AIM Escape

Love escape rooms?
Love adult type games?
Love having fun?
Love solving puzzles?
Then you’ll love AIM Escape

They have four different escape rooms with two for adults only

Spy Heroes
Psychopaths Den
Patient Zero 2150

AIM takes escape room concepts to a new high giving players an experience of involvement and immersion giving those who crave an extreme challenges, complex narratives and hyper realistic sets and props.

Each AIM Escape Room tells a unique, complex story.  Solve the mysteries and unravel the plot in order to earn your freedom within 60 minutes.

Book a room with AIM now via clicking here.

Note: Art Sippers is strictly an 18’s and over event.

Thanks to AIM Escape who let some of us community members of Love Pop Ups London come down on numerous occasions to play their challenging fun games indoors and out. Click on their links from the comments section below to discover more.

Discover more and read all our write ups….

“The whole set design of the room was done really well making us really thinking that a party had taken place and we had just woken up from a hard night of partying. There is whips everywhere as well as some bondage items. During the game there is also some clips that are throughout the game in which happened during that night from strippers to some blackmailing, but that’s all I am going to reveal.”
Hangover January – 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“This 18+ only escape room is fun, strange and kinky at times. Perfect for Hen/Stag do’s but not exclusively.
Now to the game: it’s Wedding day but the groom has vanished. Will you be able to trace his steps during the wild stag do and found out what happened?
The puzzles are various and super fun to solve. Definitely one of the more original game and storyline I’ve played lately.
I would advise to play this room with a group of 4 (no more, no less).
Finally I’m only putting a 4out5 because I thought the conclusion of the game was a bit underwhelming but it won’t keep me from coming back!”
Hangover – January 2019


“I was invited by Love Popups London to test out AIM Escape‘s Hangover room. Having already played two of their other rooms, I was very keen on trying this one out. They tend to have great electronic equipment and fun, unusual challenges, so I was hoping this one was no different…”
Hangover – January 2019

Bianca blog post

“I’ve tried one of AIM’s escape rooms before and was pleased with the variety of puzzles they had to solve. So I’m pleased to say that this, strictly over 18s, escape room lived up to the high expectations I have set by them.”
Hangover – January 2019

Laura blog post

“Overall, I really enjoyed this escape room and would particularly recommend it to those celebrating a hen weekend.  The room is risqué and light-hearted, with some imaginative puzzles and a lot of fun costumes and props that we took full advantage of. I’ll definitely be back to try another of their games!”
Hangover – January 2019

Ashley blog post

“This scavenger hunt was definitely the best planned out one I have played so far, and using some advanced technology along the way was so much fun. We spent a very entertaining two hours hunting around London to fulfill our mission.”
Operation Mindfall – August 2020  

Bianca blog post and Instagram post

“Operation Mindfall will have you thinking like a special agent, running around the city and tackling tasks to save London from a mind control virus. ”
Operation Mindfall – August 2020

Lynsey Instagram post

Operation Mindfall – August 2020

“We had to go through some of the iconic London🇬🇧 locations in order to collect our clues and save the world using the latest AR and GPS technology.”
Operation Mindfall – August 2020

Nitish Instagram post

“Using the latest Augmented Reality and GPS technology, this outdoor adventure combines the best elements of a classic escape room with an urban treasure hunt”.
Operation Mindfall – August 2020

Emma Instagram post

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