Aperol Spritz Socials

Do you love Aperol Spritz?
Do you love music?
Do you love parties?
Do you love having fun?
Then you would of loved Aperol Spritz pop up.

Aperol Spritz is an aperitif cocktail which consist of prosecco, Aperol and soda water.

Aperol is an Italian aperitif which was born in Padua in 1919 and created by the Barbieri brothers. The original recipe has remained unchanged since.

In 2003 the Aperol brand was acquired by Campari Group. The Group positioned Aperol Spritz as the perfect drink for social occasions, increasing sales to four times the pre-acquisition levels.

A ready-to-enjoy-drink version of the Aperol Spritz was then launched by the company in 2011, which contained just 8% of alcohol. This was intended to give consumers a chance to enjoy the drink at home with minimal effort, by simply adding ice and an orange slice.

Today Aperol Spritz ranks 9th on the list of the world’s bestselling cocktails in the World (Drink International 2019 – The World’s Best-Selling Classic Cocktails 2019).

From 23 May to 1 June Aperol Spritz popped up in Shoredtich to celebrate with us Londoners their 100 year celebrations.

Thanks to Aperol Spritz for letting me and another member of the community of Love Pop Ups London and our plus 1’s come down to enjoy in celebrating 100 years of Aperol Spritz.  Get his write up from the comments section below.

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