Ballie Ballerson in Dalston


Love balls?
Love music?
Love cocktails?
Love to be like a kid again?
Then you’ll love Ballie Ballerson in Dalston.

An adults only ball pit with alcohol is 100% my thing but throw in UV lights, balls lit up by an LED dancefloor and planet themed cocktails…. 110% up my street and racing to be the first to try it out… luckily I got to experience it before its official opening (this Friday) and was thoroughly impressed by the concept, the friendly staff, the insane drinks and ALL THE BALLS!!! A 10 minute walk from Dalston Kingsland, BallieBallerson is easy to spot…. due to the wall full of LED balls in. It covers two floors with the bar on the ground floor surrounded by neon painted walls and psychedelic lights (memorising) and the ball pit in the basement. If you see a space at the bar make sure you get in quick as the cocktail menu is gonna be popular! The planet themed cocktails are awesome with my top recommendations being Neptune and Uranus. The former a blueberry, sugary spirit concoction topped with cream that they turn to ice cream in front of your very eyes (liquid nitrogen is involved!) and the latter a super sour mix that requires you popping your very own pill to turn your tastebuds on their head (I also managed to eat a whole lemon wedge without wincing after…W-T-F). The ball pit itself is much bigger than I thought with over 250000 balls. There is a DJ booth at the back and a cloakroom for all your valuables just before you enter. It was an absolute blast diving in and jumping around like a hooligan. Fuelled by the alcohol and a sugar rush along with the pumping music, my friend and I had a great time.

This place is a must and would be fantastic for a birthday night out!

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