Agent November

Love escape rooms but hate being locked in a room?
Love playing inside or outside?
Love solving puzzling challenges?
Love playing in a team with friends?
Love completing a mission in 60 minutes?
Then you’ll love Agent November.

Then this is the escape type game for you.

Agent November provide the  ultimate immersive puzzle challenges!

All the missions are run live and supervised by one of our secret agents.

At present they have three different games you can play from Major X Plow-Shun (set outside), Murder Mr E (set in a pub) and The Rainbow Syndicate (set outside). 

Major X Plow-Shun

3-7 agents have to survive an array of puzzles, find clues and use spy gadgets to save London from being destroyed by Major X Plow-Shun.

With that game you will need to think outside the box and work as a team in order to defuse the nuclear device! Clues and useful items are hidden everywhere from keys to codes.  Will you save London.

Murder Mr E

You are invited to dine with the renowned detective, Mr. E. However when you arrive you discover that he has been murdered, and unless you can find the killer, you will be next!

Within the crime scene you will be able to find all the evidence that you need to solve the case of who Murdered Mr E.

Robyn Yew

The Museum of Secrets has been robbed. Robyn Yew has stolen precious artefacts from the Museum of Secrets. We need to retrieve the stolen items for a high profile client. Investigate the area and find the crucial evidence. Can you save us from an international crisis?

Virtual X Caper

The Museum of Secrets has been robbed! The security guard, Mr E,  has been murdered! International jewel thief Robyn Yew has escaped with precious artefacts, including the Pandora Diamond!​

An EMP device, designed by Major X Ploe-Shun, was planted at the scene, and threatens to wipe out the museum records!

The Rainbow Syndicate

A bank robbery from Bank of England has taken place by The Rainbow Syndicate criminals. You will have to solve the case and bring them to justice.

From location to location you will have to try and stay one step ahead of the criminal gang.  Their weapons, loot and hideouts are hidden somewhere in the streets of London will you be able to locate them. The goal to undercover the stolen goods but can you recover the stolen goods before they disappear forever into the murky criminal underworld. To find out more or book a game click here.  

Thanks to Agent November who let me and other community members of Love Pop Ups London come along to solve a murder or two.

“I absolutely loved this game with it’s many clues all hidden around everywhere and it was very exciting and challenging especially trying to figure which clue is related to which locked boxes etc.”  
Murder Mr E – April 2017

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“The stories are fun, involving plots against London and good old fashioned murder at a dinner party. You must find keys, clues to unlocking boxes, and unravel the mystery of the story involved.”
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017

Steve blog post

“If there is a good phrase to describe this game, I would pick “Don’t judge the book by its cover”.
Our team gathered at a pub near Euston tube station which didn’t look like much, therefore giving the impression that this game might not live up to the expectation (even more so when you learn that the usual price is 119 pounds per group of 3 to 7 people) BUT I’m glad as I was WRONG!
Now onto the game itself: without revealing too much it could be defined as a twist on Cluedo where you need to identify the MURDERER amongst various acquaintances of Mr E. November. The game was complexed and required good memory skills.
The only negative point for me was that the space where the game took place was a bit tight versus the amount of evidence/clues we needed to handle. However, I do like that this game could potentially be played anywhere as it requires little artefacts in the room itself.
So if you’re a budding detective, this game is for YOU!
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017

Jennifer Le review post

“Modern life can be just so difficult! I’ve studied hard for years, worked hard on that CV, then first day on the job that dastardly ex spy, turned evil, Major X Plow-Shun sets in place his plan to BLOW UP LONDON!”
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017

Ray blog post

“Agent November “Murder Mr E” was great however I felt the puzzles were a tad complex and hard. I also found the area in which was set at the back of the pub was quite cramped for all five of us. However I did like the fact that there was clues dotted all within that area. Literally there was clues everywhere. Without giving too much away I would say think logically and think about what is written on the paper. Very fun but I think for five people the area is just too small but I do recommend for any experienced escape room players to go along.”
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017


