An Evening of Meat

Do you love the art of dancing?
Do you love fierce femininity?
Do you love 6 course fine dining?
Do you love the Vaults at Waterloo?
Then you’ll love An Evening of Meat

We of Love Pop Ups London got to sink our your teeth into a culinary and dance experience which we was served a delicious six meat course fine dining feast along with dance and fashion. There is also a vegetarian and vegan friendly option if you don’t like meat. Food is designed and prepared by Chavdar Todorov, Steven Estevez and their team

On the dining tables which transform into stages lay many fierce feminist women. Once the music started to play they all sprung up on all fours. Soon their bodies move and sway and a story starts to unfolds.  You’ll gaze and be drawn into their world of wonder upon their journey. A journey that will proclaim to the world as “Nobody is a piece of meat”.

Performances are from 28 March – 2nd June

To book click here.


Thanks to An Evening of Meat for letting us be part of the journey. We of Love Pop Ups London loved it. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:


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