close glimpse of their complex organs.

Sea Creatures will be popping up at Royal Horticultural Halls, Lawrence Hall in London from 20 July until 30 August before touring the UK.

You’ll be able to see fifty ethically sourced, real-life specimens of creatures on display from:

  • a Baleen Whale,
  • Whale Shark,
  • Great White Shark,
  • Dolphin,
  • Seal,
  • Octopus,
  • Penguin and
  • Sting Ray on display

which will allow visitors a glimpse inside the majestic beasts, learning about the complex life systems within and why we need to protect precious ocean life.

Alongside the many full-body exhibits will be a host of smaller displays from:

  • the lung and eyeball of a Mink Whale,
  • a whale’s kidney,
  • the egg of a King Penguin,
  • a Sea Lion’s heart and
  • shark’s teeth.

In total, over 200 exhibits will be on show.

The educational exhibition will also feature digital interactive experiences, allowing children to immerse themselves in an underwater world. Sea creatures will be brought to life by a range of virtual reality experiences and will allow visitors to explore the deepest regions of planet earth’s oceans.

To book click here.

Eats & Beats

Eats & Beats is a tribute to love of good food, drink and live music.

On Saturday 12 May at 7pm they are hosting a special charity supper club to raise money for Women for Women International who help women survivors of war rebuild their lives (

There will be food, music, live entertainment and raffle prizes but the best part of it all is that proceeds will be helping Women for Women.

This promises to be a memorable evening.

Book now via DesignMyNight at
to secure your spot and show your support

ginLondon Gin Cruise by Artisan Drinks

Love Gin?
Love master classes?
Love the Union Canal in London?
Then you’ll not want to miss this London Gin Cruise by Artisan Drinks

London’s first Gin Cruise will be hitting London in April.

Upon entry you will be greeted by our in boat Mixologist to choose your first Artisan Gin. During your 3 hour masterclass evening you will get to make and taste 3 beautifully crafted cocktails whilst sailing on down the Union Canal passing picturesque Little Venice, London Zoo and seeing the buzzing Camden Lock.

So book now by clicking here.


Shuttlecock Inc

Love Peter Pan then you will be pleased to hear that there is an inspired pop up coming to London.

19 – 21 April Shuttlecock Inc will be distilling everything you loved about MTV Spring Break in the late 90s and letting it loose on an immersive adult playground version of JM Barrie’s Neverland.

Taking place at Park Village Studios, NTV Spring Break will allow revellers to eat, drink and party in an irreverent reimagining of Peter Pan’s home patch, complete with hipster Lost Boys, geezer Pirates, a trustafarian Tiger Lily, a tattooed Tinkerbell, a gangsta rapping Croc and the dance battle to end all dance battles.

NTV Spring Break takes guests on an imaginative journey through Neverland, from welcome drinks at the Darling’s House, and delicious street food from the bearded hipster Lost Boys, to Tinkerbell’s Bar which is run by a foul-mouthed, no nonsense fairy covered in ink, situated next to Croc’s Territory – a Hip Hop legend complete with a clock on a chain around his neck and an entourage.

Partygoers looking for a place to chill can head to the Neverland Camp to join Tiger Lily and friends sat among brightly coloured teepees, trippy Psy-trance flags and a campfire to chant around. Here they can try their hand at arts and crafts, have a massage, join a guru session or sip on Jarr Kombucha cocktails.

The night at Neverland rounds off with an almighty NTV Dance Off, when the gangs will congregate in the NTV dance studio and take turns to show off their routines in the NTV boxing ring, before the crowds are invited to stay to continue the party.

Who will you hang out with on the night 

Snow White And The Seven Poofs

London’s only LGBT Pantomime in association with The Terrence Higgins Trust, returns this Easter.

Evening shows: 30 March, 2 April, 5-8 April, 12-15 April all starting at 7.30pm

Returning to the London stage for 14 shows for a limited run you’ll be able to see Big
Brothers Simon Gross as Queen Showbiz and leading London Drag Artiste Vickie Vivacious as Snow White.

The show got critical acclaim and rave reviews from its 2017 Christmas run and is now back!


Once upon a time….

In this surreal trip through the well-told tale Snow White is joined by her friends; Prince Donkeydick of Soho, Magic Mirror, Butch, Dom, Muscle Mary, for an alternative take on the traditional panto storyline. The producers promise this delightful and risqué version of the story is packed full of laughs as the gorgeous Snow White and her friends indulge in some delicious fairy-tale camper with a few Easter Bunnies along the way !

Ticket-holders will also enjoy a brilliant soundtrack and get involved with high-energy party classics such as ‘Get the Party Started’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘You’re the One That I want’, ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘YMCA’. Other songs include ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’; as well as few other topical Easter treats

Starring cast

Simon Gross aka MR SHOWBIZ returns to the show having previously starred in the West End production of ‘Singalongabba’ and other of other drag style revues and pantomimes including Drag Divas Arts Theatre, Snow White, Sinderfella and a Lad in Tights both at The Leicester Square Theatre.

He is also a regular face on British television with a memorable guest appearance in the 2017 X Factor as well Text Santa Special Judge and currently The Wright Stuff for Channel 5. However Simon is more probably best remembered for his time in Big Brother Time bomb series as the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother house after a shock eviction only to be brought back two weeks later thanks to popular support from the great British public. Simon holds the record for the fastest eviction in history and the first male ever to be evicted in any Big Brother series within two hours of being in the house! Simon returned to the Big Brother house lasting up to five weeks entertaining the public with his annoying but addictive catchphrase Showbiz!!

