Archery Fit

Love archery?
Love getting fit?
or have you just always wanted to learn archery?
Then check out Archery Fit which in my opinion is one of the best archery clubs to learn archery in London

Archery Fit is an indoor archery club in London, Greenwich which you can learn archery.  They have two separate archery ranges, each 18m long with one of those being extendable to 30m.

Why do archery with Archery Fit?

  • want to get fit in a fun way
  • if you are a fitness freak: lats, triceps, quadriceps (as well as traps, obliques, rhomboids, abs, glutes and calves).
  • want to improve your posture
  • want a way to burn of stress
  • want to be the next Hawkeye, Merlyn, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen, Princess Merida, Legolas, Robin Hood, etc.?

If you are interested in archery see their services & rates.

Some of us from the Love Pop Ups London community went along and was taught by Kristina one of their top instructors.  She was one of the first independent instructors to enter Archery Fit family, and there are several reasons why. A long standing barebow archer Kristina is 2 times winner of Archery Fit championships in Pro groups (men & women together). She is also a history fan working on her postgraduate dissertation “Revival of Archery Practice in the 18th Century Britain”, making her her the smartest person on archery history in the club.

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Archery Fitarchey

Thanks to Archery Fit who let some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down to be Robin Hood for the evening.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Lizzie Williamson says:

    I mean archery obviously sounds pretty cool but I never thought I’d actually get to try it.
    Courtesey of Love Pop Ups London and Archery Fit a group of us undertook 90 minute introductory session and I bloody loved it!
    Located in Greenwich, Archery Fit has been offering archery classes to the masses for the last few years. The indoor club has 2 ranges –
    18m and 30m and offers introductory lessons, courses and also team sessions.
    Don’t be perturbed by the name – although it is a great way to keep fit it isn’t an intense class scenario (although my arms definitely ached a bit the next day).
    It was so much fun, with lovely instructors and a cool venue. It seems pretty good value and I would definitely like to try it again!

  2. Steve says:

    Like most kids, I grew up playing video games, one of my favourite of which was The Legend of Zelda. The protagonist in the game, Link, had not only the task of saving the Princess, but also the whole world, so no small feat. In order to do this, he had to find weapons to help in his battle, one of which was his trusty bow and arrow. So, when I was invited by to try out Archery Fit, I wondered if I should pack Link’s iconic green tunic!
    Read the rest here:

  3. Louise Cavey says:

    The arrows fly… and so does the time!

    I tried out archery for the first time last week thanks to Love Pop Ups London and Archery Fit in Greenwich. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I wasn’t terrible at it as I am with most sports, with the exception of skiing. I have to be the worse bowler in the world so thought it likely this might be the same.

    It’s a bit tricky to find but well worth it. It’s a bright welcoming space with archery motifs dotted around. We started off with an introduction into the different types of bow, from the traditional long bow, Korean bow, Olympic recurve, and the compound bow (which is apparently too technical for use in the Olympics).

    The Olympic recurve is the one we would be using. We were given finger and arm protection, then a bow and four arrows based on our height. I’m left handed but have to do many things right-handed, so Kristina the had a quick test to see which side I favoured and decided I would be right handed bow. I would be interested in trying a left handed one at some point. My Olympic recurve bow was called Daredevil.

    Then after a quick coaching session we were straight on to firing arrows. The aim was for consistency and to try to have a group or arrows in the same area of the target rather than worry about getting the bullseye. A few more tries and we moved further away and then had a little competition bursting balloons.

    The time flew and it was a great group experience a new activity to do for a works outing. And this is when instruction makes all the difference as you can feel improvement across the course of the evening.

  4. feedlivi says:

    Sure I’d heard of Robin Hood, but I never thought that grabbing a bow and arrow could be a sport, until I went to Archery fit. Yes, yes, yes it’s a new fitness craze taking over London. I went with a group of love popuppers and we were treated to a lesson by a friendly Russian champion.

    We were shown different bows and then given the opportunity to try to take aim with a classic bow. The bows were measured to our body and then we were told to line up facing the targets. This part was super fun as we learnt the correct posture, how to hold the bows and how to take the perfect shot..

    My aim was less than perfect I’m sad to say, but I did manage to pop the balloon, so hey there is hope for me yet. All in all, a super fun, competitive activity to try out with friends, it’s a 5 star from me.

  5. Bianca says:

    The waiting area is nice and airy, with lockers for your possessions, a plethora of bean bags to lounge on, free coffee and tea, and a large selection of magazines and comic books! So if you’re early or waiting for friends, you definitely won’t be bored…

    Read my full review here:

  6. Jamie T says:

    Has archery been on your to-do list for a while? Well it wasn’t on mine until it occurred to me that I can do it indoors. I got to try a 90 minute beginner session at Archery Fit and it was a great learning experience. For first timers, you are given the basic lowdown on bows and normal range length. Then you are fitted with your gear which includes 4 arrows that match your arm length, a wrist guard and a finger cover. The bows are named after a Marvel character and you’re allocated a target. For your first shot, you are assisted by the instructor on how to shoot and where to aim. This is done in a 6 meter range. After shooting your 4 arrows, the instructor will advise you how to aim your shoots to get better next time. Mine was always too high, so I was advised to aim lower. Then you move to 12 meters and try to do the best you can. There is also a balloon attached to the center for extra motivation at this stage. I popped the balloon (with the help of the instructor making sure my drawing arm’s elbow placement did not drop). It was quite a fun experience so if you’ve never tried archery before, I’d recommend to do it here.

  7. Jane says:

    Lucky I got to try a beginner session at Archery Fit the indoor range In Greenwich. I’d been around the sport before but not really shot myself, so it was interesting. The site is an easy commute, a bit hidden away but not impossible to find. It’s warm and welcoming inside with a suprising amount of space. I can’t say enough nice words about the staff! They are so sweet and have so much passion about the sport.
    Each of us was properly outfitted and a bow was chosen. We started out at close distances and with the help of our instructor gain the confidence to move away to 12 meters. Again the instructor tried her best to help but we were pretty much on our own as far as actually hitting the target.
    Lots of laughs, lots of knowledge, and an all around great time! Something to do on your own or in a group.

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