“Agent November provides a choice of both outdoor or indoor games which is a nice variety considering how many escape immersive events take place in one or the other.
When I first arrived at the venue for the indoor mission, Murder Mr. E., the location lived up to its ‘disguise’, for who would’ve guessed an immersive escape room would be residing inside a pub. Situated in the corner of the room behind panel screens with police tape draped across, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the quality of this make shift getup was lacking in quality.
I had expected another room away from the pub’s customers, and I did wonder about the public ‘contaminating’ the scene, which might’ve perhaps delayed or even ruined the game process. But fortunately, despite it being different from what I would expect in an escape room, it soon lived up to its thrill because as soon as the clocks started we all immersed ourselves in the game and for the next hour, forgot where we were.
One of my concerns was the confusion in items that were actually a part of the game itself. I had on numerous occasions, picked up an object only to be told it wasn’t part of the game aka litter lying around lol. However, what was fun was actually finding items that were clearly in front of you and the best part was finding and solving clues quickly one after the other and seeing them all fit together systematically. There were some difficulty in some areas with figuring out what to do next, but with the helpful prompts from Agent November himself, we were soon on our way.
Although we worked through till the bitter end, we unfortunately got the wrong suspect (so close, so very close!) but seeing it all come together, especially in such a small area was incredible. My other nitpick was the area space. if given more space to move around with (we were potentially a team of 7), it would’ve allowed for more exploring and area to work out what was clearly a lot of items and objects found. Still, I’ve never done an escape room like this before and if you’re looking for something different, with abit of challenge, and something to stimulate the mind, then this is a game to go for! It works out cheaper per person than an average escape room so you would get more value for your buck.
The game delivers the same thrill as an actual ‘roomed’ escape room and although tricky at times to figure out some of the clues it wasn’t impossible and once you get the actual answer, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having figured it out earlier. 
For the outdoor game, titled MAJOR X PLOW-SHUN, the best way to describe it would be an escape room with a major expansion of space which was in contrast to the other game I played with the lack of space. I would say this was by far my favourite, as it was active and felt a lot like a treasure hunt. In fact, I would love to participate in the other game as the thrill and adrenaline was definitely there. Compared to Murder Mr. E., this game had fewer materials to work with, leading to less distraction and more teams to focus their concentration on as there were fewer amounts of tasks at hand.
We were lucky to have the rare hot summery weather, so this doubled up as a lovely day out too (if you’re up for some summer fun but with a twist, then this is a game to defo sign up for as its exhilarating and feels alot like an undercover mission, especially as we were all given our own radios and hats!!). There is alot of rushing and running involved and once you figured out the clues, you would never see the park in the same way again. Hidden in clever pockets of the park were key items which you must find to proceed and I have to say this is actually one of the best immersive outdoor experiences I was lucky enough to be involved in. The weather held out, and although we didn’t get to the end of the game before the time ran out it was still alot of fun and extremely memorable so thanks Agent November.
In terms of improvement, I reckon perhaps an extra 15 minutes would allow plenty of time to complete the game for when we saw how much we had left to do, it did leave us feeling abit disappointed we never got the chance to get that far and also in terms of prompting, perhaps hints should be given even when the players didn’t ask for them which would’ve allowed us more time to move on to the next task without much delay but all in all, a fantastic game, well executed and defo one for Londoners to immerse themselves in.
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017


“It’s the hottest Sunday in Spring, and eight Londoners descend on a small sealed off area at the back of a pub in Euston. We are greeted by a crime scene and Agent November. He’s called us here to solve the murder of his dear colleague Mr E. He must be desperate if he thinks a group of bloggers and competition winners (thanks Love Pop Ups London) can help his cause. We drink to his dear departed friend, in the process poison ourselves and the clock starts to tick. Are we able to solve the murder in time to find the antidote? What ensues is an hour of frantic searching and scrambling to solve clues, decipher codes and unlock boxes to work out who offed poor E. Did this band of unlikely London writers come detectives do themselves justice and solve the murder? Well no we were all poisoned and died too, but we had a helluva a time in the process.
Agent November runs immersive puzzle games in London. Each game lasts 60 minutes, but they schedule a 2 hour slot for the pre briefing and post-game wind down. It’s furiously hard to think as the clock ticks down so expect a lot of crystal maze-esque shouting. We had a very enjoyable hour working our way through the challenges and unlocking the codes and despite our untimely demise, I’d recommend the game to those who like to crack puzzles. The only drawback is that the setting could be less cluttered, it was hard to tell which parts of the pub’s backroom was part of the game setting or just general pub stuff – but you can pay more and move the setting to a choice of location which would be perfect for team building. If you want to bond with a group of strangers or friends and love games give Agent November a go.”
Major X Plow-Shun and Murder Mr E – April 2017


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