Love being mischievous?
Love dressing up?
Love cocktails?
Love Alcotraz and cells?
Then you’ll love Alcotraz.

This themed bar has it all. Alcotraz is London’s first theatrical cocktail bar which is in Brick Lane.

This is a one of a kind immersive prison experience.

All of us convicted criminals (guests) had to dress in orange prison jumpsuits, we were issued a criminal identity number, learnt the art of smuggling contraband past guards, got locked up behind bars and enjoyed some delicious bespoke cocktails made by expert mixologists.

This themed bar was inspired by the movies and TV shows that have brought to life America’s infamous prison. Alcotraz can accommodate up to a total of 40 inmates.

This experience can’t be found anywhere else in London and it will leave you wanting to break back in. I sure do.

Alcotraz themed prison cocktail bar

Opening hours
Wednesday from 6:15-10.15pm
Thursday-Saturday from 5-11.15pm

Alcotraz Penitentiary,
212 Brick Lane,
E1 6SA

Booking fee: £33.99 (Includes 4 cocktails from your brought drink of choice  + 1.45 hours inside the prison)
To book
Bookings can be made online via here

Thanks to Alcotraz who let some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down to get locked up and loose our minds within our cells on our smuggled contraband. Get links to our write ups from below.

Alcotraz lady prisoners us doing our time

Discover more and read our write ups….

“Alcotraz is an immersive themed prison cocktail bar making you want to break back in rather than breaking out.”
January 2018

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“The prisoners (mixologists) then come over to get your alcohol, they then go to the bar to make your group a cocktail with this. You get four rounds of drinks throughout the evening, our group managed to smuggle in vodka, gin and whisky. Each cocktail tasted really good my favourite one was the passion fruit daiquiri.”
January 2018

Jess blog post

“Escape to Alcotraz, yes you heard me right I chose to go to prison for the evening and had so much fun.”
January 2018


“Our cell was for 4 and had a ‘bed’ and ‘toilet’ (not real obviously, but still freaky detail!). There were also details referring to the TV show Orange is the New Black scattered around the cells.”
January 2018

Katie blog post

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