Vickie Vivacious returning as Snow

Vickie Vivacious-Aaron Johns graduated from the Urdang Academy Covent garden in 2007 studying Musical Theatre for 3 years. Since graduating Aaron created his Drag persona Vicki Vivacious and the rest is History.

Vicki has had a lot of success as part of the drag super group The Supreme Fabulettes who had a sold out UK tour and West end run.

Since leaving the Supreme Fabulettes Vicki has started in TV commercials, Britain’s got talent and has worked alongside big names in the pop world including Little Mix, girls aloud and Danni Minogue to name a few. Vicki’s is extremely excited returning to play Snow white for Easter!

Ticket cost

Tickets cost £22 each and can be bought via Ticketsource.

Where it is showing

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel
Warwick Street,

The show promises to be a fairytail you will always remember.

Be WARNED this show is not for the faint-hearted! and it’s definitely NOT suitable for children or persons of a prudish nature



Faulty Towers

Love eating?
Love immersive shows?
Love improvising?
Love the BBC’s Fawlty Towers?

Then this 5-star 2-hour immersive dining show is not to be missed.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is produced by Interactive Theatre International (ITI), a professional theatre company founded in 1997. True to its name, ITI produces and promotes high quality interactive, site-specific and immersive comedy theatre that is performed around the world.

All diners who attend the ‘Faulty Towers’ restaurant experience should be prepared for pretty much anything to happen. The fun starts right from the off, even before you are seated.

Basil might utter the words “Manuel will show you to your seats – if you’re lucky”.

There will be gags a-plenty along with a shambolic service as Basil, Sybil and Manuel try to serve up a ‘70s-style 3-course meal along with a good dollop of mayhem. So be sure to expect the unexpected!

You will surely be satisfied, just don’t let Basil know how satisfied otherwise he might say “Satisfied customer. We should have them stuffed”.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience debuted in 1997. It tours the world and is now into its fifth continuous year in London’s West End. It is a loving and hugely successful tribute to the much loved TV series ‘Fawlty Towers’, which was written by John Cleese and Connie Booth and first appeared on our screens 1975 to 1979. However, The Dining Experience uses its own original script and is 70% improvised.

If you don’t know what ‘Fawlty Towers’ is then it was a British comedy television series set in a fictional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay on the English Riviera. The plots centre on the rude and hot headed Basil Fawlty (played by Cleese), his bossy wife Sybil (played by Prunella Scales), receptionist Polly (played by Booth) and a clumsy English-challenged Spanish waiter Manuel (played by Andrew Sachs), who all try hard to attempt to run the hotel amidst ridiculous situations and an array of demanding and eccentric guests and trades people.

You surely will leave full and laughing just don’t forget to breathe
“just a little breathing, surely”.

•evenings Thursday-Friday-Saturday at 7:30pm; doors open 7:00pm.
•early evenings Sunday at 6:30pm; doors at 6:00pm.
•lunchtimes Saturday-Sunday at 1:30pm; doors open 1pm.

Prices – all tickets include 3-course meal (click here for menu):
•Thurs dinner and Sat lunch: £75.00 (£70 concs).
•Fri & Sat dinner: £79.50.
•Sun lunch & dinner: £67.50 (£62.50 concs).

To find out more or to book a seat click here 

At the end of the night Basil will be saying to himself

“Satisfied customers. We should have stuffed them.”

BeeSocials (official launch in Q1 2018)

BeeSocials connects people to local events occurring in homes around their local area. It’s a unique and exciting new way to meet new people and make new friends locally. Perfect for travelers and expats moving to a new country and for anyone wanting to socialize without having the hassle of travelling to expensive noisy bars in the city.

Hosts will set up events that they would like like-minded people to join, set the time and date for the event and set a ticket price that will cover the expenses of drinks and foods that they provide as well as the cleaning costs. Security is at the heart of it all, and the hosts address is not made public as potential guests only see a general location on the event and exact location is not offered until they actually buy a ticket and opt to join the party. Then, they are notified of their location and sent a copy of their ticket to the email address that they have registered. Guests can then show up at the specified time, introduce themselves and show their phone to the host to display the ticket that they have received via email.

Fundraising is expected to launch in the month of January 2018, followed by the launch of apps for the top mobile platforms – iOS and Android.

For more details and further enquiries, click here

Eat and be merry



What is WeFiFo you might ask……

Well it is an amazing supper club for all food lovers that love to cook or eat or both

Anyone can host an event at WeFiFo. Whether it’s dinner at your kitchen table, a picnic in the park, a BBQ on the beach, coffee and cake at a community hall or brunch on a barge, it couldn’t be easier and we will be there to help you every step of the way! Post your event on WeFiFo and tell your guests what they can look forward to. You can host an event for friends, for charity, to earn some extra pocket money or even to launch a career.

If you are looking for a truly unique and affordable eating experience then think WeFiFo! Simply search by location or scroll through our featured events and reserve your seat at a table that takes your fancy. WeFiFo will send you all the details you need to ensure a perfect experience and we’ll put you in touch with your host so you can tell them everything they should know about

WeFiFo offers a great opportunity for aspiring cooks to achieve financial independence but WeFiFo also likes to reward hosts, guests and community spirit with cookies, our online rewards. Watch your cookie jar fill and you can spend yours on attending events, acquiring new skills or on unique WeFiFo merchandise.

At the heart of WeFiFo is a desire to share. We want you to share your talent with the world by hosting an event and by bringing people together to share food, stories and laughter. After an event, guests and hosts can review each other to share their feelings about what made the event special. And our family of cooks each have their own area of expertise that they are keen to share with you… with their help you’ll soon have a whole new set of skills.

Look and book any of their amazing supper clubs click here.

Which Supperclub will you attend?


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