Backyard Cinema: Clueless

(Photo above by Lizzie Williamson)


Love to experience a much loved movie with a unique twist the Backyard Cinema is the place to go.

Backyard Cinema is a roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows over the year a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London. The surroundings around the movie screen use in-depth set builds, actors and live music, giving each show a unique evening out.

To find out the latest movies that Backyard Cinema are showing click here.

Thanks to Backyard Cinema who gave the opportunity for the community of Love Pop Ups – London to come down and experience your unique cinema.  Read her review from below:

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  1. Backyard Cinema’s latest stint of films are a perfect mix of classics and the best of 2016. Now in it’s third term at Mercado Metropolitano it is perfectly situated next to a plethora of street food stalls including Italian specialties, BBQ and Argentinean.

    After the magical Winter Night Garden run ended shortly after Christmas they have swapped the winter wardrobe and evergreens to an art deco cinema set with a red carpet. Since visiting in December they have definitely sorted out the heating however the comfy bean bags have remained, with a view from each seat as good as the next. My friend and I went to see the ever classic Clueless and had a fantastic evening reminiscing our school years.. As if!

    I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what they release next and would thoroughly recommend the experience.

    Lizzie Williamson
    Instagram: @ew00060

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