Banquet of Hoshena

Do you love magic?
Do you love visual effects?
Do you love story telling?
Do you love fine dining?
Then you will love Banquet of Hoshena which is an innovative dining experience.

The Banquet of Hoshena is an innovative dining concept that brings illusionary and a feast for all your the senses. You’ll be transported to an imaginary land where flavours and emotions are intrinsically linked and Kings & Queens, fairies and volcanoes come alive on the table.  

​This is a one-of-a-kind dining experience which takes diners on a journey through a mystical land known as Hoshena. As the dinner starts and the lights dim, the Queen of Hoshena tells guests of a once-green and luscious kingdom that has banished bad emotions, such as anger, sadness and fear and as a result, removed love, happiness and courage leaving the land bare, dark and empty.

During the show, you’ll dine on five courses accompanied by wine and cocktail pairings with the food perfectly corresponding with the story. Accompanying the menu are clever props, sounds, illusions and scents, allowing guests to whisper their fears into a pouch, light a magic candle and create confusion with dry ice.

They use cutting edge 3D visual technology, image mapping, experiential props and effective storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes to take you on a immersive journey to restore the Kingdom of Hoshena to it’s former glory.

Past innovative dining was Dinner Time Story’s which a chef guided diners through many lands of France to India. Read the write ups of all of us who attended Dinner Time Story’s back in 2018 via clicking here.​

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Thanks to Banquet of Hoshena for letting me and some other community members attend on different dates to be taken on a magical story telling journey of Hoshena whilst we ate an indulgent feast. Get links to our blogs from the comments section below.

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